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  • Crossline Disc, Whipple

    Hausser Scientific

    …Chemistry Diameter, 21 mm Used in water supply testing, in blood test for lead poisoning and in numerous techniques for counting bacteria, plankton, dust, etc.; see American Public Health Association, Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, Method 1002E. Large square divided…

  • Plankton Net


    For collecting plankton particles in a 50 mL conical bottom centrifuge tube secured by adjustable band clamp to the bottom of a conical, 10-mesh nylon cloth net Net is 380 mm in length Top of net is fitted with 127 mm diameter brass ring and harness for attachment to suitable sampling line …

  • …within a rugged field carrying case for easy transport and storage. Outfit Includes: Stainless Steel Bottom Sampling Dredge (1097) Plankton Net (1063) Sounding Lead and Calibrated Line (1064-G) Armored Thermometer (1066) Water Sampling Bottle (1054-DO) Forel-Ule Color Comparator…

  • Plankton (trace elements)


    BCR ® certified Reference Material

  • …tail, whole organs and hard plant material Hard Tissue Grinding Mix Recommended for: hard tissues, dry grinding, skin, muscle, bone, hair, roots and seeds Tough Micro-Organism Lysing Mix Recommended for: tough micro-organisms, gram+, yeast, fungi, algae, spores and plankton

  • Copper exists in water as a soluble salt or as suspended solids. Concentrations exceeding 0.1 mg/L are useful for controlling algae and plankton growth. Quantities ranging from 0.02 to 0.1 mg/L are toxic for some fish, so its use for treating fish disease requires careful monitoring. With Hach Water…

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