Oxygen Flask Apparatus

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Oxygen Flask Apparatus
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  • Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

    Exeter Analytical

    …user should a weaken flask explode. Your sample is ignited remotely once the flask is filled with oxygen and sealed. No need for the cumbersome task of lighting the sample manually, and then quickly inserting the sample holder into the flask and then tightening down the flask top. There is no…

  • Thomas-Schoniger Combustion Flasks


    Replacement flasks Rapid, simple and inexpensive technique for combustion analysis of organic materials in oxygen atmosphere For determination of sulfur, halogens, phosphorus, traces of metals, etc., in organic substances by combustion in oxygen Complies with ASTM Standard E 205 Procedure…

  • Reflux Apparatus, Continuous, Fuchs

    Ace Glass

    Continuous reflux apparatus keeps solvents pure and free of oxygen. Compact, upright design allows multiple units to be assembled in small areas. Distillation column is 250mm long, vacuum jacketed, unsilvered. Allihn condenser is 250mm. Adapter at top has two hose connections for maintaining inert…

  • Oxidation Cell, Complete

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Conforms to ASTM D 2274 and D 943 Cell measures inherent stability of middle distillate petroleum fuel under accelerated oxidizing conditions. Cell consists of test tube, condenser and oxygen delivery tube

  • Filter Degasser

    All Teflon ® construction Inert to most solvents, aqueous or organic Fits directly on standard solvent bottles or Erlenmeyer flasks Simple and economical to use HPLC solvent filtration and degassing is a simple approach to solvent purification. Can be used in most isocratic…

  • UVP HEPA/UV PCR Systems

    Analytik Jena

    …ozone eliminating catalyst grid. The grid eliminates ozone and the degrading effects of ozone microarray data. The catalyst converts ozone to oxygen on contact. The UV/HEPA units feature four-stage filters: Pre-filter helps to preserve the life of other filters by capturing large dust…

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