Positive Displacement Tips

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Positive Displacement Tips
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  • Eppendorf Positive Displacement Pipettor And Tips


    Perfect for DNA, biohazardous applications and for pipeting radioactive, toxic or infectious material Autoclavable The integrated tip and piston assembly is disposable No sample carryover or aerosol contamination Volume 1- 20 µL in 0.2 µL increments Designed…

  • Scienceware® Varipet® Pipettors

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Dependable, Positive Displacement Repetitive Dispenser This dependable, self-filling pipetting aid is designed for speed, ease, and convenience and is offered in two models. Polypropylene plastic handle is ergonomically designed to permit extended use without fatigue Teflon®…

  • SafTest Positive Displacement Pipette Tips

    MP Biomedicals

    10-100uL Positive Displacement Pipettes Tips (Thomas No. 1177Q83) Replacement tips for for 10-100uL postive displacement pipettor catalog number 07WS1075 pipettor. Capillaries and pistons are pre-assembled and presterilized, in racks of 60. Test Parameters PeroxySafe MSA; PeroxySafe STD;…

  • Transferpettor™ Positive Displacement Pipette


    …Transferpettor™ positive displacement pipette is the best tool for use with liquids that render traditional air-displacement pipettes ineffective. Unlike air displacement pipettes, the piston of the Transferpettor directly expels the media from the tip, wiping the tip walls completely clean.…

  • Positive Displacement Dispenser Tips


    …HDPE and polypropylene provide exceptional chemical resistance. Improved sealing between piston and cylinder provides optimal fit, jerk-free operation and constant moving forces. Graduations are sharp and highly defined. Non-sterile tips are bulk packed and sterile tips are individually wrapped.

  • MICROMAN® E Positive-Displacement Pipettors


    Ergonomic Pipetting for Problem Liquids! MICROMAN® E positive displacement pipettes, along with capillary pistons, offers the highest precision when pipetting problem liquids such as oils, cosmetics, blood, glycerol, radioactive samples, RNA, DNA, and more! Working like a syringe,…

  • Maxipettor


    …lever 4-digit volume display and adjustable in 10 µL intervals for accurate volume setting Maxitip P is a syringe-style, positive displacement tip that allows for accurate pipetting of viscous solutions of or liquids with high-vapor pressure The Maxitips S system, consisting of…

  • Repeating Micro Pipet


    1,000 µL, Positive Displacement Similar to 7691G20 series, but with large 1000 µL polypropylene bores Provides digital settings in 1 µL increments over range 100 to 1000 µL Volumetric accuracy and reproducibility better than ±1% Bores rotated to…

  • Microlab 600 Dispensers and Diluters


    …instruments use positive displacement to achieve highly accurate and precise fluid aspirations and dispenses. The Bubble Free Prime (BFP) syringe is specifically designed for the Microlab® 600 series and the only syringe type compatible with the intrument. It has a conical plunger tip that…

  • Transferpettor™ Positive Displacement Pipette


  • Finnpipette Stepper Repeating Pipettors


    …reagents quickly, easily and accurately using positive displacement suitable for tedious routine pipetting procedures. Liquids only contact the disposable tip, eliminating contamination and cleaning problems. Dispense up to 45 times without refilling. Each tip has five delivery volumes. Lightweight,…

  • Combitips advanced®


    …grade for each application: Eppendorf Quality™, Sterile, PCR Clean, Forensic DNA Grade or Biopur® Applications Positive displacement principle (comparable to a syringe) High-precision dispensing regardless of the physical properties of the liquid (e.g., viscosity,…

  • ART Aerosol Containment Tips


    …resistant tips) have a hydrophobic, self-sealing barrier that reduces the chance of contamination of the pipettor shaft by aerosols often generated during aspiration/delivery of samples. Use with air displacement pipettors to yield an economical and effective substitute for positive displacement

  • Corning® Step-R™ Repeating Pipettor and Syringe Tips


    …multiple dispensing: Up to 48 pipetting doses without refilling the tip syring Wide range of polypropylene syringe tips: 8 different sizes, sterile and non-sterile versions available Positive displacement syringe tips: Dedicated to work with high density liquids or vapor pressure such as…

  • Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor and Universal Fit Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor Tips

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …and positive displacement operation results in accurate and precise dispensing of a wide range of liquids, including high viscosity or high vapor pressure liquids? Manual operation - No Batteries Required? Use with Scienceware® Roxy M™ sterile or non-sterile tips to offer…

  • ViscoTip®


    …slip agents, biocides, plasticisers) Save time finding the right tip: The color coded double ring and the continuous volume scale distinguish the ViscoTip from Combitips advanced Applications Positive displacement principle (comparable to a syringe) For highly viscous liquids…

  • Wiretrol® I & Wiretrol® II Micro Pipets


    Wiretrol® I Economical positive displacement micro pipet that combines a disposable, precision-bore calibrated micro pipet and a stainless steel plunger assembly with a finger tip handle Ideal for a wide variety of laboratory pipetting applications, will accept both high and low…

  • Adjustable Volume Pipettors

    VistaLab Technologies

    Digital Automatic Selectable Volume Microliter Pipet Air displacement type for one hand dispensing Push-button with positive click stops is rotated to set delivery volume on digital display Factory calibrated; can be easily recalibrated in the lab Color-coded pipet body is…

  • Repeater® E3/E3x


    …Always contamination-free! Combitips advanced tips function according to the positive-displacement principle, which ensures that the correct volume is dispensed regardless of the density or viscosity of the liquid. The positive displacement system provides safer dispensing of solutions that…

  • StepMate Repeater Pipettor


    The Scilogex StepMate Repeater Pipettor is a positive displacement instrument that allows rapid, precise and accurate dispensing without the need for refilling. Our repeater pipettor is able to dispense a particular volume up to 48 times in succession, a number that is more than sufficient for most…

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