Portable Colorimeter

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Portable Colorimeter
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  • Offer laboratory accuracy Auto ranging One time blanking Waterproof and dustproof housing Oakton® portable colorimeters are designed for measurement of free chlorine, total chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH.  Microprocessor-based meters are designed to deliver quick,…

  • Single beam filter based colorimeter covering 440-680nm Rugged, portable and easy to use Excellent value for money and ideal for educational applications Absorbance, % Transmission and simple kinetic measurements Rechargeable battery version available Denville has…

  • colorimeters Water-resistant design Auto-zero calibration Direct read-out in parts per million Meets all USEPA requirements for NPDWR and NPDES monitoring programs Single parameter test kits provide readings with ±2% accuracy within five seconds. Fully portable

  • Aquafast IV Colorimeter

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Automatic portable colorimeter Easy-to-use, pr-emeasured reagent pillows or Auto-Test™ cuvettes Preprogrammed with over 30 tests Waterproof (IP67) The AQ4000 features Auto-ID® which, when used in conjunction with Auto-Test™ cuvettes, automatically identifies the analyte, selects…

  • Used with Hach spectrophotometers and portable laboratories. Makes it possible to use other cells in instruments which normally take a 25-mL cell. For use with DR/800 Colorimeters.

  • …with both 50mm cuvettes and 11mm tubes High resolution background display, easy readable result and menu prompt operation Truly portable with use of rechargeable batteries Comes with external power supply, operating manual and 5 rechargeable batteries Stand-alone filter…

  • The CHEMetrics® V-2000 Photometer is the most advanced portable microprocessor-based LED colorimeter on the market today. Packed with features, this portable water analyzer automatically tests pre-programmed (50+) analytes using CHEMetrics Vacu-vials® self-filling, pre-measured ampoules.…

  • …water and wastewater to pool and spa sanitization and food processing to sterilization. Milwaukee Instruments has developed the Mi411, a portable microprocessor based instrument to measure three critical parameters to ensure good water quality: pH, free chlorine and total chlorine. This…

  • Comparator 2000+


    …Unlike other comparators, the 2000+ uses a prism enabling colour matching in the same field of view. The Comparator itself is robust compact and portable allowing for ease of use in any environment. Longer path length cells can be used for lower concentration analysis. A diffuser plate is also used…

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