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Pipette Holder
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  • Hanging Pipette Stands

    IBI Scientific

    IBI’s PST-50 and PST-51 are four (4) place pipette holders with an additional place for a mechanical pipette filler. These pipette racks are constructed of durable 1/4” cast acrylic for years of reliable use, and the fluorescent orange color will add color to your lab. The PST-50 and…

  • Single™ Pipette Holder


    Designed to conveniently hold all Gilson Pipettes except Pipetman Concept where space is limited (fume hoods, sterile hoods, etc.). Sticks to any smooth, dry surface or fastened with screws, it keeps your pipette within reach. (Chemicals and UV light resistant). NOTE: This product is only…

  • ACURA manual XS Shelf Pipette Holder

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Scienceware® Shelf-Mounted Pipet Rack

    Bel-Art Products

    holder holds many standard brands of pipettors and keeps them within easy reach at multiple workstations. Simply attach to any shelf or benchtop edge up to 1" thick using the large locking thumbscrew clamp. With any of the three product offerings, you can assemble the exact number of holders

  • MagLab™ Series


    Create lab storage space – off your benchtop Easily organize common lab products off your benchtop with the MagLab storage system. Each rack is made of robust ABS plastic in a bright translucent color and features four powerful magnets for a secure hold onto most metal surfaces. MagRack™…

  • Pipettor Holder, Black High-Density Polyethylene 6 Place


    …High-Density Polyethylene 6 Place (1212V48) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 9.625x11.75x9.5in Pipettor Holder, 6 place, Black High-Density Polyethylene . This pipettor holder accommodates most major brands of pipettors making it a useful addition to any laboratory. The upper rack has…

  • Acrylic Pipet Racks


    Self-standing holder accommodates most major brands of pipettors Made from clear acrylic or high-density polyethylene The pipettor holder comes in two standard sizes for 4 or 6 pipettors making it a useful addition to any laboratory. The upper rack has 26.1 mm (1.02") slots. The lower rack…

  • Hood or Wall Mount Pipette Storage Bins


    These holders are great for storing long disposable or volumetric pipettes. They feature angled compartments for secure storage and an elegant design. Wall-mountable with tape or magnet, or use free-standing for bench-top use. PVC item is opaque and very strong. Protects pipettes from dust and…

  • Pipette Filler Holder


    Made from clear acrylic. The pipette filler holder fits most pipette fillers. Holder dimensions are 9"H x 6"D x 5 1/2"W. The hole is 1.25". Shipping weight is 1.8 lbs.

  • Repeater M4


    …or having to touch the tip. Simple operation, unique flexibility and significant time savings make the Repeater M4 an important liquid handling tool for both novel research and routine tasks. Repeater M4, includes Repeater M4, Combitip Rack, Combitip assortment pack and wall/carousel holder.

  • SpotLiter™ 96well Plate Light Tracker

    ACTGene, Inc.

    …plate operating scientist in research and diagnostic markets. Unit comes with one year warranty and includes foot pedal, power supply, and plate holder (for non skirted plate). Purpose of SpotLiter™: In tracking of colorless reagents or marking progress on 96-well plate. Especially…

  • Universal Pipette Stands


    …of pipette in the marketplace making it truly ‘universal’ while adding a pop of color to a bench top. Inserts on the upper holders can be added or removed to accommodate the fit of different of pipette widths. One handed removal or replacement of pipettes is made easy…

  • Universal Implement Stand

    Bel-Art Products

    Keep Rounded Items from Rolling off the Bench Secure pipettes, stirring rods, burettes, thermometers, pencils, and more in this handy holder with semi-circular notches. Especially useful as a sterile hood tool Molded of polypropylene Dimensions: 8.3cm dia. x 5.9cm H…

  • Pipette Washer/Dryer

    SPEX CertiPrep

    …on/off valves control flow to the front and back rows of washers, and the main water supply Transparent door closes to prevent splashing when using acids in water 23 cone-shaped, plastic pipette holders accommodate pipettes 0.5-250mL in size Optional pump and basin available separately

  • ScrubAir™ Pipette Washer/Dryers


    … Serological Pipette Insert for ScrubAir: Effortlessly wash and dry serological pipettes with ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer (sold separately). Designed for standard serological pipettes up to 50mL in volume and installs tool-free in seconds. Holds up to 36 serological pipettes. 1EA ScrubAir…

  • Pipette Holder, Acrylic 3 Place


    … Pipettor Holder, 3 place, acrylic. Made from clear acrylic, this pipettor holder accommodates most major brands of pipettors making it a useful addition to any laboratory. The upper rack has 26.1mm (1.02") slots. The lower rack has 16mm (.625") slots. All pipettor holders are supplied…

  • FastPette™ Pro Pipet Controller


    …ergonomically shaped motorized pipette controller designed for work with glass or plastic serological pipettes from 0.5 to 100 ml range. Conveniently positioned switches allow choosing different operation modes and speed depending on the volume of the serological pipette and liquid viscosity.…

  • Scienceware® Poxygrid® Bench-Top Biohazard Bag Holder Kit

    Bel-Art Products

    Economical and convenient, this benchtop disposal system is perfect for collecting pipette tips, microcentrifuge tubes, etc. during daily use. Rectangular steel wire frame holds a polyethylene bag 22 x 28cm (8-1/2 x 11");  coated in easy to clean, durable, orange color epoxy …

  • RF3000® Pipette Controller


    …of pipette aids An adapter can be fitted to the nose cone to stabilize small volume and thinner pipettes Low battery indicator; can be recharged when in use Package includes: Charging stand and wall-mountable/magnetic holder Nozzle adapter for use with small pipettes

  • Pipette Holder, Multi Channel


    Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 5.437x3.812x8.437in Multi-Channel Pipettor Stand. Made from clear acrylic, this one piece multi-channel pipettor stand accommodates most of the major brands of multi-channel pipettors. Shipping weight is 1.8 lbs. Additional sizes are available upon request.

  • Pipet Holder

    Blacks Machine Co.

    The A200 series, pipette holders, are an inclined trough shape with a leg at one end to support pipettes at a 30 degree angle for drying and storage. Construction is riveted-type aluminum material which withstands indefinite hot air or steam sterilization. Products are manufactured in the…

  • RF1000™ Pipette Controller


    …bulb to expel any liquid remaining in the pipette. The RF1000 accommodates graduated or volumetric pipettes (glass or plastic) and can be used with volumes ranging from 1mL to 100 mL. Includes a hydrophobic .45 μm filter and a magnetic holder for metal surface mount or wall mount. Polypropylene…

  • PIPETMAN® Starter Kits


    Each kit contains two or three classic PIPETMAN pipettes plus boxes of certified-quality PIPETMAN Tips and useful accessories, such as Single™ pipette holders (except Large-volume Kit). Save money when compared to pipettes and accessories purchased separately. NOTE: These products are…

  • FastPette™ Pipet Controller


    …Safety valve prevents liquid from entering the device eliminating health hazards and damage to the device. Fully autoclavable nosepiece, pipette holder and filter help reduce cross-contamination. The NiMH rechargeable battery provides 8 hours of continuous use. Unit is fully operational during…

  • PIPETMAN® L Starter Kit


    …useful accessories: 3 PIPETMAN L Pipettes: P20L (2-20µL), P200L (20-200µL), and P1000L (100-1000µL) with Gilson certificates 2 racks of certified-quality PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips: D200 and D1000 3 SINGLE™ pipette holders 3 Plastic tip ejectors 1 Gilson Guide…

  • PIPETMAN® L Micro-volume Kit


    …density (molecular biology, immunology, etc.) 3 PIPETMAN L Pipettes: P2L, P10L, and P100L with Gilson certificates 2 racks of certified-quality PIPETMAN Diaomond Tips: DL10 and D200 3 SINGLE™ pipette holders 3 Plastic tip ejectors 1 Gilson Guide to Pipetting 1 Two-minute…

  • Bag Racks

    Bioscience International

    …diluter. “Plex” holder 3436C03, for 5 stomacher bags, is made of transparent acrylic material with a hole to insert a pipette into the bag. This holder has been specially designed to make the drawing of samples easier when using a pipette with the bag closed to avoid…

  • PIPETMAN® Neo Pipettors


    …use of D10 (short) and DL10 (long) tips – a plus for protection and precision when using microtubes Universal Tip Holder Unique tip holder design allows for a secure fit of most brands of tips, so there’s no need for a dedicated tip brand Also available in…

  • PIPETMAN® Neo Multichannel Pipettors


    …distributes ejection forces evenly over each tip, significantly reducing the force required for ejecting tips Universal tip holder Unique tip holder allows for a secure fit of most brands of tips, so there’s no need for a dedicated tip brand NOTE: These products are…

  • Accu-Jet® Pro Pipettor Controller


    Intuitive speed control Contoured and well-balanced Fits pipettes from 0.1 - 200 mL Unique hook-shaped design reduces hand fatigue. Autoclavable manifold rotates 360 degrees, allowing optimal hand position. Individually replaceable tip cones allows easy in-lab servicing and cleaning.…

  • PIPETMAN® G Starter Kits


    …(RSI). PIPETMAN G Starter Kit Includes: 3 PIPETMAN G Pipettes: P20G, P200G, and P1000G (equipped with stainless steel ejectors) Two Tipacks of PIPETMAN Diamond Tips: D200 and D1000 Three Single™ Pipette Holders Ten COLORIS Indentification Clips One Gilson Guide to Pipetting…

  • PIPETMAN® Neo Starter Kits


    …PIPETMAN Neo pipettes plus boxes of certified-quality PIPETMAN Tips. Kits also include three Jimmy™ microtube openers, three Single™ pipette holders, a “Two Minute Inspection” poster, and a Gilson Guide to Pipetting. Save money when compared to pipettes and accessories…

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