Polypropylene Flask

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Polypropylene Flask
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  • Solvent Filtration Disposable Vacuum Bottle Top Filters

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …GL45 threaded bottle. Simply plug the filter onto your vacuum line, and begin filtering your solvent without any complex setup. The FDA-grade Polypropylene housing provides vastly improved chemical compatibility over the usual Polystyrene bottle top filter. The labForce Solvent Filtration…

  • Erlenmeyer Flasks For General Laboratory Use

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …normal use Polypropylene has excellent chemical resistance and withstands continuous service at 130°C Autoclavable 2,000 mL flasks have molded-in graduations Stopper size: 50 mL flask No.1; 125 mL flask No.3; 250 mL flask No.6; 500 mL flasks No.7; 1,000 mL flask, No.8; 2,000 mL flask, No.10. …

  • Class A Volumetric Flasks


    …PFA surface properties offer superior cleanability to glass, PTFE and polypropylene containers, reducing risk of sample carryover in trace analysis applications. Polymethylpentene (PMP) and polypropylene (PP) volumetric flasks offer a break-resistant alternative to glass. Class B per DIN EN ISO…

  • Flasks Erlenmeyer, PP + CAP


    50mL capacity erlenmeyer flasks with screw closure PP. Translucent, wide mouth, flasks with polypropylene screw closures. Excellent chemical resistance. Flasks can also take stoppers.

  • Flasks Erlenmeyer, Polypropylene


    Erlenmeyer flasks. Molded of chemically resistant, autoclavable polypropylene. Graduations are permanently molded into flask. The autoclavable polypropylene ribbed flask stand supports round bottom flasks that contain up to 10 liters.  May be stacked to save space or add height. Dimensions…

  • Polypropylene Filtering Flasks

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Polypropylene flasks are molded in one piece to withstand full vacuum to 30" Hg Oval marking area Autoclavable Tubulation at 45° angle prevents tipping. Barbed adapter accepts 1/4" to 3/8" I. D. tubing

  • Polypropylene and Polymethylpentene Erlenmeyer Flasks


    Translucent polypropylene flasks are manufactured with blue graduations for reference. The flasks have a screw neck and are supplied with a PP cap. Translucent polymethylpentene flasks are manufactured with red graduations for reference. The flasks have a screw neck and are supplied with a PP…

  • Glassware Brushes

    Brush Tech

    …pass down through the longest necks and flex to reach every contour. Models 1929M23 and M26 have a more rigid polypropylene neck for cleaning cylinders and bottles. Ultra soft, polypropylene bristles will not scratch or chip like wire or nylon. Closed cell foam bristles will not absorb water and…

  • Scienceware® Round Bottom Flask Support

    Bel-Art Products

    Round-bottom flasks of any size up to 10 liters are cradled securely in the stepped concentric rings of this holder. Can be stacked together for convenient storage Polypropylene plastic rack; not affected by spilled acids, alkalis or other corrosive liquids Steam autoclavable at…

  • Nalgene Polypropylene Volumetric Flasks

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Accuracy of standard glass flasks combined with the break resistance of plastic Leakproof No meniscus to confuse readings Gravimetrically calibrated individually TC/TD at 20°C, then marked with a permanent color graduation line. Oval marking spot has additional line at 203 mL level for BOD and…

  • 45mm Erlenmeyer Flask

    Bellco Glass

    Manufactured from Type 1, Class A, Borosilicate and ideal for all culture and media preparation/storage purposes Supplied with GL45 blue polypropylene linerless screw caps and pouring rings and graduated to approximate volumes

  • Polypropylene Closures for Culture Tubes and Delong Flasks


    For 9195R10 series plant tissue culture tubes Autoclavable caps available in natural or orange color. Two positions: closed, for humidified environments; and open, for gas exchange. Drip ring minimizes contamination. Flexible interval ribs hold cap firmly in place.

  • Sterile PC Erlenmeyer Flasks


    Sterile, polycarbonate flasks with baffles. Virtually unbreakable Lexan (registered trademark of GE Plastics) polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of this product. Flask comes sterile via gamma irradiation, packaged in its own protective bag with a polypropylene, 38 mm, dual purpose cap.…

  • PYREX Baffled Culture Flask


    Screw cap This wide mouth flask is designed for culturing organisms requiring a large surface area to volume ratio. Triple baffled on the bottom outside edges to achieve maximal oxygen transfer to culture medium. Supplied with GL45 orange polypropylene cap.

  • Anti-Static Polypropylene Weighing Funnels

    TWD TradeWinds, Inc.

    Ensure complete sample transfer with these disposable antistatic polypropylene weighing funnels that are designed to fit in volumetric flasks. One side of the funnel is flattened so you can set the funnel flat on a balance. Micro funnel is designed to fit microwell plates. Please note that…

  • Tunair Shake Flasks

    IBI Scientific

    … SS-2001C & SS-2001S flask kits come complete with twelve (12) polypropylene 300ml No-Baffle flasks, twelve (12) two piece caps, and five (15) filter linings. SS-2002C & SS-2002S flask kits come complete with twelve (12) polypropylene 300ml Full-Baffle flasks, twelve (12) two piece caps,…

  • Funnels, Buchner Polypropylene


    … Buchner funnels. Molded of polypropylene; these funnels are unbreakable and resistant to corrosion and heat, and easily separated for cleaning. Can be used without risk with Erlenmeyer flasks. Optional disks for funnels sold separately. Molded of polypropylene for corrosion resistance, withstands…

  • Polycap As Nylon Membrane Capsule Filters

    GE Healthcare

    Polypropylene housing with all bonds fused and no extraneous materials such as glues, adhesives, metals, mold release agents or surfactants are used. Available in two sizes, with or without filling bell. Filling bell helps minimize contamination risk when filtering into a bottle, flask or…

  • Flasks, Volumetric Polypropylene Screw Closure


    Molded to class B tolerance in translucent polypropylene with a mixing chamber at the top and a tooled neck. Each flask is individually calibrated. Supplied complete with polypropylene stoppers and have the material and temperature characteristics printed in green.

  • Polypropylene Shaker Flask Clamps


    TriForest polypropylene shaker clamps are carefully engineered to provide both clipping elasticity and motion resistance in one product. Featuring a non-scratch design, our shaker clamps come in standard blue color accompanied by stainless steel screws and washers. Our clamps fit all industry…

  • Class B Reusable Plastic Volumetric Flask, Polypropylene


    Transluscent flask is supplied with tapered polypropylene stopper with an individually calibrated graduation line. The product is manufactured to Class B tolerances as defined by ISO 1042. Exposure to temperatures above 60°C may affect accuracy. Recommended routine cleaning up to 60ºC will…

  • Disposable Polypropylene Weighing Funnels

    TWD TradeWinds, Inc.

    …disposable polypropylene weighing funnels that are designed to fit in volumetric flasks. One side of the funnel is flattened so you can set the funnel flat on a balance.  Small size fits volumetric flask volumes (mL) of 5, 10, 15, and 20. Medium size fits volumetric flask volumes (mL)…

  • Color-Coded Polypropylene Caps


    Colors permit easy identification and sorting Polypropylene caps fit all 1743E10 series PYREX ® bottles ranging from 100 mL to 10 L Autoclavable to 140°C One-piece cap eliminates liners Plug seal ensures leak-free closure Case contains 20 caps

  • Polypropylene Check Valves

    Bel-Art Products

    Polypropylene plastic valve with neoprene valve disk stops reverse flow of liquid when pressure is interrupted. Useful when connecting a vacuum line to a filter flask Recommended maximum pressure 20psi (1034 Torr) Autoclavable

  • Polypropylene Screw Closures

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Linerless closures are for use only with NALGENE narrow- and wide-mouth bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks Autoclavable Available in natural and amber

  • Polypropylene Screw Closures

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    1228A16, A17 and A25 are for use only with NALGENE narrow- and wide-mouth bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks 1228A27 is for use with carboys Autoclavable Available in natural and amber

  • Corning® 18mm Polypropylene Closure, Clear


    These Corning® clear polypropylene closures are designed for culture tubes and flasks with long rimless 18mm O.D. necks. Closure offers two positions: open for gas exchange or closed for humidified environment. Internal drip ring minimizes contamination. Closures are autoclavable at 121°C.

  • Spinner Flask


    …also provides extra stability and support. The 1L spinner flask body is constructed of polystyrene, paddle and shaft from polypropylene and caps from high density polyethylene. All are ISO 10993 compliant materials Preassembled Flasks have one aseptic connector preassembled to one side arm.…

  • Round Bottom Flask Stand

    United Scientific Supplies

    Molded in Polypropylene, this flask stand gives a stair-like top view. Every step provides excellent support to the round bottom flask at every point of contact. This flask stand can hold round bottom flasks up to 10,000ml capacity. This stackable flask stand can also be autoclaved.

  • PYREX Erlenmeyer Shaker Flask


    …Delong style shaker culture flasks have three extra deep baffles designed to provide greater agitation of solutions to improve oxygen or gas transfer when used with rotary or reciprocating shakers. The long neck reduces splashing and is designed for two-position polypropylene closures. Their uniform…

  • Disposable Spinner Flask


    The Corning 1L spinner flask body is constructed of polystyrene, paddle and shaft from polypropylene and caps from high density polyethylene. All are made of USP Class VI and ISO 10993-18 compliant materials. Recommended working range of 300mL to 1L. Extended paddle design ensures constant…

  • Spinner Flask Accessories


    A range of accessories are available for use with Proculture® Spinner Flasks.  Sidearm fittings for gas handling can be used to provide gases into larger Spinner Flasks with vertical sidearms during cell culture to enhance the productivity of the cell culture. Together with O2,…

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