Plastic Pasteur Pipettes

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Plastic Pasteur Pipettes
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  • Plastic Pasteur Pipettes

    Argos Technologies

    Argos plastic pasteur pipets are produced from medical grade polystyrene in a class 100,000 cleanroom. Plastic Pasteur pipets offer the same aspirating precision of glass, and the safety and benefits of plastic. Plastic construction allows the long flexible stem to be bent to draw liquid from narrow…

  • Plasteur® Plastic Pasteur Pipets

    Celltreat Scientific

    CELLTREAT Plasteur® Plastic Pasteur Pipets offer the aspirating precision of a glass pipet and the safety benefits of plastic. Plasteur Pipets are available in two sizes: 5.75 and 9" for easier handling and longer reach for working with larger vessels. Available in medical grade…

  • Plasteur Pasteur Plastic Plugged Pipets


    …new Plugged Pasteur™ Plastic Pasteur Pipet offers the aspirating precision of a glass pipet and the convenience of a plastic ready-to-use product with a cotton plugged end. The virgin polystyrene material has safety benefits compared to glass and is the same material used for plastic

  • Transfer Pipettes

    Transfer Pipets - Plastic, Disposable

  • HandEvac Handheld Aspirator

    Argos Technologies

    …from a variety of cell culture or multi-well plates and dishes! This ergonomic, hand-held aspirator can be used with Pasteur pipettes, plastic aspiration pipettes or a variety of adapters for specific applications. A pressure-sensitive button on the top of the unit controls the specific…

  • Accessories & Parts for Evaporators


    … NA0636 Pasteur pipette adapters allow Pasteur pipettes to be used instead of stainless steel needles in Organomation evaporators. NA1101 Coiled gas supply tube to connect all Organomation blowdown evaporators to a gas source. Tube is 6 ft long, ¼ in OD. NA1307 Plastic luer plug to…

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