Petri Dish 90mm

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Petri Dish 90mm
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  • Abdos Petri Dish 90mm

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …high-quality disposable Petri Dishes are suitable for all microbiological applications. A robust dimensional accuracy of 90mm ensures compatibility with most automated systems. Extremely high optical clarity allows for ease of use with a microscope while the shallow, stackable dish design provides…

  • …& operational flexibility - no need to purchase expensive, proprietary media strips, cassettes, or plates. Standard 55mm contact plates or 90mm petri dishes can be used 100% sampling efficiency - head allows 100% sampling efficiency for particles down to 1 micron 7 hour battery life - over…

  • Petri Dishes

    NEST Scientific USA

    Nest Petri Dishes are manufactured from medical-grade virgin polystyrene. The bottom has a low rise ridge allowing for easy handling and stacking, which also works with automation systems. The plate has three vents for gas exchange. Available in 35mm, 60mm, 90mm and 150mm diameters. High…

  • Made of polystyrene These 50 x 9 mm sterile petri dishes with absorbent pads are ideal for culturing micro-organisms on either agar or broth based media. Designed to accommodate 47 mm diameter membrane filters. These dishes are stackable and have squared off edges on both the top and bottom…

  • Colony Counter

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …A switchable black background is provided to enhance viewing of translucent and difficult to see colonies. Supplied with two Wolffhuegel graticules and dish centering adapters to facilitate use with 50mm to 90mm dishes. A choice of magnifiers and a printer are available as optional accessories.

  • Sample Racks for Precision™ Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific Precision

    …Holds 50 test tubes up to 25mm from 97 to 150mm high Stainless-Steel Petri Dish Rack Measures 9.75 x 8.75 x 6.25 in. (24.8 x 22.2 x 15.9cm) Holds 80 x 50mm or 30 x 90mm Petri dishes Microcentrifuge Test Tube Racks Requires Clip Fastener …

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