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Pipet Tips
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  • Eppendorf epT.I.P.S.


    tip to every Eppendorf pipette, these tips are also universally applicable for use with pipettes from all other manufacturers. The perfect fitting results in consistently reduced tip attachment and ejection forces, while ensuring complete sealing. Additional convenient features of these tips

  • Thomas UniFit™ Pipet Tips in Ecology ReloadStacks™


    …to traditional tip racks. Ten nested tip trays are stacked on an open BoxBase, with the unique Hinged Lid on the top tray. Thomas Scientific Ecology StackRacks are: Easy to load tip layer on wide-open box base 10 layers on stable base. Smallest foot-print on bench Tips are in closed…

  • Bulk Pipet Tips


    …convenient, quality-tested pipette tips consistently deliver precise sample measurements in single and multichannel pipettors: Virtually eliminate sample retention with our low retention polymer pipette tips Get reliable results with pipette tips that are certified free of RNase, DNase…

  • MicroPette Universal Pipette Tips


    MicroPette Tips are made from high purity virgin polypropylene and are designed for use in a wide variety of pipetting applications. They are tested for compatibility with Eppendorf®, Gilson®/Rainin®, and Thermo Labsystems/Finnpipette® pipettes. Volumes from 0.2 to 10000ul …

  • Pre-Sterile Racked Pipet Tips


    …Our convenient, quality-tested pipette tips consistently deliver precise sample measurements in single and multichannel pipettors: Virtually eliminate sample retention with our low retention polymer pipette tips Get reliable results with pipette tips that are certified free of RNase, DNase…

  • Micropipette Tips, PP

    United Scientific Supplies

    …100% virgin polypropylene, United micropipette tips are DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free. The highly smooth surface is hydrophobic to provide low liquid retention, increased accuracy and repeatability. Inner radial rings enable an airtight grip on the tip cone. Autoclavable at 121°C and 15 psi for…

  • Pipet Tips

    Evergreen Scientific

    pipet tips are made to meet or exceed the specifications set forth by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. We guarantee it. Our tips are bevelled, not flat, so liquid is delivered more accurately. Only premium-grade, non-wettable plastics are used in the manufacture of Evergreen’s pipet

  • Thomas UniFit™ ZFR™ Pipet Tips in BulkPacks™ and MiniRacks™


    All UniFit Tips are molded from Zero-Fluid-Retention polypropylene resin Homopolymer PP plastic is ADC/bovine-free Tips fit all single and multi-channel pipettors Beveled orifices for total sample recovery RNase-, DNase-free All MiniRacks and Lids are molded exclusively of…

  • Premium Filter Pipettor Tips

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    … Filter tips are made of premium-grade virgin polypropylene and feature filter barriers to prevent aerosol and liquid contamination. The filter barriers help protect against the risk of cross-contamination and reduced maintenance requirements of the unit.  Filter tips are tray packed,…

  • Standard Pipette Tips

    Globe Scientific

    …access and convenience. This special design helps to prevent bulk tips from spilling out of the bag when left on the bench top Economical packaging choice 1000 tips per bag Racks Color coded trays for easy tip identification Hinged lid keeps dust and particles out 8 x…

  • DeckWorks™ Hinged Rack Standard Pipet Tips


    …for repeated steam autoclave cycles and can be reused by removing the empty grey tip deck and replacing it with a new reload deck of 96 tips from the DeckWorks™ reload system. Corning racked 300 µL DeckWorks™ pipet tips are designed for all popular 300 µL multi-channel instruments.

  • EasyPak Pipetman® Tips


    …Pipetman® Tips. Each box contains 1,000 tips (5 bags of 200 tips/bag or 1 bag of 1000 tips)—except for the D10mL tips, which contains 200 tips (4 bags of 50 tips/bag). Bulk Packs are sealed with a tamper-proof strip which can easily be opened for quick access to Gilson’s Pipetman Tips. Bulk…

  • ART Ergonomic Pipettor Tips


    …$148.75 Tips with ART® self-sealing barrier Clear Pre-sterilized 20 µL, 200 µL or 1000 µL liquid volumes Bi-fabricated wall of ART Ergonomic Tip creates a strong, effective seal while requiring significantly lower tip insertion and tip ejection…

  • Finntip™ Filtered Pipette Tips


    …applications and for pipetting radioactive, infectious, and aerosol-emitting samples. Available in racks with a wide volume range of 0.2μL-10mL. Features: Inert and nonsealing polyethylene filter Tips come vacuum sealed in irradiation-sterilized hinged tip racks Not…

  • Non-Sterile Racked Pipet Tips


    …Our convenient, quality-tested pipette tips consistently deliver precise sample measurements in single and multichannel pipettors: Virtually eliminate sample retention with our low retention polymer pipette tips Get reliable results with pipette tips that are certified free of RNase, DNase…

  • Low Retention Pipette Tips

    Globe Scientific

    …polypropylene (PP) All tips are graduated for accurate measurements Universal fit design provides an airtight fit on most brands of pipettors Available in bags, racks and reloading stacks Low Retention Tips The ideal tip for minimum sample retention Tips feature a super…

  • BRAND Pipette Tips


    BRAND Pipette Tips BRAND pipette tips are designed for use in a wide range of pipetting applications including the most sensitive assays. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for delivering volumes from 0.1µL to 10mL. BRAND tips are precision-molded from high purity,…

  • BRAND Non-Sterile Pipette Tips - Bags


    Fits BRAND Transferpette pipettes and other instruments using ultra-micro/crystal tips, standard 200uL yellow, or 1000uL blue tips Extra volume allows reverse pipetting at high volumes Oleamide and diHEMDA free Rnase/DNA free

  • Non-Filtered Pipettor Tips


    … Fine point design provides superior accuracy in drawing and dispensing samples. Bulk packaging is high quality and economical. Sturdy autoclavable rack can be used with single and multi-channel pipettors. Pure tips are pre-sterilized and certified free from nucleic acid, nuclease and pyrogen.

  • Pipette Tips, Bulk


    Pipette Tips Yellow, Bulk (1212W12) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 1.97x0.29x0in Premium Quality Pipette Tips, yellow 2 - 200 µl. Accurate dimensioning and tight fit, clean, accurately centered tip orifice, excellent surface properties - smooth and free from edges, very…

  • Filter Pipet Tips for Velocity-11


    The Axygen line of tips for Agilent/Velocity11 automated liquid handling workstations has been expanded. Axygen VT-384 series tips are now available with low retention Maxymum Recovery technology. Maxymum Recovery pipet tips feature ultra-smooth surfaces to reduce sample loss and to maximize…

  • MicroPette™ Single Channel Variable Pipettors


    …with a certificate. Lightweight and ergonomic design Clear digital display Integral tip ejector for access into narrow tubes Easy to calibrate and maintain with tool supplied Autoclavable tip-cone Used with 'universal' pipette tips 1-year manufacturer's warranty

  • Thomas AeroGard™ Perfect-Barrier ZFR™ Pipet Tips


    Non-wettable Zero-Fluid-Retention Pipet Tips with beveled ends assure accuracy and reproducibility. Aero-Gard barriers block aerosols by coalescing radioactive, chemical or biological contaminants before they can come in contact with pipettor shafts. Effectively eliminates unwanted signals induced…

  • Pre-Sterile Racked Filter Pipet Tips


    Tips that give you complete peace of mind Protect your work from contamination with one of the industry’s most efficient aerosol barrier assemblies. Our proven range of filter pipette tips, reliably prevent aerosol transfer to give you complete peace of mind when performing your most…

  • Pipettor Tips

    Bio Plas

    …confirmation of volume pipetted. 7740K15 and K50 tips have volume range 1-250 µL with graduation lines at 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 µL. Fit Eppendorf pipet sizes 1-200 µL, Finnipipettes sizes 1-250 µL, PIPETMAN® pipet sizes 0-200 µL and Socorex® pipet sizes 1-250…

  • 200µl Clear Non-Beveled Pipet Tips


    Universal fit fine point pipet tips. Volume: 200µL Color: Yellow Non-beveled tip type Non-Sterile; Bulk Bagged Certified RNase, DNase, and endotoxin free

  • Thomas Pipet Tips, Aerosol


    … AEROSOL FILTER TIPS prevent pipettor contamination and sample carry-over. Recommended for sensitive PCR work where contamination can be detrimental to assay results. In addition to pipetting DNA or RNA solutions, filter tips are also recommended for pipetting hazardous solutions containing…

  • Tips F / 10ml Pipette


    For both fixed- and variable-volume models Precision injection molding care for air-tight fit Made from high grade, virgin polypropylene Free from trace metals for excellent accuracy and reproducibility

  • Universal Pipette Tips

    Globe Scientific

  • 1000µl Clear Pipet Tips


    Axygen® Universal Tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettors, compatible with most popular brands of pipettors. These polypropylene tips are nonpyrogenic and certified to be RNase-/DNase-free. They are available in Maxymum Recovery, bevelled, Eppendorf-style,…

  • Pipet Tip 1000ul w / Filter Bulk, Non-Sterile, 1000 Tips / Bag


    …These tips provide an ideal fit for most 1000µL pipettors. The ART barrier traps contaminants, keeping them out of pipettors and samples. This also protects the sensitive inner components of the pipettor, prolonging pipettor life. ART tips are ideal for nucleic amplification procedures, pipetting of…

  • Pipet Bact / Sero 5ml Wd Tip Gl Stl 0


    Pipets are sterile, plugged and are excellent for transferring viscous or suspended liquids. Multi-packed in plastic bags (200 pieces each) to protect against contamination.

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