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Plate Vortex
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  • MixMate®


    …liquid vortex which prevents splashing and spilling Whisper quiet operation (<50 dB (A)) to benefit the work environment Extremely small footprint to fit on crowded lab benches Unique plate holder provides easy operation and secure fit for all plate formats (MTP, DWP and PCR plates)

  • Small Microplate Vortexer


    …Microplate Vortex Mixer is designed to produce vortex mixing of aqueous solutions in standard and deep well micro-titer plates. The 7”x 8.5” top plate moves in a tight 0.125” orbit at speeds between 120 and 2200 rpm. Built in clamps hold 2 deep well titer plates or four standard plates. This unit…

  • MPS-1 High Speed Shaker/Vortex Mixer

    Grant Instruments

    A universal shaker and vortex mixer for a single tube vortex up to a 50ml tube size, down to 0.2ml individual tubes or standard and deepwell plates. Available as unit only, MPS-1, or unit plus inserts, MPS-1K. Applications Clinical/Healthcare - thawing/mixing samples …

  • Vortex Mixers


    …sizes of tubes and a standard assay plate, while the center pad area can be used for quick hand-held mixing of a vast range of tubes and vessels.  Variable speed rotary dial provides pre-set speed control (1000, 2000, 3000 RPM) during vortex mixing  Stable elastomeric device…

  • Thomas Vortex Mixer


    …with flasks, beakers, microwell plates and a variety of tubes Stable, heavy-duty construction Small footprint Minimal vibration Touch Vortex Mixer Fixed speed mixing at 3200 rpm Simple touch operation Thomas Touch Vortex Mixer provides high speed mixing…

  • BenchMixer™ V2


    …Q-Drive™ technology, providing a smooth vortexing action, while minimizing noise and excessive vibration. This results in quieter, more efficient and longer lasting operation. With a maximum speed up to 3,200 rpm, the mixer provides an instant vortex of even the largest sample sizes, including…

  • SA8 Vortex Mixer

    Stuart (Bibby Scientific US)

    …to be secured above the vortex action for long-term mixing (retort rod sold separately.) The SA8 can mix a variety of other vessels when used in conjunction with the SA8/1 accessory pack. Accessory Pack 1 x plastic cradle for standard microtiter plate 1 x circular foam insert…

  • BenchMixer™ XL Multi-Tube Vortexer


    …make it an ideal choice for the medium to high throughput laboratory. Hands-free, high capacity vortexing Up to 2500rpm, a true vortex in every tube Assortment of accessories for a variety of tubes, flasks & plates Pulsing program for interval mixing Fits almost any tube rack

  • Optional Accessories for Heavy Duty Vortex Mixers


    …holder. 1218B21 4 Place Stackable Microplate Holder Designed to maximize the capacity of the Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixer to eight microplates by stacking the tray on top of the four plate holder. 1218B22 Double Microplate Holder Designed to hold two standard microplates. 1218B23 4 Place…

  • AgileMixer™ Vortex Mixer

    ACTGene, Inc.

    …accommodating tubes and plates and light weight, this unit is ideal from hands-free and touch gentle mixing to suspenending pellets as personaized lab tool. Shaking or Vortexing Action Variable speed control allows slow speed shaking action up to high-speed vortexing Multi-Task…

  • Multi-Tube Vortexer


    Multi-tube vortexer is designed to produce vortex mixing action of aqueous solutions in small flasks, vials, and tubes. The top plate moves in a tight 0.126” orbit at speeds between 600 and 2200 rpm. Eberbach’s clamping system can hold multiple tube sizes and (number of tubes held depends on tube…

  • Vortex 3

    IKA Works

    New vortex shaker suitable for short-time operation (touch function), activated by pressing shaker attachment or continuous operation. Wide speed range, infinitely adjustable Different applications thanks to 3 interchangeable attachments and 7 inserts (e.g. Eppendorf tubes, microtiter…

  • Vortex-Genie® MAX High Velocity Vortex Mixers

    Scientific Industries

    …MAX. Accommodates tubes of any material type, up to 29mm diameter. 1188Y21: Microplate Foam insert holds 2 plates for the Vortex-Genie MAX including deepwell plates. 1188Y22: Microplate Foam inserts (set of 2) holds 2 plates for the Vortex-Genie MAX including deepwell plates.

  • Accutherm Vortex Incubator


    "The Accutherm is a temperature controlled vortexer that uses peltier technology to rapidly heat and cool precious samples. It’s compact footprint incorporates an intuitive control panel with large multi-color display, which allows users to easily program and view temperature, time and…

  • Thomas Vortex Mixer Accessories


    Accessories for Thomas vortex mixers include a variety of tube holders, vessel holders, ampule tube holders, single tube holders, a tube holder kit with retainer and a microtube and microwell plate holder kit with retainer. Foam Insert Kit with Retainer (8294B46) includes an insert retainer, vessel…

  • CLASSIC Vortex Mixer


    Compact vortex mixer suitable for different mixing requirements, with touch or continuous mode. Original Design • Compact in height and area • Stability is optimized with selection lever related to operating mode • 3 anti-slip rubber feet for staying in required position …

  • BenchMixer™ Vortex Mixers


    …BenchMixer™ sets the new standard in vortex mixing. With advanced Q-Drive™ technology, the BenchMixer provides smooth instant vortexing of even the largest sample sizes, including full 50ml tubes. The unique counter-balance system creates maximum vortexing action, while minimizing noise…

  • Vortex 4 Orbital Shakers

    IKA Works

    Vortex 4 basic Compact, universal small shaker suitable for shaking tasks with small vessels and microtiter plates. Wide range of attachments Attachment detection Continuous or touch operation (with standard attachment) Two operating modes: Mode A (safe mode with attachment…

  • LSE™ Vortex Mixers with Standard Tube Head


    The Corning variable speed LSE Vortex Mixer provides fast, efficient mixing with minimal vibration. The unit features a powerful, counter-balanced motor drive, continuous or "touch" mix modes. A range of accessories are available for all common sample tubes and containers. Features: …

  • Mortexer™  Vortexer


    …your standard vortex mixer. The unique design of the Multi-Head™ (included) features a traditional cup head for general purpose mixing, plus holds up to eight microcentrifuge tubes. The drive system is balanced with Q-Drive™ technology, providing a smooth vortexing action, while…

  • Talboys Micro Well Plate Kit


    Talboys Microplate kit includes an insert retainer and 2 foam folders that hold 1 standard or deepwell microplate for use on Talboys or Thomas Sci. Vortex Mixers

  • Co-Mix Combined Mixer and Vortexer

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    …to utilise both the microplate vortex mixer and the tube vortexer at the same time whilst controlling the speeds of both independently.   The Co-Mix supports 96 and 384 well microplates in skirted, semi-skirted and unskirted variants plus deep-well plates, 0.2ml PCR tubes and PCR strips as…

  • Well Plates


    plates with round-bottom wells reduce liquid retention; conical bottom provides optimal recovery of reagents. Nunc shared wall technology allows increased well volume for optimum storage capacity and improved mixing. Round well shape is ideal for applications that require vortexing. Ideal…

  • Resprep PPT 96-Well Plates


    Polypropylene protein precipitation (PPT) 96-well plates offer highly efficient >99% protein removal Minimum 24-hour drip-free feature for easy in-well protein precipitation—no fear of backflushing or contamination Built-in dual-layer membrane with different porosities in each layer…

  • KONTES® Non-Vortexing Separatory Funnels

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    These separatory funnels prevent the vortexing of liquids during phase separation. The funnels are designed with an internal baffle plate to divert the liquids being separated from vortexing and then remixing The funnels are supplied with PTFE stopcocks and Standard Taper 29/42 center…

  • BenchMixer XLQ QuEChERS Shaker/Vortexer


    …racks, loosen the knobs on the stationary steel rods and raise the top sample plate. One rod is shorter than the other, allowing the plate to be lifted up and swiveled to one side. After samples are loaded, lower the plate into place and tighten the knobs. Select the desired speed and run time on…

  • All-in-One PCR Centrifuge

    Grant Instruments

    …hold un, semi and fully skirted PCR plates with no additional accessories required. The CVP-2 offers 3 devices in one: Centrifuge with vortex mixing PCR plate centrifuge PCR plate mixer Key Features Centrifuge and vortex mixer combined for significant time saving…

  • INCU-Mixer™ MP


    …prevents condensation Accepts plates up to 40mm high Independently control time, temp. and speed Available in two-plate and four-plate format The Incu-Mixer MP series by Benchmark Scientific is designed to provide an optimal method for vortexing and incubating microplates. Simultaneous…

  • Digital Pulse Mixer


    …mixer can perform high or low speed vortexing/mixing for a variety of applications. Unit can accommodate a wide range of glassware, racks, well plates or reactor blocks to produce accurate, repeatable results. Microprocessor-based control technology allows for display of speed, multi-function…

  • Ther-Mix Heated Laboratory Mixer

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    …completion of mixing program Easy-to-use touch screen user interface Interchangeable Heated Modules available to support a variety of samples, plates and tubes Independent control of block and lid temperatures Innovative heated lid on some Modules provides direct tube contact to reduce…

  • Intelligent Heated Modules

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    Adapters for the Ther-Mix and Flexi-Therm Vitl offers a range of interchangeable intelligent Heated Modules, used as adapters for the Flexi-Therm dry block heater and Ther-Mix heated laboratory mixer. Our Heated modules are a more efficient and accurate method of sample heating. They…

  • Orbit™ Digital Microtube and Microplate Shakers


    …tubes can be used with adapters, sold separately. Orbit™ P2 and Orbit™ P4 These vortexers accept all sizes of standard microplates, including deep well plates. Retaining springs on the contoured steel platform hold samples in place. The Orbit™ P2 holds two microplates…

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