Petri pad Dishes

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Petri pad Dishes
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  • Petri Dishes 47 mm dishes for filter cultures on broth Sterilized Petri-Pad Absorbent Pads 47 mm dishes pre-loaded with sterilized absorbent pads. Eliminates labor and cost of hand-loading pads and minimizes contamination.

  • Petri-Pad Petri dish is 47mm sterilized Petri dishes for use with solid agar medium. Pre-sterilized disposable 47mm dishes preloaded with sterilized absorbent pads eliminate labor cost of hand-loading pads and minimize contamination. m-ColiBlue24 Broth allows for the simultaneous detection of total…

  • … Suitable for 47 mm membrane filters, these 9 x 50-mm polystyrene dishes are pre-sterilized and disposable. Double rim ensures tight seal. An area of the lid is frosted for identification. Dishes are compatible with 47 mm membrane filters. Petri dishes are available with or without pads.

  • …filter, with or without pad Less than 1% moisture loss at 35°C (95°F) over a 24-hour period Unique leg design leaves space between dishes for even temperature distribution during incubation Optically clear polystyrene, gamma radiation sterilized Dishes meet or exceed the…

  • Sterile Petri Dishes

    Pall Laboratory

    … Easy to use. Opens easily with one hand, yet closes to a tight seal. Uses less space on the lab bench or in the incubator with easy stacking base Gamma irradiated for sterilization. No dangerous EtO residuals. Available with or without absorbent pads Bulk packaging for additional value

  • Pall® Sterile Petri Dishes

    Pall Laboratory

    …the incubator with easy stacking base. Gamma irradiated for sterilization. No dangerous EtO residuals. Available with or without absorbent pads. Bulk packaging for additional value. Pall Laboratory products are designed for laboratory applications only. This product is not approved…

  • …pre-sterilized by gamma irradiation. The dish features a squared edge and a raised ridge for ease of handling and secure stacking. OD54 x 11mm and packaged in sleeves of 20 dishes. Dishes are available with or without an absorbent pad. The cellulose pad absords 1.8-2.2mL of liquid. Perfect…

  • Made of polystyrene These 50 x 9 mm sterile petri dishes with absorbent pads are ideal for culturing micro-organisms on either agar or broth based media. Designed to accommodate 47 mm diameter membrane filters. These dishes are stackable and have squared off edges on both the top and bottom…

  • Pall® Absorbent Pad Kits

    Pall Laboratory

    One-Handed Dispensing of Cellulose Absorbent Pads Enables user to dispense a clean cellulose pad into a Petri dish whenever needed without touching the pad. Handy dispenser kit holds 1 tube of 100 absorbent pads (10 tubes included). Each tube drops quickly into the hand dispenser for easy…

  • Nutrient Pad Sets


    Nutrient pads are sterile pads impregnated with dehydrated culture media. Once they are moistened with 3.0–3.5 ml of sterile water they are ready to use immediately. Nutrient Pads reduce labor and simplify many microbiological testing procedures. May be safely stored at room temperature for up to 24…

  • Substitute for Petri Dishes. Holds filter securely in place. Transparent cover allows microscopic examination without removal. Rectangular base has rounded corners for mounting on microscope stage. Sterilized storage and examination containers for culturing microorganisms on 47 mm…

  • …than those recommended below may result in unreliable, inaccurate data: Pall Corporation (e.g., Sterile Petri Dishes with Absorbant Pads) Private Label/OEM products manufactured by Pall Gelman Sartorius (cellulose and glass fiber pads) Sartorius BioSart products with the integrated Petri dish

  • …sterilization required of reusable funnels. Each monitor includes a membrane filter and cellulose pad into the funnel unit. After filtration, the 100 ml funnel is removed to convert the monitor into a petri dish eliminating the need for membrane manipulation. Specifically designed for the detection…

  • …applications and designed to be used in a variety of environmental conditions. Tray includes a non-skid rubber mat that is suitable for holding Petri dishes. Operating Features: Low Profile Design: Takes up less space and easily fits into most fume hoods and incubators. Cast aluminum…

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