Ph Meter With Plastic Electrode

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Ph Meter With Plastic Electrode
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  • Portable Meter Electrodes


    …Oxygen Electrode has attachable calibration tube that can screw into handle of electrode. Silicone/PTFE membrane with steel mesh reinforcement. Polarographic. 3 meter cable length. Waterproof MP-5 and MP-8 connectors for portable electrodes. Impedance adaptation inside connector. MP-5: Models PH 1,…

  • SenTix® pH Electrodes


    …are SenTix® electrodes with 3 mol/l KCl liquid electrolyte, easy to clean glass shaft and platinum diagphragm. These electrodes can also be used in difficult samples. And if you need an electrode with liquid electrolyte for portable measuring: The SenTix® 51/52 with plastic shaft, integrated…

  • Waterproof Green pH Electrodes

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …mercury unlike many pH electrodes allowing easy disposal Meets all RoHS requirements Durable plastic body that can be used under rugged conditions Waterproof BNC connector is impervious to water Orion green electrodes offer a lab or field pH electrode that meets all RoHS…

  • ExStik® ORP Meter


    …replace electrode module is interchangeable with pH and chlorine ExStik® modules; (built in chip automatically recognizes the type of probe plugged in for specific measurements) Waterproof (IP57) design floats in water and protects the meter in wet environment Complete with meter and electrode,

  • ExStik® Concrete pH Kit


    …display of pH and Temperature with ATC Data Hold, Auto power off and low battery indication Waterproof/dustproof design floats in water and protects the meter in wet environment Complete with pH electrode, plastic stand, 1m extension cable with weighted probe guard, plastic bottle,…

  • ExStik® 4-in-1 Water Quality Meter Kits


    …CL200 meter, pH and ORP electrodes, reagent tablets, 4 plastic cups, weighted stand, pH buffer pouches, batteries and carrying case 4-in-1 Water Quality Meter measures Chlorine, pH, ORP plus Temperature with interchangeable flat surface electrodes (included) Flat surface electrodes work in…

  • ExStik® II DO/pH/Conductivity Kit


    …Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, pH and Temperature measurements Includes DO600 Dissolved Oxygen meter with electrode, replacement membrane cap, electrolyte, and polishing paper Complete with 3 calibration standards, 3 pH buffer pouches plus rinse solution, 3 plastic cups, batteries and carrying…

  • Accessories for YSI MultiLab Line


    …Calibration kit for IDS pH electrodes; 3 ampules: 4.01, 6.86, 9.18 Thomas No. 1203K12 DIN pH adapter for 4010-2/3 Thomas No. 1203K13 BNC pH adapter for 4010-2/3 Thomas No. 1203K14 pH, Plastic, Gel, digital, double junction electrode. 1.5 m cable. Use with any of the YSI…

  • Tris Hydrochloride, Ultra Pure

    MP Biomedicals

    …of all buffers are temperature and concentration dependent. For Tris buffers, pH increases about 0.03 unit per °C decrease in temperature, and decreases 0.03-0.05 unit per ten-fold dilution. For precise applications, use a carefully calibrated pH meter with a glass/calomel combination electrode.

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