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Gilson PIPETMAN L Free Pipette Stand Promo

  • Corning Pipettor Tips


    …gel-loading tips cover a wide range of applications. Tips are also available in "ultra-micro" versions for use with 2 µL and 10 µL pipettors. Tip Loading Refill Magazines: Consisting of 10 layers of 96 tips, a refill magazine occupies about 65% less space than 10 racks, reducing…

  • Pipettor Holders


    Pipettor holders are made from clear acrylic or high density polyethylene. This pipettor holder accommodates most major brands of pipettors making it a useful addition to any laboratory. The pipettor holder comes in three standard sizes for 3, 4 or 6 pipettors. The upper rack has 26.1mm…

  • Pipettor Kit


    Pipettor Kit

  • Filtered Pipettor Tips


    …IsoTip™ Filtered Tips feature an inert, hydrophobic bonded-fiber barrier that prevents aerosolized contaminants from coming in contact with pipettor shafts. Filtered Tips are suitable for applications where avoidance of cross contamination is critical, such as DNA amplification and…

  • Pipettor Workstation


    Organize your pipettors and tips Self-closing lids provide dust-free storage. Keep pipettors and disposable tips together in one convenient stand. Acrylic rack holds up to four pipettors on top shelf; dual bins house two different sizes of tips. Oversized lip on lid allows for easy access…

  • Pipettor Tri-Clamp-Ette®


    …valuable pipettors safely within reach An extension to our Clamp-Ette™ family of pipetting aids. This innovative product securely clamps to table tops or benches and holds most major brands of pipettors. The Tri-Clamp-Ette™ provides the flexibility of housing expensive pipettors

  • Pipettor Clamp-Ette®


    Holds most major brands of pipettors This unique product keeps pipettors at your fingertips. Secure to table tops and benches with a few turns of the large plastic screw. Move easily from one location to another, wherever you need it in the lab. Single clamp comes in blue. Pack of three…

  • Multi-Channel Pipettor Basin


    Disposable solution basin designed for 4, 8 and 12 channel multi-channel pipettors Capacities of 55 mL and 100 mL with angled sides and “V” shaped bottom permitting almost complete solution withdrawal Non-sterile units of clear PVC plastic. Sterile units of natural…

  • Pipettor Tips

    Bio Plas

    …multi-channel pipettors. Load 4, 8 or 12 tips in one stroke without touching tips. Seal between tip and pipettor is airtight, allowing maximum fluid retention for accurate results. Tips have super-smooth bore for total liquid delivery. Also suitable for use with PIPETMAN® single channel pipettors.

  • Pipettor Stands


    Convenient and safe storage Our 3-, 4-, and 6-place pipettor stands are designed to hold most major pipettor brands. The upper slots are 25 mm wide and the lower slots are 20 mm wide. Acrylic stands are translucent; sturdy ABS stands are solid colors.

  • Pipettor Guides

    Diversified Biotech

    Easy Microplate Viewing for Pipetting and Liquid Transfer The Pipettor Guide features a plastic sliding guide to help align your Pipetter with the microplate wells. The sliding guide is clearly marked with column letters for fast and easy orientation. The Guide is compatible with multi-channel…

  • MLA Pipettor Tips

    VistaLab Technologies

    Dense Rack Non-sterile only – 200 tips/layer Stacked Rack - 7735C10, 7735C15 200 tips/layer 5 layers for Small tips 3 layers for Large tips Stacked Rack - 7735C70, 7735C75 Trace Metal Certified 200 tips/layer 5 layers for Small tips 3 layers for…

  • Omega Pipettor

    Argos Technologies

    …and dispensing from 1 to 100 mL Lightweight Ergonomic design UV resistant Accepts glass or plastic pipets The Omega Pipettor is an ergonomically designed controller that combines single-handed pipetting with fast, precise liquid dispensing. Its aspirating and dispensing…

  • DiamondPRO™ Adjustable Volume Pipettor

    Globe Scientific

    …Pack (Thomas no. 1173C53) contains: 4 adjustable volume pipettors: 0.5-10uL Diamond Pro Pipettor (1) 2-20uL Diamond Pro Pipettor (1) 20-200uL Diamond Pro Pipettor (1) 100-1000uL Diamond Pro Pipettor (1) 4 full boxes of racked, sterile, certified*, general purpose…

  • Scienceware® Bulb Pipettor

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Saves time and eliminates mouth pipetting Tapered silicone seal provides airtight fit in all pipet sizes Excellent aspirator for use with Westergren or Wintrobe sedimentation tubes. Comes complete with an elastic cord for dedicating pipettor to a specific reagent bottle.

  • Semi-Automated Pipettor


    96/384 well semi-automated pipettor Highly precise, accurate and convenient Lightweight, portable and easy to use Aspirates and dispenses liquid samples with the touch of a button Cell culture Plate replication Plate reformatting Adding reagents/compounds Increase…

  • Premium Standard Pipettor Tips

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    Natural polypropylene Autoclavable Accurate and reproducible Standard tips are made of premium-grade virgin polypropylene. Tips are available in single trays, bulk packages or space-saving refill system. All are autoclavable at 121°C for 20 min. Electron beam pre-sterilized tips in…

  • Precision Series Pipettor Plus Advanced Benchtop Pipettors

    Sequence BioTech

    Innovative, Easy-to-use, Advanced Benchtop Pipettor Precision Series Pipettor Plus Features Enhanced motor control for acceleration and decceleration Works with the entire series of Accuflow pipette tips, 15 to choose from Six pipetting speeds and custom speed control settings …

  • Softfit-L Pipettor Tips


    …highly accurate samples, seal well on the pipettor and are easy to seat and eject. Frosted shoulders with the MBP logo make them easily identifiable for use on LTS style pipettors. Pure tips are pre-sterilized and certified RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogen-free. Will fit Rainin Lite Touch Pipettors.

  • 1000 Reach Pipettor Tips


    …Available with ART® barrier Fits most 1 mL pipettors 1000 Reach pipet tips have extended lengths to prevent contamination by keeping the pipettor shaft from entering the sample vessel. SoftFit design reduces hand fatigue and fits easily on most 1-mL pipettors. MicroPoint feature decreases surface…

  • 3M™ Pipettor Tips


    Pipettor, reducing labor and improving reliability When used with the 3M™ Electonic Pipettor, 3M™ Pipettor Tips enhance the efficiency and labor-saving benefits of 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates by providing accurate and precise pipetting of samples. 3M Pipettor Tips…

  • StepMate Repeater Pipettor


    The Scilogex StepMate Repeater Pipettor is a positive displacement instrument that allows rapid, precise and accurate dispensing without the need for refilling. Our repeater pipettor is able to dispense a particular volume up to 48 times in succession, a number that is more than sufficient for most…

  • Linear Pipettor Stand Micropette


    Linear stand for MicroPette Pipettes, 5 position

  • Universal Fit Hinged Rack Pipettor Tips


    Fit all major brand pipettors Two sizes: 200 or 1000 µL Certified RNase-, DNase-free and non-pyrogenic Easy stacking racks Autoclavable Corning® Universal Fit Hinged Rack Pipet Tips are designed to assure a reliable fit with all major brand pipettors. Tips are available in two sizes: 200 µL…

  • Solventsafe Pipettor Tips


    …carryover contamination problems SolventSafe tips feature a new ART (Aerosol Resistant Tips) formula with Folded Activated Carbon to provide pipettor and sample protection against destructive carryover aerosols and vapors from volatile organic solvents without compromising pipetting accuracy…

  • PIPETTOR STAND, Carousel


    Holds six Finnpipette Focus single-channel or multichannel pipetters. Rotating, portable Transparent lid protects pipetters from contamination Shipped with three adapters for electronic Finnpipette Novus pipettes and five adapters for manual Finnpipette pipettes

  • RV-Pette PRO™ Repeat Volume Pipettor

    Globe Scientific

    …combination, the RV-Pette Pro™ pipettor and syringe tips offer 120 dispensing volume options to meet the demands, protocols and practices for nearly all users. The light weight ergonomic design makes the RV-Pette Pro™ Repeat Volume Pipettor the right choice for efficient and…

  • Ovation Bionatural Macro Pipettor

    VistaLab Technologies

    …reach the bottom of tall vessels. Simply insert the pipet into the nozzle and proceed with any task. An optional adapter accessory is available for the 5 mL model. Pipettors require an Ovation Power Supply unit (sold seperately, see part number 1228X78) to recharge the pipettor's battery.

  • Universal Fit Pipettor Tips


    Corning® Universal Fit Tips feature multiple sealing rings for a reliable fit, a beveled orifice for accurate fluid delivery, and graduation marks. Bulk tips are non-sterile. Graduated at the 250, 500, and 1,000 uL volumes.

  • DISTRIMAN® Positive Displacement Repetitive Pipettor


    Positive-displacement, continuously adjustable repeater pipette that simplifies multiple dispensing when used with Gilson pure polypropylene DistriTip® syringes Direct volume readout Dispense volume reads directly in microliters, eliminating troublesome calculations Only three syringes are…

  • Accu-Jet® Pro Pipettor Controller


    Intuitive speed control Contoured and well-balanced Fits pipettes from 0.1 - 200 mL Unique hook-shaped design reduces hand fatigue. Autoclavable manifold rotates 360 degrees, allowing optimal hand position. Individually replaceable tip cones allows easy in-lab servicing and cleaning.…

  • TF300 Pipettor Tips


    Racked Pre-sterilized 0.5 -10 µL MicroVolume filter tips come in MaxyClear color. Tips feature MAXYmum Recovery design and fit many pipettors.

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