Portable Glove Box

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Portable Glove Box
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  • Scienceware® Portable Glove Box System

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    … Lightweight, self-contained portable isolation cabinet Protects operator and environment Large acrylic window with 6" circular glove ports 8" side port allows easy insertion of material and equipment Large, 22" long (20" installed) neoprene gloves included Dimensions: 68.5 W x…

  • Acrylic Vacuum Glove Box

    …UV penetrable Lightweight and portable Built-in electric socket Inert gas purge function keeps oyxgen and moisture levels minimal Solvent operation not recommended, as it may damage glove box Surface temperature of any furnaces inside the glove box should not exceed 50°C

  • SidENTRY™ Glove Box

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …(17-1/2") square. Call Bel-Art Products for other custom sizes or wall thicknesses. Small and portable 6.35mm (1/4") transparent acrylic construction Includes large gasketed door on side of unit Features two 20.32cm (8") glove ports compatible with standard glove box gloves

  • Glove Box Multi-Station Sz B


    …easily modified for specific research projects. These are "starter" glove boxes upon which many accessories can be attached allowing for specific research projects. These units are compact, portable, light weight, and can be easily moved from lab to lab. Features …

  • Nitrogen Dry Box


    …Dry Box is a completely enclosed chamber is designed to allow users to work in their preferred environments.  Inert gases like Argon, Nitrogen, and Plasma are easily maintained. It is compact, portable, and lightweight. The design makes is easily moveable from lab to lab. The box features…

  • Erlab Glove Bag


    The pyramid glove bag is light-weight and portable. For user protection and materials handling/storage in the lab or in the field. Easily transport the lightweight, self-supporting Pyramid glove bag to any location and assemble in minutes, is collapsible for easy storage, and can be cleaned with a…

  • Scienceware® Glove Chamber Techni-Dome®

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …with the smooth, hemispherical interior that cleans easily. Molded-in handles and low weight offer portability, making the unit suitable for field use. When no longer needed, the Glove Chamber can be quickly opened up. The two halves can be nested one inside the other and the entire…

  • Spilfyter® Hands-in-Bag Atmospheric Chambers


    Made from high-clarity polyethylene film which can be sealed, purged and inflated Hands-in-Bag provides a convenient, portable glove box alternative Sealing tape is included in each case 22" Chamber size 137 gallons gas volume

  • Series 5503 Mini Glove Boxes / Benchtop Humidity & Temperature Chambers

    Electro-Tech Systems

    …and cooling systems. Features: 3.75 cu. ft. (106 L) work space Door with 12 x 12" access opening PS30 welded seams Available with or without 6" (150mm) glove ports Humidity & temperature control packages Portable and stackable

  • Aldrich® AtmosBag


    For Laboratory Use: AtmosBag glove bag is a flexible, inflatable polyethylene chamber with built-in gloves that lets you work in a totally isolated and controlled environment. It is an inexpensive, portable alternative to the glove box and is well suited to a variety of tasks and materials. …

  • Direct Drive Vacuum Pumps


    …freeze drying, vacuum oven drying, glove box vacuum, centrifugal concentrator operation, and volume evacuations. Integrated valve prevents oil migration toward application. Gas ballast provided to prevent condensation during high vapor load operation. Portable for easy transport and placement.…

  • SpillSolv® Chemical Spill Kits


    …ventilation; a pair of Nitrile gloves; six heavy-duty disposal bags that measure 14" x 20" x 4 mil; four disposable plastic scoops and scrapers; a large sponge for residue cleanups. Mercury Spill Kit (8237A25) Kit contains one small, see-through, portable poly container; one 750 g…

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