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  • DiamondPRO™ Adjustable Volume Pipettor

    Globe Scientific

    …Pack (Thomas no. 1173C53) contains: 4 adjustable volume pipettors: 0.5-10uL Diamond Pro Pipettor (1) 2-20uL Diamond Pro Pipettor (1) 20-200uL Diamond Pro Pipettor (1) 100-1000uL Diamond Pro Pipettor (1) 4 full boxes of racked, sterile, certified*, general purpose…

  • BioPette™ Plus Four Pack Starter Kit


    The Biopette™ Plus Four Pack Starter Kit is a complete liquid handling package including everything needed to get started with accurate and reproducible pipetting. Exceptional Value Includes Four Biopette™ Plus Pipettes BioFree™ Pipette Tips, Carousel Stand and…

  • Diamond Pipette, Adjustable Volume

    Globe Scientific

    High-Performance Pipettor The Diamond pipettor is a cost-effective alternative to high priced name-brand pipettors. Manufactured for high accuracy and precision, our Diamond pipettors come with a certificate of calibration, a recalibration tool kit and a one year warranty. They are…

  • Accu-Jet® Pro Pipettor Controller


    Intuitive speed control Contoured and well-balanced Fits pipettes from 0.1 - 200 mL Unique hook-shaped design reduces hand fatigue. Autoclavable manifold rotates 360 degrees, allowing optimal hand position. Individually replaceable tip cones allows easy in-lab servicing and cleaning.…

  • Lambda™ Plus Single-Channel Pipettors


    Lambda Plus Pipettors have been engineered to provide the highest levels of accuracy, reproducibility, and comfort. Lambda Plus Pipettors feature smooth plunger movement and extremely low pipetting forces. Volume can be set by turning either the thumb wheel or the plunger button, and a locking…

  • Pipette Pumps

    Argos Technologies

    The Argos quick dispenser pipette pumps provide safe and accurate pipetting and dispensing of liquids from serological pipettes. Glass or plastic pipettes are inserted into the tapered collar and the thumbwheel is rotated for precision filling or dispensing. The elastic chuck in the collar secures…

  • Omega Pipettor

    Argos Technologies

    …and dispensing from 1 to 100 mL Lightweight Ergonomic design UV resistant Accepts glass or plastic pipets The Omega Pipettor is an ergonomically designed controller that combines single-handed pipetting with fast, precise liquid dispensing. Its aspirating and dispensing…

  • Reference® 2 Pipettes


    Color coded and volume labeled for quick identification of the volume size/ tip size Round upper part makes it possible to work in every position 4-digit display for exact volume setting (clearly visible from every angle) Quick and secure volume setting, include volume lock Fully…

  • RV-Pette PRO™ Repeat Volume Pipettor

    Globe Scientific

    …combination, the RV-Pette Pro™ pipettor and syringe tips offer 120 dispensing volume options to meet the demands, protocols and practices for nearly all users. The light weight ergonomic design makes the RV-Pette Pro™ Repeat Volume Pipettor the right choice for efficient and…

  • ProPette™ Single Channel Pipettors

    MTC Bio

    An advanced autoclavable pipette that exhibits superior accuracy and ergonomics, and is comfortable to use, even during prolonged and repetitive pipettting. The ProPette™ series is the culmination of decades of liquid handling research. Every aspect of accuracy, reliability and user comfort has…

  • Diamond™ Jr. Mini Pipettors

    Globe Scientific

    Diamond Jr. pipettors from Globe Scientific are pocket-sized versions of our high-precision Diamond pipettors. Designed for use in diagnostic kits, water testing, science classrooms and all laboratories, this pipettor is an economical and accurate method for pipetting fixed volumes. Fits…

  • Diamond Advance™ Adjustable Volume Pipettors

    Globe Scientific

    …(Thomas no. 1173C54) contains: 4 Adjustable volume pipettors: 0.5-10uL Diamond Advance Pipettor (1) 2-20uL Diamond Advance Pipettor (1) 20-200uL Diamond Advance Pipettor (1) 100-1000uL Diamond Advance Pipettor (1) 4 Full boxes of racked, sterile, certified*,…

  • PIPETMAN Classic™ Pipettors


    The Incarnation of Gilson's Reliability, the World Pipetting Standard! The Pipetting Standard - Gilson's PIPETMAN Classic™ is designed and manufactured to provide you with a range of robust, accurate and precise pipettes. The PIPETMAN Classic is a fully adjustable,…

  • Finnpipette F2 Fixed-Volume Pipetters


    The Thermo Scientific Finnpipette F2 offers superior comfort, performance, reliability and repeatability in one of the lightest pipetters available. Fully autoclavable; entire pipetter can be autoclaved Super blow-out piston with volumes of 50µL and below ensures delivery of micro-size…

  • eLINE Electronic Single-Channel Pipettors

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    …increases user control as well as accuracy and precision. eLINE pipettors are designed to ensure that the operator can handle, program, and use the pipettor with ease, reducing the risk of user-based errors. NOTE: Pipettors without AC adapter (7733Q34 through Q38) require a charging stand

  • Accu-Jet Pipette Controller Accessories



  • Diamond Advance™ Fixed Volume Pipettors

    Globe Scientific

    Diamond Advance™ Pipettors are high precision, fully autoclavable air displacement pipettors. The Advance is made from chemically resistant materials that provide consistent performance and a long service life. The Advance is simple to operate, light weight and extremely comfortable to use by…

  • Finnpipette F2 Variable-Volume Single-Channel Pipette


    New Advanced Volume Gearing mechanism enhances pipetting performance and increases accuracy/precision/durability Large Ergovisio display with white numbers on black background provides increased visibility Double action pipetting button - rotating upper part prevents accidental volume alteration …

  • MicroPette™ Single Channel Variable Pipettors


    …the range. Volume adjustment is selected by turning the thumb plunger mechanism. MicroPette's are calibrated in accordance ISO/DIS 8655. Each pipettor passes a quality control/calibration test and is supplied with a certificate. Lightweight and ergonomic design Clear digital display …

  • MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Single-Channel Pipettor


    Features: Lightweight, ergonomic, low force design Digital display clearly reads volume setting The pipettors cover volume range of 0.1µl to 5000µl Easy to calibrate and maintain with tool supplied Design helps avoid repetitive strain injuries Manufactured from…

  • Special Pricing on mLINE Adjustable Volume Pipettors! (While supplies last.…

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    Receive Special Pricing on mLINE Adjustable Volume Pipettors! Only valid while supplies last. Limited quantities available. mLINE is Sartorius' most advanced mechanical pipette that offers a unique combination of novel and patented features for effortless accuracy and precision. It is…

  • AgilePipettor™ Electronic  Single Channel Pipettor

    ACTGene, Inc.

    Forward Pipetting Sequential Dispensing Reverse Pipetting Multi Dispensing Manual Pipetting Multi Aspiration Mixture Pipetting + Mixture Autoclavable shaft Clear LCD screen display Ergonomically designed Compatible with universal fitting tips

  • MicroPette™ Single Channel, Fixed Volume Pipettors


    Twelve fixed volume MicroPette's in the range. MicroPette's are calibrated in accordance ISO/DIS 8655. Each pipettor passes a quality control/calibration test and is supplied with a certificate. Lightweight and ergonomic design Integral tip ejector for access into narrow tubes …

  • PIPETMAN® Neo Pipettors


    Offers a distinct enhancement in comfort, with the same legendary robustness, accuracy, precision, and price as PIPETMAN P Color-Coded Push-Button Allows for ease of identification of different models and corresponding Gilson PIPETMAN Tips; great for GLP labs Reduced…

  • V-Pette™ Pipettor Starter Kit


    … Single channel variable volume pipettes: VP10, VP20, VP200, VP1000 Set of 4 color pipettors and accessories Volume range from 0.5μL up to 1000μL Durable, UV and chemically resistant pipettors Universal 4-position pipette stand 3 racks of pipette tips Universal pipette tip…

  • mLINE Adjustable Volume Pipettors

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    …are fully autoclavable without recalibration. Unique Optiload System securely seals and loads disposable tips and makes tip ejection effortless. Pipettors are available in 7 volume ranges from 0.1 to 5,000 µL. All but the 3 and 10 µL models can accommodate replaceable tip cone filters to…

  • Research Plus Fixed-Volume Pipettes


    Volume adjustment: Only a few turns to reach your desired volume Control button: Very low operating force, colour indicates pipette volume, positioned for perfect ergonomics Ejector: Very low operating force, positioned for perfect ergonomics Volume display: 4 digits, magnifying shape …

  • Pipette Shaker

    LW Scientific

    LW Scientific pipette shakers easily achieve consistent results in specimen separation and are especially effective for blood preparation. The LWS 6 place shaker has the option of either continuous motion or timed motion using the 15 minute timer. Compact size and durability make the LW Scientific…

  • Variable Volume Pipettes


    Hach's variable volume single-channel, air-displacement pipets feature robust design, comfortable ergonomics, slim-line tip ejection, and single-handed operation. Outstanding accuracy with adjustments in 50 µL increments (0.05 mL). Ideal for use with HACH TNTplus reagents. Supplied with…

  • Disposable Plastic BioSafe Serological Pipettes

    Argos Technologies

    …Similar in theory to a barrier pipette tip, BioSafe pipettes provide sample integrity while promoting user safety. It also protects electronic pipettors from contamination and cross contaminating samples by over aspiration. Ideal in applications involving any potentially hazardous or dangerous…

  • 5-Position Pipettor Rack with Magnets

    FTR Enterprises

    Five-position pipettor rack with magnets on the back for attaching it to the inside of a hood or other metal surface. White acrylic rack has neodymium magnets with a total pulling force of 41.1 lbs. For secure attachment. The rack holds pipettors of every shape and size. Made in USA.

  • ACURA manual XS TwiXS Pack

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Shorter and Narrower Pipette Shaft allows tip to be in closer range when pipetting into smaller diameter microtubes and vials Very Lightweight (88 grams) helps eliminate fatigue during long hours of pipetting Ultra-Soft Plunger greatly reduces thumb and hand fatigue for added comfort and safety …

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