Positive Charged Microscope Slides

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Positive Charged Microscope Slides
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  • Superfrost® Plus & Colorfrost® Plus Microscope Slides

    Thermo Scientific

    charge on the slide. Tissue sections and cytological preparations adhere better to Plus glass slides without the need for labor intensive special adhesive or protein coatings. Plus slides virtually eliminate background staining in standard H&E stains. Improves Adhesion with Positive Charged

  • Positive Charged Microscope Slides, 45° Beveled Edges, Safety Corners

    Globe Scientific

    …quality white glass, Globe Scientific's charged microscope slides provide the ideal surface for cell and tissue adhesion.  These popular slides are ideal for use in histology, cytology and pathology departments, where the convenience of an adhesive slide saves the user time and money. …

  • Positive Charged Microscope Slides

    Walter Products

    These microscope slides are made from super white glass and have been given a permanent positive charge to electrostatically attract and bind tissue sections to the slide.  Slides are 25 x 75mm, 1.0-1.1mm thick, have ground edges and are pre-cleaned. Available with a white or blue frosted area…

  • Charged Microscope Slides, 90° Ground Edges

    Globe Scientific

    Positive charged microscope slides Color frosted: 1 end, 1 side 25 x 75 x 1mm Ground edges 90° corners Pre-cleaned 72 slides per box, 20 boxes per Case

  • Microscope Slides, Diamond White Glass, 25 x 75mm, Charged, 90° Ground Edges,…


    …the slide surface provides more accurate experimental results and diagnoses. Available in white coded and charged versions. All slides are double cellophane packaged to protect against moisture and foreign particles. Denville UltraClear™ Plus Microscope slides: Positive charged.

  • Charged Microscope Slides

    MTC Bio

    These new slides have a positive charge that makes the surface ideal for cell, tissue and general sample adhesion. Typical samples have a negative charge and are therefore attracted to the positively charged slide surface, significantly reducing “float”. Slides are made of high…

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