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  • InLab® pH Sensors for Small Volumes

    Mettler Toledo

    …the challenge to use it for analysis. The narrow sensor shaft of micro pH sensors fits in nearly every sample container and enables measurements of sample volumes down to the lower μL ranges. InLab Flex-Micro: A semi-micro combination pH electrode with a flexible shaft and fixed cable.…

  • Minilab Waterproof ISFET pH Testers


    Advanced silicon chip pH sensor provides stable readings in seconds Virtually unbreakable sensor Measures samples as small as a single drop pH Testers feature a digital LCD with 0.1 pH resolution and automatic temperature compensation. The non-glass, ISFET sensor stores dry and…

  • Pocket Pro+ Multi 2 Tester for pH/Cond/TDS/Salinity with Replaceable Sensor


    …engineered to deliver accurate results. Backed up with built in performance diagnostics, you never have to guess when to clean or calibrate the sensor. You also get replaceable batteries for convenient field use, and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. Confidence in results Save time…

  • Intelliprobes

    …ISFET pH probes for any pH meter Replace fragile glass electrodes Virtually unbreakable and can be stored dry CE compliant Accuracy: ±0.02 pH; resolution: 0.01 pH Intelligent signal processing converts the ISFET and temperature signals to match the glass pH electrode…

  • pH(ISE) Probe


    Easy user-replaceble sensor allows for quick sensor replacements if needed.  No tools necessary.  Measure pH quickly and easily with the 1001 sensor Use with the Professional Plus instrument Cables must be ordered separately One-year manufacturer’s sensor warranty

  • SenTix® pH Electrodes


    …high-quality membrane glasses pH electrodes with gel electrolyte are ideal for portable measurement but also for routine measurement in the lab. The electrodes are available with and without built-in temperature sensor. We especially recommend these pH electrodes for all applications, where…

  • Replacement pH Electrode


    …single-junction replacement pH sensor for the pH10 pen-style instrument. Includes a cover cap as well The pH10 comes with this sensor with purchase 6-month manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase Most small testers are thrown away after the sensor goes bad. …

  • Waterproof pH Testers


    sensors. Double-junction construction minimizes reference element poisoning. Sensors are easily replaced without tools or soldering. Non-volatile EEPROM memory keeps data safely stored when power is off or you're changing batteries. pHTestr 30 displays pH and temperature values simultaneously. pH is…

  • Pro10 pH/ORP/Temperature Portable pH or ORP Meter


    …and reliable, the YSI Pro10 provides everything you need in a handheld instrument for the measurement of temperature and either pH or ORP. User replaceable sensors and cables, 50 data set memory, and convenient calibration routine makes it user friendly. A true field instrument; Mil-spec (military…

  • IntelliCAL™ PHC705 RED ROD General Purpose pH Electrode

    …with a refillable KCl reference and built-in temperature sensor. The PHC705 utilizes Red Rod technology to deliver exceptionally fast response times and stable, accurate measurements. It has a porous pin junction and is ideal for measuring pH in a variety of laboratory applications. Red Rod…

  • InLab® Maintenance-Free pH Sensors

    Mettler Toledo

    … InLab Expert Pro-ISM: A combination pH electrode with integrated temperature probe, PEEK shaft, fixed cable and ISM. Designed for general applications in the lab and outdoor; robust and maintenance-free. InLab Expert Pro: A combination pH electrode with integrated temperature probe,…

  • SevenGo Duo™ pH Meter - pH/Ion/Dissolved Oxygen

    Mettler Toledo

    …use because both the pH meter and the sensors are watertight (IP67). The intelligent sensor management system (ISM®) offers the user an even greater level of security. The calibration data is stored on the sensor chip and is used automatically when the sensor is connected to the meter.…

  • IntelliCAL™ PHC101 Standard Gel Filled pH Electrode


    …digital, combination pH probe with a non-refillable, gel-filled single-junction reference and built-in temperature sensor. The standard version of this pH probe is available with a 3 or 1 m cable and is intended for laboratory use. The PHC101 probe is ideal for measuring pH in wastewater…

  • pH Electrode LE438, 3-in-1

    Mettler Toledo

    With an integrated temperature sensor, this maintenance-free gel-filled electrode covers most applications and offers automatic temperature compensation. Special features Unbreakable, chemically resistant POM shaft Integrated NTC 30 kΩ temperature probe Application …

  • Repl Electr Sensor ORP Testr


    … Replaceable sensor lets you reuse meter body many times without losing waterproof and dustproof protection. Push-button calibration lets standardize tester in calibration solutions, or making it agree with an established work standard. Large surface area platinum band sensor gives a faster, more…

  • Waterproof pH Pens


    …LCD displays pH eadings Easy to calibrate single CAL key with automatic pH buffer recognition (4, 7, and 10pH) Choice of 3 point calibration for better accuracy Data hold freezes reading on display Low battery indicator, Auto power off Complete with built in electrode, sensor cap, inner pH

  • Digital 3/4" Combination pH Sensor


    Ryton, Convertible Body Style, 4.5m Analog Cable, General Purpose Glass pH Electrode, Pt 1000 Temperature Compensation, Cold Temperature Operation Fill, includes 6120600 Digital Gateway for Connecting to sc Controller and a 6122400 1m (3ft) Digital Extension Cable Low Price-Great Performance …

  • pH Meters Accessories/Replacement Parts


    Mag Stirrer, senSION+ mm Bench Magnetic stirrer with sensor holder, directly connectable to SENSION+ multi meter benchtop instruments (as a 2nd stirrer. Flasks for Benchtop pH CAL, 3 x 50 mL Set of 3 x 50 ml printed flasks for bench-top pH-meters calibration, yellow labeled pH7 …

  • sensION Platinum Series Combination pH Electrode


    Hach Platinum Series pH probe is a standard combination pH probe with a replaceable gel reference and built-in temperature sensor. Probe comes with two electrolyte cartridges and has a fixed cable with BNC and DIN connectors compatible Hach EC series meters. Maximum life through reduced…

  • pH Elect. Submersible All-in-One Std. DJSE


    All-in-One electrodes feature a built-in temperature sensor for taking readings with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). Double junction pH electrode for most applications, including dirty water, heavy metals and organics applications Electrode includes a FREE electrode saver bottle…

  • WTW pH Electrode, SenTix®


    pH/ORP electrodes are the most commonly used electrochemical sensors. At the same time, they provide the most sensitive measuring signals and must be serviced and calibrated on a routine basis. The concept of IDS sensors precisely takes effect here. Digital data transfer without interferences allows…

  • InLab® pH Sensors for Fast Results

    Mettler Toledo

    …glass-body, combination pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor, MultiPin™ head and ISM. Designed for general laboratory applications; highly reproducible and fast. InLab Routine Pro-ISM: A glass-body, combination pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor, MultiPin™…

  • InLab® Long pH Sensors

    Mettler Toledo

    …combination pH electrode with S7 screw head and 225 mm long shaft for general application. InLab Reach 425: A glass-body, combination pH electrode with S7 screw head and 425 mm long shaft for general application. InLab Reach Pro-225: A glass-body, combination pH electrode with…

  • Myron L Replacement pH Sensor

    Accent Control Systems

    For use with EP11pH, T2pH, T6pH, M6pH

  • InLab® pH Sensors for Specific Applications

    Mettler Toledo

    …glass-body, combination pH electrode with S7 screw head for cold samples. InLab Cool Pro-ISM: A glass-body, combination pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor, MultiPin™ head and ISM. Designed for cold samples. InLab Dairy: A glass-body, combination pH electrode with…

  • 5565A Amplified pH/ORP Combo Sensor Kit


    Easy user-replaceable sensor allows for quick sensor replacements, if needed.  No tools necessary. One-year sensor warranty Measure pH/ORP (redox) quickly and easily with the 5565A sensor kit which also includes an extension adapter for the bulkhead so the sensor fits into the probe…

  • AquaSensors™ RDO™ Pro-X Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …Scientific™ RDO™ Pro-X Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. The RDO Pro-X provides real-time, reliable data through continuous DO monitoring, which helps improve wastewater treatment operations. Connect this advanced optical DO sensor directly to a PLC for seamless integration with…

  • pH Electrodes


    pH electrodes for pH-measurement systems. Choose between long lasting fluid electrolytes with sophisticated measuring performance and easy-to-operate gel electrodes. Intelligent electrodes save the calibration data and thus assures full GLP compliance. pH-electrodes with integrated temperature…

  • ScienceLine Temperature Sensors


    1198F14: ScienceLine Temp 135; temperature sensor, stainless steel, 1 banana plug, NTC 30 kOhm. Dimensions = 120 mm length; 4 mm OD. 1198F15: ScienceLine Temp 136; temperature sensor, glass, 1 banana plug, NTC 30 kOhm. Dimensions = 120 mm length; 6 mm OD.

  • InLab® pH Half-Cells

    Mettler Toledo

    pH half-cell and reference electrode instead of a combined pH sensor. pH half-cells are recommended for applications in which the service life of the pH electrode is significantly less than that of the reference electrode, typically in harsh, aggressive samples. InLab Mono: A glass-body, pH

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