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Portable Turbidimeter
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  • TB1 Portable Turbidimeter


    The portable turbidimeter TB1 measures the turbidity of aqueous samples simply and accurately. High quality, intuitive and simple to calibrate, the TB1 offers premium results in a matter of seconds, directly in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU). The TB1 is supplied with 4 calibration…

  • 2100Qis Portable Turbidimeter


    The Hach 2100Qis Portable Turbidimeter offers unsurpassed ease of use and accuracy in turbidity measurement. Only Hach offers this unique combination of advanced features and measurement innovation, giving you accurate results every time. The USB+Power Module provides additional benefit by…

  • 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter


    …while eliminating the need for redundant measurements and estimating Easy Calibration and Verification Hach 2100Q and 2100Q is Portable Turbidimeters provide confidence your measurements are right every time. On-screen assisted calibration and verification save you time and ensure accuracy.…

  • TB 250 Portable Turbidimeter


    … Auto Ranging from 0-1100 NTU Simple 5 key operation Signal Averaging for stable and accurate readings Long Battery and Bulb Life Portable for use either in the lab or field Choose TB 250 WL (White light version) for compliance with EPA 180.1 Standard Choose TB 250 IR (Infrared…

  • Gelex Secondary Turbidity Standards, 0-10 NTU


    For 2100P Portable Turbidimeter

  • Orion AQ4500 Turbidimeter

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …7027 Nephelometric and Ratiometric measurements with Autoranging IP67 waterproof The Orion AQ4500 Turbidimeter offers a range of features not found on other benchtop or portable turbidimeters.  The AQ4500 offers a dual source LED which allows readings that comply with both EPA 180.1 and ISO…



    Replacement sample cells for use with portable turbidimeters. Pack of six sample cells with caps

  • StablCal® Standards Calibration Kit for 2100P Laboratory Turbidimeter


    StablCal Calibration Standards Kit, for 2100P Portable Turbidimeter. USEPA accepted for calibration purposes. StablCal® Stabilized Formazin Turbidity Standards are true Formazin dilutions developed for use in any turbidimeter. Precise, Pre-mixed Formazin Solutions Based on Formazin…

  • ProCal Turbidity Standards for the Hach 2100Q Turbidimeter

    HF Scientific

    ProCal Primary Turbidity Standards have been certifiedby HF Scientific for use in the Hach® 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter. No formazin is used, making the standards safer, easier to use, accurate and less expensive that the equivalent Hach® product. In addition to being approved by the EPA,…

  • Gelex Secondary Turbidity Standard Set, 2100P


    Gelex Secondary Standards Kit, for 2100P Portable Turbidimeter (includes 1 sealed vial each, 0-10 NTU, 10-100 NTU, 100-1000 NTU)

  • Stablcal Ampule Kit, 2100P


    StablCal Calibration Standards Kit, for 2100P Portable Turbidimeter. StablCal® Stabilized Formazin Turbidity Standards are true Formazin dilutions developed for use in any turbidimeter. Kit includes Sealed Vials of each: <0.1 NTU 20 NTU 100 NTU 800 NTU standard Precise, Pre-mixed…

  • MicroTPW / TPI Handheld Turbidimeters

    HF Scientific

    Designed to provide the ease of portability needed in the field with rugged durability, the MicroTPW / TPI is a necessity for anyone monitoring turbidity on the go. The shock resistant carrying case holds everything necessary for field operation while the instrument itself removes easily to go…

  • T-100 Turbidity Meter Kit


    …repeatable measurements The T-100 turbidity meter is for monitoring turbidity in chemical, food and industrial application. This lightweight portable meter features an IP67 housing for protection against water and dust. It will even float if dropped in liquid. The microprocessor-based unit uses…

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