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Portable Stirrer
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  • FP4 Portable Flocculators


    The FP4 is a multiple stirrers with reproducible stirring speeds allowing standard conditions to be met during analysis, a basic requirement in order to obtain reliable and repeatable results. It is a portable model with four stirring places, designed to be used on-site, as it can be powered by…

  • SCILOGEX FlatSpin Stirrer


    The Scilogex FlatSpin Stirrer is an ultra-flat compact stirrer ideal for stirring applications. Its space saving design minimizes bench space and portable due to its light weight. FlatSpin Analog Stirrer Features: Speed range 15-1000rpm Automatic reverse rotation for excellent…

  • Scienceware® Battery Powered Stirrer

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Portable light weight stirring. Ideal for field use where no electricity is available. It can be used for up to 24 hours of continuous operation; mixing up to 1 liter with a maximum stirring speed of 900 rpm. 9 1/4” x 5” x 3 1/2” H No cords Portable and lightweight for…

  • Stands & Clamps for Caframo Overhead Stirrers


    …excellent stability for bench stop stirrers even when agitating viscous materials. The wide base and H configuration allow for a wide range of vessel sizes, while the 710 mm (28″) stand rod enables strong engagement with stand clamp. Portable and adaptable to address changing work…

  • Crossover Batch Mixer, Model 1540


    …Crossover unparalleled in the market. Mixing up to 200 litres (55 gallons) in basic pre-mix, complex pilot scale, or full production batches this portable mixer weighs only 12 kg (26.5 lb). The resistive touch screen enables simple feature operation (timers, alarms, rotation direction, resume on…

  • Accessories for SevenGo pH Meter

    Mettler Toledo

    Our benchtop and portable meters are powerful instruments on their own. With additional peripherals however, you can enhance and customize your measuring solutions. Various interfaces such as printers, electrode arms, modular expansion and stirrers allow you to connect multiple peripherals…

  • pH Meters Accessories/Replacement Parts


    Mag Stirrer, senSION+ mm Bench Magnetic stirrer with sensor holder, directly connectable to SENSION+ multi meter benchtop instruments (as a 2nd stirrer. Flasks for Benchtop pH CAL, 3 x 50 mL Set of 3 x 50 ml printed flasks for bench-top pH-meters calibration, yellow labeled pH7 …

  • iTrite Electronic Digital Motorized Bottletop Burettes


    …safe and convenient bottletop titration. Titrations from 0.01ml to 99.99ml are simply controlled by the touch screen display module. A magnetic stirrer is included in the package which connects to the TFT display module via USB, providing excellent mixing during the titration. Choose from either…

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