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Pipet Pump
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  • Portable Pipet-Aid XL


    …Efficient pump for extended operation Three speed settings for precise control The Portable Pipet-Aid XL has a longer handle to reduce arm strain during pipetting. Its ergonomic design includes an adjustable sliding hand rest and a removable stand that allows you to set down the pipet

  • Scienceware® Pipette Pump™ Pipet Fillers

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    … Syringe-type, for easy, one-hand control of filling and delivery from conventional pipets. For rapid delivery, plunger can be depressed directly. Tapered-plastic chuck grips mouth end of pipet. Can be disassembled for cleaning. Offered in four color-coded sizes. Rapid-release lever…

  • Pipet-Aid® Hood Mate® Pipet Controller


    …Dedicated pump housing attaches to hood wall which saves space and prevents spills Coiled vacuum/pressure line entering handle from the top prevents accidental knocking over of bench items Three-speed settings provide more precise control for use in the pipet filler mode and the pipet

  • XPress Portable Pipet-Aid®


    XPress speed feature for faster dispensing A powerful pump designed specifically for Pipet-Aid® use Compact, lightweight design Individual speed controls for both the aspirate and the dispense buttons Designed and constructed with material that will withstand commonly used reagents …

  • Portable Pipet-Aid® XP2 Pipet Controller


    …extended operation - can be charged while in use New ultra quiet precision pump - great control for aspiration or dispensing The new Drummond Pipet-Aid XP2 advances the industry standards for pipetting comfort, convenience, and control. Building on the years of experience of providing…

  • FastPette™ V2 Pipette Controllers


    Designed for cordless work with glass or plastic pipettes Max. aspiration rate of 25 mL in 4.3 seconds Touch-control of aspiration rate Ergonomic handle Precision valve system The FastPette™ features high and low aspiration speeds and gravity or pump-supported…

  • Universal Pipette Pumps

    Bal Supply

    Easy and accurate to use. Can be used with all types of pipettes. Made from high quality plastic for long lasting use. Fast release lever Knurled thumbwheel East to clean Color coded

  • Motorized Serological Pipette Controller

    Globe Scientific

    …Wall mounting bracket The SeroLogic™ has a high performance micro pump with a quiet yet powerful 3-speed engine. The Diamond SeroLogic™ portable pipette controller is a rechargeable electronic pipetting aid designed for use with glass or plastic serological pipettes in the 0.1 to…

  • Pipet Filler

  • pipetus® standard


    …reagents or in clean room technology through the separation of the electric pump and hand-held unit. Further sophisticated product details guarantee precision, reliability and a long service life. Highly accurate pipetting is enabled through fine dispensing valves with valve pins made of ceramic…

  • Pi-Pump Pipet Filler


    …conventional pipets Knurled thumbwheel is rotated to raise or lower plunger by rack-and-pinion drive For rapid delivery, plunger can be pressed directly Tapered socket grips mouth end of pipet Quick release lever on side of housing is pressed to aid in removing pipet Housing is polypropylene…

  • Vacuum/Pressure Bulb

    Heathrow Scientific

    Heavy-wall bulb has two rubber valves with PVC connections. Bulb capacity is 85 mL. Ideal for gas sampling or for pumping gas through apparatus. Not supplied with tubing.

  • Tissue Culture Pipet-Aid


    Converts any standard laboratory pipet into a hand-operated dispenser Replaces mouth pipetting A patented, easy-to-use volume control mechanism permits precise fluid intake and delivery Can be used with glass or plastic pipet including Pasteur, serological and transfer in sizes from 1 to 100 mL …

  • Pipette Pumps

    Argos Technologies

    The Argos quick dispenser pipette pumps provide safe and accurate pipetting and dispensing of liquids from serological pipettes. Glass or plastic pipettes are inserted into the tapered collar and the thumbwheel is rotated for precision filling or dispensing. The elastic chuck in the collar secures…

  • Omega Zen™ Pipette Controllers

    Argos Technologies

    …eliminating downtime. Quick and quiet pump fills a 25-mL pipette in 3 seconds Accepts glass or plastic serological pipettes, from 1 to 100 mL Avoid battery depletion with auto shut-off after 5 minutes of inactivity Easily fine tune pipetting speed with thumbwheel control and…

  • Scienceware® Pipette Pump III

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …comfort and simplicity, the Pipette Pump III has a thumb wheel ideally located to aspirate and dispense gradually. For rapid dispensing, use the conveniently positioned trigger release. Available in three color-coded capacities for quick identification, each pump is resistant to acids, alkalis and…

  • Digital Mini Dispensing Pump Systems

    Argos Technologies

    pipetting, or bottletop style dispensers, these pumps can easily repeat dispense volumes from 0.1 to 9999mL at flow rates from 0.11 to 315mL/min. At the heart of the system is the Argos digital pump. This compact pump features durable ABS housing that is easy to wipe down and clean. The pump

  • Pipette Washer/Dryer

    SPEX CertiPrep

    …to 23 pipettes at a time, close the door and attach the tubing to the wash or rinse line. The washer can also be used with the washer basin and pump to circulate wash or rinse solution through the pipettes. The solution shoots out of the pipettes tip, reflects off the ceiling portion of the washer…

  • Original Pipet-Aid® Pipet Controller


    Pistol-shaped, with diaphragm-type pump, for filling and delivery from most pipets size 1 mL to 75 mL Silicone rubber nozzle socket takes pipets with 3 to 9.5 mm o.d. mouths Internal intake and discharge valves are operated by spring-loaded buttons on handle; finger pressure controls…

  • pipetus® junior


    …of the pipetting medium. A single press of the pump button suctions approximately 2mL in each case. Pressing it several times multiplies this volume. The hydrophobic PTFE diaphragm filter is a standard feature that provides integrated overflow protection. Volumetrically accurate pipetting through…

  • Double Valve Bulbs

    Bal Supply

    Bulb capacity 85mL. Black natural rubber. For gas sampling or for pumping gas through apparatus. Two rubber valves.

  • Easypet® 3


    …and ergonomic design that allows for fatigue-free pipetting Vibrant backlit LEDs provide optical feedback of the remaining battery lifev Lithium polymer rechargeable battery offers extended cordless runtime Smooth setting of pump speed Operation while recharging is possible …

  • Wheel Style Pipettes Pumps

    United Scientific Supplies

    Good quality pipettors designed for easy and precise pipetting. Pumps feature a lever for quick release, and forward or backward wheel movement. The soft elastic chuck has a threaded collar to tightly grip glass or plastic pipettes. Easy to clean. Each size color coded.

  • Collet and Plungers

    United Scientific Supplies

    …designed for ease and comfort to suit various types of liquid handling needs in laboratories. Features include LED charging indicators, adjustable pump speed, comfort grip, and multiple housing color combinations. Also, a universal Silicon collet is provided to accept all standard pipettes up to…

  • FlaskScrubber Vantage Series Glassware Washer


    … Water recirculation rate of 112 gal/min (424 liters/min) for thorough cleaning; dual pumps, one for washing and one for draining, to reduce cross contamination potential Built-in deionized water pump to bring non-pressurized or pressurized deionized or purified water into the chamber for up…

  • Pipet Storage Racks

    Celltreat Scientific

    …corner magnets for attachment to metal fume hoods, refrigerators and cabinets Angled shelves provide secure yet easy access to pipets Pipet sizes, colors and types can be viewed from the side windows as well as the front Side bracket is handy for holding pipet fillers, bulbs and pumps

  • Pipette Pumps

    GSC International, Inc.

    Pipette pumps are essential for filling pipettes with the accuracy needed in the lab. Our pumps grip pipettes tightly, have both a thumb-wheel for precision in delivery and a quick-release option, and are easily cleaned. They come in 2ml, 10ml, and 25ml capacities. PRODUCT WARNINGS Our…

  • Detection of the Influenza Virus Kit


    …Stain, InstaStain® Blue Cards, Microtipped Transfer Pipets, Microcentrifuge Tubes All You Need: Horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus, D.C. power supply, automatic micropipets and tips, balance, microwave or hot plate, pipet pump, 250 ml flasks or beakers, hot gloves, safety goggles…

  • RF3000® Pipette Controller

    Heathrow Scientific

    Packed with features for comfortable and accurate pipetting the powerful pump offers rapid, yet sensitive aspiration and dispensing, has adjustable valves and is microprocessor controlled for constant reliability and accuracy. Operates with 100–240 volt electrical supplies worldwide …

  • Educational Electrophoresis And DNA Kits


    …samples) and 10 micro-tipped transfer pipets. All kits require: Horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus, DC power supply, staining tray and net, visualization system (white light), automatic micropipets with tips to obtain samples for 6 gels, pipet pump, 250 mL flask or beakers, hot gloves,…

  • APS Accuhelp Blue Motorized Pipette Controller

    Oxford Lab Products

    …ergonomically designed pipette controller that is perfectly suited for use with all commonly used glass or plastic pipettes. The powerful yet quiet pump of the AccuHelp Controller can fill a 25 mL serological pipette in under 4 seconds. The soft grip push buttons create increased ergonomics for the…

  • AquaScreen® Fast Extract

    Minerva Biolabs

    …storage tubes Lysis, wash and elution buffers Required Lab Equipment & Consumables Vacuum pump Microcentrifuge Filtration system, 47 mm frit Pipets and filter tips Incubator (37 °C for petri dishes, 56 °C for reaction tubes) Ethanol (96-100 %) …

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