Potassium Pyroantimonate

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Potassium Pyroantimonate
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  • Potassium Pyroantimonate TS

    Ricca Chemical

  • Potassium Pyroantimonate TS, Solution

    Spectrum Chemical

  • Potassium Pyroantimonate, Trihydrate Potassium antimonate

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Formula: KSbO3·3H2O   Formula Weight: 262.90   CAS #: 12208-13-8 Minimum assay: 94% Minimum sensitivity to Na: 1:430 Insoluble matter not more than 0.01% *Ultrastructural localization sodium. J.…

  • Potassium antimonate trihydrate, 94+%

    Alfa Aesar

    …have additional fees added during checkout. Click HERE for a description of what fees might be charged.   Synonym(s): Potassium pyroantimonate, Potassium hexahydroxyantimonate Formula: KSbO3 3H2O Formula weight: 262.90 (208.85anhy) Purity: 94+% CAS Number: 12208-13-8 UN…

  • Potassium antimonate trihydrate, 94%

    BeanTown Chemical

    CAS: 12208-13-8 EC No: 235-387-7 MDL No: MFCD00150439 UN No: UN1549; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: III Powder Linear Formula: KSb(OH)6 MW: 262.90

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