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Porous Disc
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  • Fritted Filters Discs


    Porous discs for use in fabrication of special glass apparatus. Available in F, M, C and XC porosities. Pressure Limits: Fritted glassware is designed for low pressure vacuum filtration or gas flow. The MAX differential pressure should not exceed 15 PSI. Thermal Limits: Fritted glassware…

  • Porous Discs


    CoorsTek Porous Ware easily incorporates into many chemical processing, pharmaceutical, mechanical, and electronic applications. Its reliability results from years of experience, advancement, and refinement of manufacturing techniques. In chemical filtration, CoorsTek Porous Ware can separate…

  • Quartz Fritted Disc


    Porous fused quartz discs. Porosity sizes are as listed and differ from porosities of borosilicate discs.

  • Scienceware® Gas Dispersion Tubes

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Features Fritware® Porous Polyethylene Disc High-density polyethylene bell-mouthed fitting with a sealed-in, coarse porosity polyethylene disc at the large end results in smaller bubbles. 30.5cm long (12") x 6.35mm ID (1/4") low-density polyethylene tube is fitted to the…

  • Porous-Bottom Crucibles

    United Scientific Supplies

    Porous-bottom crucibles have a molded-in porous disc with stable porosity and consistent flow rate. Available with very fine (1.2 µm), fine (5 µm), and medium (15 µm) pore diameters. Glazed inside and out, except for outside bottom and rim. Autoclavable.

  • Quantitative Filter Papers, Ahlstrom 55 (Ashless)


    …method. Grade 55 is used both for a pre-filter before the porous disc and as strips on the side of the specimen that expedite the test. ASTM D5084-10 Test Methods for Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Saturated Porous Materials Using a Flexible Wall Permeameter (also a Construction…

  • Hirsch Fritted Disc Funnels


    These fritted disc funnels are very useful in preparative work, or in making separations where it is necessary to wash the precipitate and redissolve with chemicals, which would attack filter paper. The angle of the funnel body facilitates the removal of precipitates. These funnels are available…

  • Qualitative Filter Papers, Ahlstrom 613


    … The Blaine Freeness Apparatus is used to measure the relative freeness or fineness of hydraulic cement. Grade 613 is used to protect the porous disc in the test equipment from test sample intrusion. ASTM D1561-92 Preparation of Bituminous Mixture Test Specimens by Means of California…

  • PYREX® Hirsch Funnels


    …is controlled in manufacture, and discs are individually tested and graded into these classifications. The porosity for the pore diameter of the filter is determined in the same manner as specified in ASTM E-128 “Maximum Pore Diameter and Permeability of Rigid Porous Filters for Laboratory Use.” For…

  • Adjusta-chrom, Recycling Column, Jacketed

    Ace Glass

    …better temperature uniformity with single bushing at each end allowing for quick and easy adjustment of the PTFE plunger. the 25-50 micron porous glass disc gives rapid flow with a minimum of mixing. Pressure to 3.515 Kg/cm2 (50 psi) at room temperature or slightly below. PTFE plunger available with…

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