Pcr Cooling Rack

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Pcr Cooling Rack
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  • …thermal transfer to the samples when compared to conventional PCR tubes or plates. The thermal cycling mechanism of GENECHECKER™ achieves extremely fast ramping rate for both heating and cooling. Environmentally friendly The technology enables an environmentally…

  • …into a rack with an accompanying lid for easier handling and to further protect your samples. As Ergo Freeze Blocks are in SBS-format, they are also suitable for automated use. Their 96 well format is suitable for cooling plates and tubes, compatible with standard and low profile PCR tubes,…

  • …Holds all major brands of PCR disposables. Clear lid is included. Made of polypropylene and thermal gel. 96 place benchtop chiller for PCR tubes strips, and plates Color changes to indicate warming temperature With clear lid Freezable to -80°C 2 rack per pack/5 packs per case …

  • PCR Coolers

    Heathrow Scientific

    The PCR Cooler is ideal for thermosensitive applications, PCR, or cell-based assays, as well as gentle sample thawing and stopping of reactions. The unit also provides a dependable cooling station for pipetting and sample storage. Perfe

  • Abdos Freezer Change Racks

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …consistently cools samples and color changes dramatically, when the temperature of a rack containing samples reaches below 4° C, a clear visible color change from Yellow to Green can be seen. Reusable Polypropylene (PP) PCR Freezer racks have 96 wells / places in a 12 X 8 Array for PCR tubes.…

  • Low Temp 96-Well PCR® Racks

    Heathrow Scientific

    …dropping the PCR rack, and makes handling and transportation easy, especially when using gloves. The lid has a side opening that enables faster cooling of samples to ensure integrity and is made from translucent polycarbonate for easy sample and well identification. The PCR rack base is made…

  • …they will accept 200 µL PCR tubes, strips, plates and most Microcentrifuge tubes. S700-56 Rack will hold twelve screw cap Microcentrifuge tubes or 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml snap cap Microcentrifuge tubes along with up to 6 PCR strips or 48 individual 0.2 ml PCR tubes. Rack S700-58 will hold up to 24 x…

  • IsoTherm-System®


    …an IsoRack (work rack), IsoSafe (insulating box), and two IsoPacks (cool packs), specializes in cooling samples effectively and consistently at –21°C or 0°C over many hours. The IsoTherm-System can be used to prevent enzymes from becoming inactive as well as for PCR sample preparation,…

  • CoolRack® and CoolSink™ modules

    Azenta Life Sciences

    …and 96-well plates and 50ml reagent reservoirs. CoolRacks® are gray in color unless noted. Ideal for PCR, protein/nucleic acid handling, tissue freezing, cell culture, virus and bacteria cooling and freezing. ThermalTray™ platforms support all CoolRack® and CoolSink™ modules…

  • EzMate Automated Pipetting System

    Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation

    …50µl or 200µl automated pipetting modules (APMs) 6 interchangeable standard microplate/tip rack adapters and 2 interchangeable reagent vessel adapters Active cooling and heating module (ACHM) options for sensitive samples/reagents UV lamp and HEPA filter meet the need of…

  • myBath Series Water Baths

    Benchmark Scientific

    …on a rear hinge to conserve bench space. The lid's gabled design will divert condensation to the front and back of the bath, away from samples. Racks are available to accommodate 1.5/2.0ml, 15ml and 50 ml tubes within the 4L, 8L and 12L baths. The myBath 4L is supplied with all three racks.

  • …processing of sample volumes up to 5.0 mL! Same diameter and bottom shape as a 15 mL conical tube—allows for use in existing adapters and racks Made from a unique highly transparent polypropylene for easy visibility of pellets Precise lid sealing for minimized sample evaporation…

  • …ensures all samples receive the same temperature treatment, regardless of their block position. The AccuRack tube rack has capacity for up to 20 x 1.5mL tubes. The rack is self standing for use as a workstation and can be directly loaded into the block for tube placement and extraction.…

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