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  • pH Electrode Solutions

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Electrode Storage Solution 475 mL plastic bottle pH of solution is 6.2 to 7.4 For short term storage of all electrodes for one day to a week. Electrode Filling Solution Internal filling solution for Ross-type electrodes (3M KCl). In packages of five 60 mL bottles.

  • Standard Ag/AgCl pH electrodes

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Ideal for all routine pH measurements. A large variety of quality electrodes for a wide range of applications. Includes specialty pH electrodes for unique or challenging pH measurements.

  • …100°C Redox combination electrode is made with high purity, metallic-sensing elements for stable, repeatable oxidation/ reduction measurements. Semi-Micro Gel Combination (4136T24) Require less maintenance than refillable electrodes pH range 0-14, at temperatures from…

  • …high-quality membrane glasses pH electrodes with gel electrolyte are ideal for portable measurement but also for routine measurement in the lab. The electrodes are available with and without built-in temperature sensor. We especially recommend these pH electrodes for all applications, where…

  • pH Electrode

    Agilent Technologies

    pH electrode

  • pHE-08 Micro pH Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce pHE-08 Semi-Micro Electrode is a general purpose, lab or field electrode offering affordable, low maintenance performance for applications needing a small diameter body housing (6mm) and is also longer than standard (150mm). Features: Plastic body with 6mm diameter and 150mm…

  • pH Electrodes


    pH electrodes for pH-measurement systems. Choose between long lasting fluid electrolytes with sophisticated measuring performance and easy-to-operate gel electrodes. Intelligent electrodes save the calibration data and thus assures full GLP compliance. pH-electrodes with integrated temperature…

  • ROSS® Sure-Flow® pH Electrodes

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …responses in samples that vary in temperature pH range is 0-14 over a temperature range of 0°-100°C Epoxy Body Combination Electrode recommended for rugged conditions and field use. Epoxy Body Combination Semi-Micro Electrode recommended for small sample volumes and…

  • Backed by our commitment to accurate and precise measurement, the OHAUS Starter Series of electrodes are designed to produce exact results time and time again. The Starter Series includes pH, reference, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity

  • pH Electrode Fill Solution

    Agilent Technologies

    pH electrode fill Solution

  • Reference electrolyte for pH electrodes (3M KCl solution saturated AgCl, 30 mL).

  • pHE-03 General Laboratory pH Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce pHE-03 pH Electrode is a general purpose, lab or field electrode offering affordable, low maintenance performance for many water applications. Features: Epoxy body with standard 12mm diameter and 120mm length Sealed, gel-filled reference with a double junction Ceramic…

  • pHE-01 Basic Combination pH Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …labForce pH-01 Combination pH Electrode is an economical choice for a reliable combination pH electrode. Ideal for regular water solutions' pH measurement in scientific research, environmental monitoring, and quality control. Measurement Range: 0–14 pH, 0–80°C (32–176°F)…

  • pHE-07 Premium Flat pH Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …pHE-07 Flat pH Electrode is a general purpose, lab or field electrode offering affordable, low maintenance performance for water applications where a flat shaped pH sensor is more suitable. Features: Plastic body with standard 12mm diameter and 120mm length. Flat pH sensor for surface…

  • ROSS PerpHect pH Electrode

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    The Orion ROSS® micro pH electrode is specifically designed to measure small samples. This unique design offers greater durability than conventional micro pH electrodes while providing all the performance benefits of a ROSS® electrode. The refillable glass ROSS micro pH electrode is compatible with…

  • pHE-06 Premium Glass pH Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …3-in-1 pH/Temp electrode sensor is a temperature compensated pH Electrode, designed for viscous and low ion concentration samples' pH testing, and ideal for titration. The electrode is compatible with TRIS buffer solutions. The moveable sleeve junction on the pHE-06 electrode is easy to…

  • pHE-04 Glass Combination pH Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce pHE-04 Combination pH Electrode is ideal for precise regular water solutions pH measurement in scientific research and quality control. This electrode is compatible with TRIS buffer solutions. Its blue hemispherical glass membrane has a faster response time, better repeatability,…

  • LE410 pH Electrode

    Mettler Toledo

    Refillable glass pH electrode with integrated temperature probe, accurate and fast measurements for a wide range of sample types. Special features Fast measurement in aqueous solution Integrated temperature probe Refillable reference electrolyte

  • ATC-01 Temperature Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce ATC-01 Temperature Probe/Electrode is ideal for use along with pH or conductivity electrode for temperature compensation to achieve automatic temperature compensation. Technical Specifications Material: Stainless Steel Temperature Range: -10 to 110°C (14 to…

  • electrodes in good health. pH electrodes must not be stored in deionised water and should be kept in an appropriate storage solution between uses to avoid drying out which will reduce response speed and may cause them to fail. TRUEscience electrode storage solution is designed for use with pH and…

  • pH Electrode Stand

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Electrode holders and stands Electrode holders and stands permit one-handed operation of electrode movement Four-position holders allow simultaneous use of pH or ISE electrode and reference half cell Swing arm stand (0732H82) allows flexible movement of electrodes. Holder…

  • Signet Flat pH Electrode

    Accent Control Systems

    Ryton Body Electrode with Dry-Loc and NPT Connections. Includes 3K ohm Balco NTC Use with 3-2760-1 or -11 Preamp

  • pH Electrode Cleaning Kits

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Extends the life of electrodes Prevents cross-contamination Removes bacterial or protein contaminants All kits contain four 1 oz. bottles of cleaning solution, a 15 mL beaker and a pipette. Sample Kit - includes one bottle each of cleaning solutions A, B, C, D Solution A - for removing…

  • Durable and chemically compatible Ultem® or body, reliable and accurate over the full range of pH measurements, no refilling or maintenance required with sealed gel-filled design, instantly ready for use.

  • …with most laboratory pH meters Well-suited for biological assays; use in containers such as 96-well plates, microcentrifuge tubes, culture tubes, serum cups, and NMR tubes Virtually unbreakable - feature solid-state sensor and Teflon® capillary tube Electrode is totally non-glass…

  • AquaPro Professional pH Electrodes

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    The patented reference system and the double junction design keeps silver ions from contacting the sample. These electrodes are non-refillable, offering the benefits of ease of use and minimal preparation.

  • …Membrane - The PHE-16 pH Electrode uses a special H glass membrane, with better accuracy and repeatability in strong base solutions; the hemispherical sensor is built tough and highly resistant to general impact. Silver Ion Trap Reference System - The PHE-16 pH Electrode uses a Silver Ion Trap…

  • With an integrated temperature sensor, this maintenance-free gel-filled electrode covers most applications and offers automatic temperature compensation. Special features Unbreakable, chemically resistant POM shaft Integrated NTC 30 kΩ temperature probe Application …

  • PHE-18 Glass Spear pH Electrode for Semi-Solid Samples,

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …improves the stability of the reference electrode and extends the service life of the electrode. Polymer Electrolyte - The solid polymer electrolyte makes the electrode hard to contaminate and maintenance-free. Unique Glass Membrane - The PHE-18 pH electrode uses a spear glass membrane, which is…

  • The PHE-19 pH electrode uses a low-impedance glass membrane, especially suitable for low-temperature sample testing. The conical sensor tip is highly resistant to general impact, and has a faster response rate and better repeatability. Low-impedance glass membrane, specially designed for…

  • …Ion Trap Reference System - The PHE-15 pH electrode uses a Silver Ion Trap reference system. On top of the Long-Life reference system, a silver ion trap is added to prevent the junction being blocked by silver sulfide. The electrode uses a BNC connector, compatible with all labForce pH meters.

  • Plastic shaft, fibre-junction, gel electrolyte Ag/AgCl-reference system, cylinder membrane A glass, 2 m fixed cable with BNC plug, length 120 mm, 12 mm Ø -5...+80 °C, 0...14 pH

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