Polypropylene Basket

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Polypropylene Basket
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  • Autoclavable Non-scratching Tapered sides permit nesting Baskets are ideal for applications such as sterilization, incubation and storage. Molded, one-piece design has a mesh opening of 9.5 mm.

  • Mini dipping baskets. Autoclavable polypropylene basket is perfect for dipping very small parts. Excellent chemical resistance allows for use with acids. Continuous use temperature up to 180°C. Openings in mesh are .090" x .040" with 24% open area. Ring around top acts as a handle and…

  • Constructed of polypropylene Baskets hold test tubes, centrifuge tubes and bottles Designed for autoclaving, washing and incubating Each basket comes with a permanently attached lid. Tapered sides allow baskets of the same size to nest for storage. Slotted to allow complete drainage and…

  • Round dipping baskets. Polypropylene. Supplied with sturdy swinging handle-a unique feature allowing easy storage and loading. All have perforated bottoms.  Polypropylene fabricated dipping baskets withstands 180°F on a continuous basis or up to 200°F for shorter periods. Excellent…

  • Test Tube Basket

    United Scientific Supplies

    These test tube baskedts are made of polypropylene. These autoclavable, unbreakable, and non-corrosive baskets are ideal for rinsing and draining glassware. They are also useful for storage of test tubes or culture tubes during sterilization or incubation.

  • Flow through with built-in handles Polypropylene Bottoms and sides are 3.2mm (1/8") thick with 3.2mm (1/8") diameter perforations and a smooth top rail Solid end plates are 6.4mm (1/4") thick with built-in handles

  • …Dip Basket. Polypropylene. 8x10x10" Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 10.625x10.187x10.75in 1/8" thick walls, 1/8” diameter perforations on 21/64" centers with 1/4" top and bottom support flange Rectangular Dip Basket. Polypropylene. 12x12x12"…

  • Large Laboratory Trays

    United Scientific Supplies

    Large polypropylene molded laboratory tray is steam autoclavable and can be used for sterilizing and drying labware. The 5" depth makes this tray ideal for storage of labware.

  • Mega Peg Board


    …tube drying basket (12"L x 8"W x 2"D) also available. Shelves, holders and bins available on a custom basis. Mounting holes drilled upon request. Please call our customer service department for a free quotation.   Rack Drying "Mega" Polypropylene 36 place (…

  • CE Bucket Trolley and Accessories

    Vileda Professional

    …emphasis on comfort, quietness while in use and the ability to be autoclaved Each trolley comes with four casters, two with brakes Storage basket which fits one 25l longish bucket or two 6l buckets Support bar for DuoPress Wringer or Dip-N-Go sieve, support plate and commonly used industry…

  • eXTReme™ Sealing Films

    Excel Scientific

    …probes for direct sample retrieval Specially formulated adhesive provides an excellent seal for all plate materials (e.g. polystyrene, polypropylene and two component polycarbonate/polypropylene PCR plates) Foil will remove cleanly from plate surfaces with no adhesive stringing or residue…

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