Platinum Loop

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Platinum Loop
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  • Inoculation Loops and Holders


    Inoculation Loop Holder (2069N46) Made from stainless steel with sleeve nut, color coded, for inoculation loops with wire diameter 0.6 - 1 mm. Autoclavable. Inoculation Loops, Ø 0.6mm Made of special-stainless steel (7010E53, 7010E56, 7010E59) Made of platinum/iridium (0494A09,…

  • Inoculating Loops


    Platinum-15% Iridium Loop (7012G10) 26 B&S gauge For milk and urine testing Deliver 0.001 mL sample from 1.45 mm diameter loop 15% iridium for added strength Shank length, 70 mm 19 B&S gauge Platinum-3% Rhodium loop (7012G20) For milk testing in accordance…

  • Inoculating Needle with Looped Platinum Wire

    GSC International, Inc.

    Glass 6" handle with Platinum needle is 28 gauge x 5cm length, with looped end.

  • Reusable Inoculating Loops & Needles

    Argos Technologies

    Inoculating Loops Argos brand Inoculating Loops are made from high quality twisted nichrome wire. Loops have been designed to slide along agar surfaces without cutting or tearing. Argos Inoculating Loops cool rapidly and are less expensive than platinum. Loops are supplied without handles and…

  • Thomas-Schoniger Platinum Sample Carriers


    22- or 18-gage platinum wire gauze U-Shaped Carrier is 12 x 12 mm with a 3 mm space between sides. The 20-gage wire stem forms into loop for hanging on stopper hook in Thomas-Schoniger flask. Heavy-gage sample carrier is similar to 1233S50 Sample Carrier but with heavier 18-gage wire.

  • Thomas Disposable Inoculating Loops & Needles

    …sterility Thomas disposable inoculating loops and needles are ideal for qualitative procedures such as sampling, serial dilutions and urine counts, as well as for bacterial inoculation. Reduce the danger of heating elements and high priced platinum or brass loops by choosing these economical and…

  • Bacti Infrared MicroSterilizer


    Complete infrared sterilization in 5-7 sec. Safe, convenient and no splatter Ideal for platinum loops, needles and tube mouths The Thomas® Bacti Infrared MicroSterilizer is designed for “on the bench” sterilization of research microbiology tools. It uses infrared…

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