Plastic Clamps

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Plastic Clamps
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  • SYNTHWARE Joint Clamps

    Kemtech America

    Joint Clamp, Standard Taper, Plastic, Synthware, Various Joint Sizes Available.

  • Plastic Burette Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    These clamps are molded in polypropylene, making them completely corrosion proof. The spring loaded jack in the middle provides a vice-like grip to the burette and prevents in from slipping. Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on the rods having diameter 0.5" or3/8".…

  • SYNTHWARE Clamp Bosshead

    Kemtech America

    Clamp Bosshead, Synthware, For rods up to 15mm diameter, chrome plated finishwith plastic headed screws.

  • Hose/Tubing Clamps


    For use with all types of rubber and plastic tubing Made of chemical/corrosion-resistant, non-conducting nylon One-piece, reusable clamp squeezes shut for a leak proof seal pressing the side releases the clamp May be chemically or gas-sterilized for biomedical or food applications …

  • Pinch Clamps

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    All-plastic clamp will not rust, corrode or deform Molded in one piece to eliminate sharp edges Autoclavable Allows precise, one hand regulation of fluid flow, from completely open, to restricted flow, to completely closed. Ideal for use with Nalgene laboratory tubing.

  • Scienceware® Tubing Clamps

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    … Spring Tubing Clamp Squeeze control Perfect for flexible tubing Positive action, self closing clamp opens by squeezing handles together Chemical and stain-resistant Delrin® plastic and stainless steel Tubing Clamp Serrated jaws Acetal plastic provides secure…

  • Deluxe Chemistry Hardware Assortment

    United Scientific Supplies

    …Beaker, Glass, 1000ml (1), Bottle, Wash, 125ml, Plastic (1), Clamp, Burette (1), Clamp, Mohr's Pinchcock (1), Crucible with Cover, 10ml (1), Cylinder, Graduated, Glass, 10ml (1), Cylinder, Graduated, Glass, 50ml (1), Cylinder, Graduated, Plastic (PP), 100ml (1), Evaporating Dish, Porcelain, 35ml…

  • Keck Ramp Clamp Tubing Clamps


    …or tubing-to-glass connections. Use RAMP CLAMP tubing clamps for easy, one-handed tubing flow control. Select standard taper clips (in plastic or lacquer-coated steel) or ball-joint clips for secure glass-to glass connections.Unique wheel-in-groove clamp design permits one-handed flow control.…

  • Burette Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    This clamp features plastic coverd spring jaws. Accepts burettes up to 35mm OD, and support rods up to 0.5" OD. Available as a single or double burette clamp.

  • stop-it Hose Clamps


    …position - without tiresome screwing on and off. High quality material - stop-it made from the heat resistant and chemical resistant plastic PVDF. The clamp is galvanised steel. The hose clip can be used wherever the flow in hoses with liquids or gases needs to be regulated or stopped. …

  • Plastic Forceps, with Jaw Grips

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Plastic Forceps, with Jaw Grips All plastic. These forceps are excellent for handling hot, cold, corrosive or contaminated objects. Made from blue poly-propylene with interlocking teeth. A catch locks tips tightly for use as a clamp. Scissor type handles with double action hinges makes this…

  • GTR Series Industrial Tube Rotators

    Globe Scientific

    …angle scale, which is printed directly on the unit housing. The unit housing, tube holder disks and tube clamps are metal, alleviating the breaking of plastic holders and clamps seen in models from other manufacturers. Optional disk stacking rods allow up to two tube disk holders to be used…

  • Scienceware® 28-Piece Fittings Kit

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …or FDA grade Kit contains: 6 Straight Tubing Connectors, 7 Stepped Tubing Connectors, 5 Wye (Y) Tubing Connectors, 3 "T" shaped Tubing Connectors, 5 Quick Disconnects and 2 flow control Plastic Tubing Clamps Plastic organizer box has room for adding other fittings and parts

  • Plastic Joint Clips

    Bal Supply

    Standard taper keck type joint clips Color coded for easy size identification Will not corrode or scratch glassware Can withstand temperatures up to 302°F (150°C)

  • Nalgene True Union Clamps

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Polyvinylidene fluoride All plastic autoclavable threaded clamp system Recommended for use with 2630 and 2640 series carboys, 2688 and 2689 series end caps

  • EZ-Clamp Flask Clamps


    …and 2L EZ-Clamp Flask Clamps are able to hold one flask. The clamp features a soft molded base and plastic rollers, which prevents screeching of glass flasks against hardened steel. The soft clamp base also allows for great visibility of media. Three plastic rollers on the clamp allow for easy flask…

  • Converter Clamp

    Sonics & Materials

    The light duty converter clamp securely supports 2½" (64 mm) diameter converters onto stands with ½" (13 mm) diameter support rod. Chemical-resistant reinforced plastic.

  • Gel Casters–Small Format Vertical Electrophoresis

    GE Healthcare

    …or tape Once cast, gels can be wrapped in plastic and refrigerated for several weeks Includes: Caster Body with Gasket Face Plate with Inlet Port Rectangular Glass Plates Notched Alumina Plates Spring Clamps Wax Paper (100 sheets) Space-Saver Plate…

  • Rugged Plastic Pulleys

    United Scientific Supplies

    Rugged Plastic Pulley with deep V groves mounted on a metal clamp. Th sheave is 50mm in Diameter. Clamp can be mounted on surfaces up to 35mm thick.

  • Plastic Support Stands

    United Scientific Supplies

    These non corrosive molded support stands provide excellent alternatives to metal ones. Even the metallic rod has a polypropylene covering making it non corrosive. Each support base comes with a 0.5" diameter 30" long rod.

  • Principles of Gel Filtration Chromatography Kit


    …separate on the basis of their size and shape. This experiment contains materials for dye separation which include dye sample, elution buffer and plastic disposables. Columns may be rinsed and reused. For 10 Lab Groups Packing Column 20 min. Column Sep. 40 min. ? Kit…

  • Clamps


    CLAMPS, BURET, Clamp will hold two burets from micro to 100mL. Spring loaded mechanism adjusts simply by squeezing, yet hold buret firmly in place. Mounts directly to standard support rod with built in hook connector. Constructed of epoxy coated aluminum with vinyl jaws. CHEMGLASS LAB CLAMPS,

  • Pulley with Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    Rugged Plastic Pulley with deep V groves mounted on a metal clamp. Th sheave is 50mm in Diameter. Clamp can be mounted on surfaces up to 35mm thick.

  • Plastic Separatory Funnels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …stopcocks and Tefzel® ETFE screw closures. Closure and stopcock are leakproof. Funnels are autoclavable except for stopcock assembly, which can be chemically disinfected. Can be used with mechanical shakers if hose clamp is put over stopcock. Closure size 53 mm; stem length below stopcock 65 mm.

  • Safety Shield, Plastic, Michel-Miller

    Ace Glass

    Acrylic safety shield and polyethylene cap for use with Michel-Miller Columns to insure safe operation at pressures to 300 psi. Top thread of column is hung in polyethylene cap; cap is then held by the plastic shield. Clamp the shield, not the column.

  • Extraction Apparatus Liquid-Liquid

    Ace Glass

    …to accept a common condenser with a 45/50 joint, a 24/40 opening with a PTFE stopper near top of body for addition of reagents and a 1:5 PTFE 2mm bore stopcock for drain-ing. Flattened body bottom allows use of optional magnetic stirring bar. One 24/40 plastic clamp supplied with extractor body.

  • Demineralizers, Faucet Adapter


    …exhaustion Removable top plate, which makes resin replacement easy Nylon inlet and outlet fittings, which have flexible tubing with plastic pinchcock clamps to prevent leakage and control flow of demineralized effluent Rubber adapter on inlet tube attaches to most faucets PLEASE…

  • Anti-Static Set


    …earthed, electrostatic build-up can occur, which for many substances can result in fire or an explosion. Bürkle’s Anti-static set ensures easy and reliable earthing. The Anti-static set consists of three color-coded connecting copper cables with clamps in a handy plastic case.

  • Pipettor Clamp-Ette®


    …pipettors at your fingertips. Secure to table tops and benches with a few turns of the large plastic screw. Move easily from one location to another, wherever you need it in the lab. Single clamp comes in blue. Pack of three includes one blue, one red, and one purple. Clamp-Ette measures 110…

  • Student Project Tanks


    … (2) vented Polyamide plugs (2) clear plastic / SS clamps Pop-out plugs are supplied both as solid and vented allowing versatility in use. Included clamps will secure down the lid - keeping all of your critters safe inside! Tank Accessory pack includes 2 of each plug and 2 plastic clip

  • 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator


    … Sticky mats 15/50ml combo tube holder capable of holding any combination of up to six 15ml and five 50ml centrifuge tubes Plastic clamps in 125, 250, 500 and 1L sizes Petri dish shelf capable of holding 60mm dishes Flexible Universal 30 x 30cm platform …

  • SE 400 Vertical Unit

    GE Healthcare

    …seals sandwiches leak-free without tapePlates, clamps, spacers and combs are interchangeable with SE 600 series unitsThe sturdier vertical slab gel unit was designed with durability and cost in mind. Injection-moulded of tough, impact-resistant plastics, it will withstand the rigours of daily lab…

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