Pipette Aid Filter

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Pipette Aid Filter
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  • RF3000® Pipette Controller

    Heathrow Scientific

    …of the unit Filters are readily available, so you are not tied into a pipette specific brand—helps reduce the total life costs of ownership versus other makes of pipette aids An adapter can be fitted to the nose cone to stabilize small volume and thinner pipettes Low battery…

  • Pipetus®


    …pipettor Microprocessor controlled charging technology Safe and efficient pipetting that is ideal for daily use. Can be used on all pipettes between 0.1-200 mL including graduated, volumetric and Pasteur pipets. EX/blow-out key eliminates the mistake of accidentally blowing out a pipet.…

  • …micro pump with a quiet yet powerful 3-speed engine. The Diamond SeroLogic™ portable pipette controller is a rechargeable electronic pipetting aid designed for use with glass or plastic serological pipettes in the 0.1 to 100mL volume range. The SeroLogic™ is lightweight and ergonomically…

  • Ali-Q Replacement Membrane Filters

    VistaLab Technologies

  • BlueSwan Pipette Controller

    Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation

    With full-featured functions, the BlueSwan pipette controller brings comfort and precision to your pipetting. Wall mount and self-inverted design saves your work space. The UV resistant cover and autoclavable nose cone, pipette holder and filter ensure decontamination. Furthermore, the light-weight…

  • …brand mini disposable pipettes were developed for tissue culture applications or for use in confined spaces such as laminar hoods. These mini pipettes measure 9” and fit most serological pipettors. Smaller size reduces distance between sample and pipettor aiding in more ergonomic…

  • pipetus® junior


    …through exact dispensing of the pipette contents is also controlled by the press of a button in the case of drainage and venting pipettes. The sophisticated ergonomic shape of the pipetus® junior aids non-fatiguing work. The seat of all pipettes is sealed absolutely tight with a…

  • …Safety valve prevents liquid from entering the device eliminating health hazards and damage to the device. Fully autoclavable nosepiece, pipette holder and filter help reduce cross-contamination. The NiMH rechargeable battery provides 8 hours of continuous use. Unit is fully operational during…

  • …allows longer fatigue-free pipetting Dispense selection by gravity and blow-out with fully adjustable speed setting Self-invert design for ease of benchtop placement and contamination prevention Interchangeable 0.2 µm PTFE disc filter included Silicon interchangeable pipet holders

  • …compartment. Locking tissue culture nosepiece filters unwanted contaminants. Supplied with recharger for 110 V or 220 V plus four replacement filters. Size: 5.5”; weight: 7.5. Power requirements: standard Ni-MH battery. Color nosepieces available to aid in identifying Pipet-Aids by location,…

  • …delivers more. The ergonomic design is more comfortable to handle. The new power source enables more convenient extended operation and the new more powerful pump provides great control and quieter operations. The unit is supplied complete with a power/supply charger, 4 extra filters, and a stand.

  • New ali-Q™ 2 Series Serological pipetting like you’re used to…plus Repeat Pipette like never before! 2-in-1 Unique Pipetting Technology. Unlike any other pipet controller, ali-Q™ allows you to aliquot accurately with each push of the unique ali-Q™…

  • Pipet Helper®


    …due to very sensitive valve unit Drop wise dispensing and blow out without splashing Drainage without any additional pressure delivers very reproducible results Drip stop via hydrophobic membrane filter (3 µm) The special silicon pipet adapter guarantees a secure pipette fit

  • pipetus® standard


    …valve pins made of ceramic compound The seat of all pipettes is sealed absolutely tight with a silicone adapter Extremely light hand unit with external pump Hydrophobic PTFE diaphragm filter with 0.2 µm pore size For measuring, volumetric and Pasteur pipettes, from 0.1mL to 200mL

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