Plant Growth Incubator

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Plant Growth Incubator
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  • Model SRI21D Diurnal Plant Growth Chambers

    Shel Lab

    SHEL LAB Diurnal growth chambers are designed for studies requiring day and nighttime simulation. This unit features dual-program selector dials, which allows control of two temperature conditions and an ON/OFF illumination cycle relative to the program selected. Each system operates…

  • Precision™ Refrigerated Incubators

    Thermo Scientific

    …operation: high precision with cooling; high precision without cooling; and frost free with variable cooling. 17.8 cu. ft. (504L) unit: Plant growth chamber. 7-day program with 2 light cycles per day. Dual lamp fluorescent lighting providing 300-foot candles for uniform illumination.…

  • New Brunswick™ Innova® 40/40R Shakers


    Benchtop incubator shaker with optional refrigeration The Innova 40 incubated and 40R incubated and refrigerated benchtop shakers provide years of dependable operation. The cast iron Eppendorf triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive is specifically designed to support high-speed applications…

  • Phytostrips


    …use of SBS footprint microplates and reservoirs for support or incubation. Each well can be used for the germination of seeds for small seeded plant species like Arabidopsis thaliana. The Phytostrips can be filled with a growth medium that enables chemical treatments to be combined with…

  • Tunair Shake Flasks

    IBI Scientific

    …and P. avellaneum growth rates were evaluated by percent sedimentation. For E.coli and S.cerevisiae, the growth rates were determined after an 18 hour incubation period; for S.charteusis, a 24 hour incubation period; and for P. avellaneum, a 72 hour incubation period. Growth and OAR evaluations…

  • Qualitative Filter Papers, Ahlstrom 601


    …Conducting Terrestrial Plant Toxicity Tests: Root Elongation Seeds are incubated under controlled conditions in petri dishes with filter paper, such as Grade 601, prior to measuring the root length to determine if a potentially toxic substance has affected the growth rate. STM 2710.H…

  • Cetrimide Agar Base


    …animal or plant sources, is best carried out on a medium, which contains a selective agent and also constituents to enhance pigment production. Most selective media depend upon the intrinsic resistance of the species to various antibacterial agents. Cetrimide inhibits the growth of many…

  • InTray® COLOREX™ Vibrio - Prepared Plated Culture Media

    Biomed Diagnostics

    With Colorex™ Vibrio, the most common pathogenic Vibrio species are easily distinguishable by colony color. Naturally present on marine plants and animals, Vibrio genus counts over 20 species. Colorex™ Vibrio rapidly differentiates those of interest as public health hazards; V. cholerae…

  • M-Dextrose Tryptone Broth


    …bacteria are usually species of Bacillus which enter milk from various sources on the farm or from poorly cleaned equipments in the processing plant. These bacteria rapidly increase in numbers when present in milk or dairy products that are held at high temperature for long periods. Sour spoilage…

  • HardyCHROM™ ECC

    Hardy Diagnostics

    …have been added to inhibit the growth of gram-positive and other non-coliform bacteria. Each contact plate has a specified grid molded into the bottom of the plate for enumeration of microbial colonies growing on a variety of surfaces. This media is to be stored and incubated in the dark.

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