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Plastic Cover Slips
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  • Plastic Cover Slip Tweezers

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Plastic Wafer Tweezers and Pliers Designed for low cost and ease of use with the highest quality of materials.

  • Gold Seal Cover Slips

    Thermo Scientific

    …the following tolerances: No. 0 is 0.085 to 0.13 mm; No. 1, 0.13 to 0.17 mm Lint-free plastic boxes with hinged lid. Cover glasses are packaged 1 oz. per box; case contains 10 boxes. Cases are wrapped in plastic and foil to seal out moisture. Bags of desiccant are packed within the case to absorb…

  • Thermanox Sterile Cover Slips

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Useful for most tissue culture applications Unbreakable Solvent-resistant Radiation sterilized Thermanox plastic is treated for optimum cell attachment and growth. Provides a very low gas permeability, but will exhibit low autofluorescence at the 300-500 nm wavelength and shows…

  • Plastic Case

    Hausser Scientific

    Plastic Case with foam insert for safe storage of Counting Chamber, cover slips, and pipettes.

  • Cover Slips; Thermanox®: TMX Coverslips

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …packaged face up toward the label. Features: Flat and remain flat 0.2mm (No. 2) thickness Resistant to commonly used solvents Safe and easy to handle Auto fluorescent in the range 380 to 545 nm Thernanox® cover slips can be autoclaved at 20 minutes steam, 20 minutes dry at 120°C

  • Flexible vinyl cover slips are packaged with interleaved tissue for protection. Provides a refractive index similar to glass Unbreakable, safer than glass Used in biological and medical labs as well as educational applications

  • Round Cover Glass

    Celltreat Scientific

    …borosilicate glass cover slips are ideal for specialty microscopy and imaging Consistent flatness and scratch-free Resistant to organic solvents Packaged in a hinged plastic storage case 15 mm round cover glass can be used with a 24 well plate 20 mm round cover glass can be used with…

  • VR® Boot Covers


    VR ®  Boot Covers Made with gritty anti-slip VR ®  material for enhanced traction. Knee-high, foot and lower leg protection. Ideal for use where biological and chemical liquids are present. Two supple weights provide flexible, lightweight coverage. …

  • Flow Cell Assemblies

    IBI Scientific

    cover slip top or a TCT coated APET plastic cover slip top. The APET cover slip top provides better surface attachment for certain types of biofilms. The Complete Convertible Flow Cell Assembly comes complete with convertible flow cell with #1 glass cover slip OR TCT treated APET plastic cover slip,

  • …microtiter format Identified "A" through "H" vertically, and 1 through 12 horizontally, providing convenient and error free tube identification Transparent plastic cover with new "slip edge" allowing safe storage of multi racks which can maximize bench top space

  • …Planning and Carrying Out Investigations Kit Includes: 300g Gelatin Powder 15 pieces Zinc Metal 15 Plastic Pipettes 45 Petri Dishes 100 Glass Cover Slips 15 pieces Chromatography Paper 15 Plastic Microscope Slides 15 Glass Microscope Slides 1pkg Toothpicks 1 bar Soap DOT Info: Non-regulated …

  • … Tough, wear resistance material resistant to moisture and chemicals Easy to clean and re-usable Multiple notches on the clip allow adjustments to fit the Provide comfort and prevent straps from slipping Semi-flexible plastic fits the curve on the back of head Sold in pack of 10

  • HandHeld Tool

    Micronova Manufacturing

    …Polypropylene, recyclable plastic or autoclavable Polyketone Slip-on covers for specialized cleaning NovaPoly™ Cover - 100% smooth knit polyester, matches traditional cleanroom wipe fabrics and provides excellent disinfectant dispersal PolyMesh™ Cover - 100% polyester mesh, with…

  • Low maintenance Wear and slip resistant Three-year warranty ErgoDeck Solid is low maintenance, ideal for use in dry areas where small parts fall to the floor, or where ease of maintenance is a priority. ErgoDeck is an advanced modular matting system comprised of 18” x…

  • Pen-Vac™

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …builders etc. Pen-Vac is ideal for EM work as well. It can be used to handle grids, pick up stubs, align membranes, work with glass slides, cover slips and much more. Holds up to one minute. Features: Lifts up to 50 grams Totally self-contained vacuum light-weight, less than…

  • …as you do with the Neubauer "improved" counting chamber. With this product you have a smaller risk of infection. There is no longer need for the cover slips and the following cleaning.The disposable counting chamber looks like the familiar Neubauer "improved" counting chamber: It consists of 9 large…

  • Full-Coverage Boots

    Halyard Health

    The HI GUARD* Full Coverage Boot, available in Regular and Ultra, covers the shoe and lower leg. Each features a plastic film coating, traction slips, elastic at the ankle and ultra-sonically bonded seams.

  • …disinfectants. Lightweight, easy-to-maneuver swivel frame slips inside the mop head allowing a full range of motion. Ideal for reaching awkward corners and ceilings. Fully autoclavable stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and plastic hardware is available. Sterile VertiKlean Medium mop heads…

  • FlatMops

    Micronova Manufacturing

    The 14 and 18-inch covers are ideal for floors, walls, ceilings and awkward corners Fits on QPSL plastic frame or QDSL, QSSL stainless steel frames Compatible with alcohol and strong disinfectants Launderable for re

  • …spray or tracking of grease and oil cause slip hazards. 18” x 18” solid, super-sized ergonomic tiles is the most advanced, professional-grade, ergonomic matting system on the market today. These larger components quickly and easily cover large areas and require less time and labor…

  • …#3 Soil Sample 24g Suspect #4 Soil Sample 3 Universal Indicator Color Charts 5 Plastic Scoops 3 Small Mesh Screens 3 Large Mesh Screens 15 Blood Typing Trays 2 Boxes Microscope Slides 1 Pack Microscope Slide Cover Slips 3 Hand Magnifiers 1 Pack pH Strips 1 Pack Lead Acetate Paper 3 Metal Forceps 1…

  • …“InSlide Out” has a sealed chamber which permits easy hybridizations and single slide temperature incubation procedures without sealed cover slips. Reduce preparation time for your applications - no need to seal slides with rubber cement or nail polish - and eliminate potential harmful…

  • This unique system utilizes a tape dispenser, labels and clear plastic tape to fully cover and protect your labels Protective Labeling System provides labels that stand up to harsh laboratory conditions. The clear tape protects labels from the freezer, autoclave, acids, alkalis and organic…

  • …up to 5 remote control service fittings. The left hand post is punched and covered for a second electrical fixture at the top which may be used for a fan switch or other electrical device. The right post is punched and covered for an alarm. Service fittings, fan switch, work top, cup sink, alarm and…

  • …in bath: PURA 4 = 1; PURA 10 = 3; PURA 14 = 3; PURA 22 = 5; PURA 30 = 7. Hollow Balls Polypropylene hollow balls to reduce heat loss and evaporation; form a floating lid on the water surface. Up to +100°C, for water only. 1) with counter-cooling/bath cover 2) with bath cover

  • …leukocyte counts in cerebrospinal fluid with a disposable plastic hemocytometer") C-Chip DHC-F01 eliminates the risk of exposure to potentially infectious materials and the risk of improper fitting of the chamber and the cover slip, which improves the precision and repeatability. …

  • Thomas® Storage


    …microcentrifuge tubes, test tubes, and other small laboratory disposables. Items are easily loaded through large hinged top cover and dispensed by lifting hinged lower cover. Transparent acrylic face panel provides quick visual identification of parts and allows user to see when supplies are low.…

  • …non-slip rubber leveling feet with externally visible level indicator T31P indicator features a ABS plastic housing with internal rib reinforcements, reversible front/rear cover, backlit LCD Multiple weighing units: lb, oz, lb:oz, kg, g Parts counting mode with selectable sample…

  • …and 2nd RS232 or RS422/RS485 (accessories sold separately). GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock. Construction ABS plastic indicator with reversible rear cover, painted steel wall bracket and column, painted steel 304 grade stainless steel platform with black polyurethane form-and-weld…

  • Parafilm® Sealing Film

    Heathrow Scientific

    … Efficient and cost-effective covering for: Test tubes Beakers Vials Petri dishes Flasks Various other instruments and objects with irregular surfaces Overwrap to further secure stoppers, lids and caps Shelf or tray liner to prevent slipping of bottles or instruments …

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