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  • Synonym(s): Potassium peroxymonosulfate, Potassium monopersulfate triple salt Formula: 2KHSO5.KHSO4.K2SO4 Formula weight: 615.50 CAS Number: 70693-62-8 UN Number: UN3084 Hazard Class: 8 Packing Group: II Harmonized Tariff Code:  2833.40 Hazard Statements: …

  • CAS No.: 37222-66-5 UN No.: UN3260 Class: 8 Pkg. Group: PG II

  • Oxone®

    BeanTown Chemical

    CAS: 70693-62-8 EC No: 274-778-7 MDL No: MFCD00040551 UN No: UN3084; Haz Class: 8 (5.1); Packing Group: II Crystalline/Granular Linear Formula: 2KHSO5·KHSO4·K2SO4 MW: 614.76 Density (g/mL): 1.15

  • Dibutylamine, >=98%


    Synonyms: N-butylbutan-1-amine CAS Number: 111-92-2 Formula: C8H19N Formula Weight: 129.24 Linear Formula: (CH3CH2CH2CH2)2NH MDL No.: MFCD00009429 Purity: >=98% Boiling Point: 159 C(lit.) Melting Point: -62 C (lit.) Density: 0.767 g/mL at 25 C(lit.) Refractive Index: …

  • …Formula Weight: 307.38 Linear Formula: KHSO5 · 0.5KHSO4 · 0.5K2SO4 MDL No.: MFCD00040551 UNSPSC Code: 12352300 General description: OXONE(R), monopersulfate compound is a potassium triple salt mainly used as a stable, easy to handle and nontoxic oxidant. Application: Oxidant used…

  • …of azoxy arenes Other Notes: Form of Oxone specially suited for the oxidation of sensitive compounds in CH 2 Cl 2 6, 7, 8 ; Reagent for preparing 2-tetrahydrofuranyl ethers from alcohols and THF by radical coupling 9 Legal Information: OXONE is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont…

  • Synonym(s): Tetrabutylammonium OXONE ® ; Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen monopersulfate; Tetrabutylammonium peroxomonosulfate; Tetrabutylammonium persulfate triple salt Purity: ~1.6% active oxygen basis Melting Point: 144-146 °C Beilstein Registry Number: 5199887

  • …To Synthesize Organic Intermediates: 2-Chlorotoluene, 2-Chloroaniline, 2-Chlorophenol, and 2-Chloro-4-methylphenolA Convenient Halogenation of alpha,beta-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds with OXONE(R) and Hydrohalic Acid (HBr, HCl) Other Notes: ACS specifications same as product 320331

  • Synonym(s): Potassium peroxymonosulfate Empirical Formula: HKO5S -+ 0.5HKO4S -+ 0.5K2O4S Formula Weight: 307.38 Linear Formula: KHSO5 -+ 0.5KHSO4 -+ 0.5K2SO4 MDL Number: MFCD00040551 RIDADR: UN…

  • SIGMA ME0328 >=98% (HPLC)


    Synonym(s): (S)-3,4-Dihydro-4-oxo-N-(1-phenylethyl)-2-quinazolinepropanamide Empirical Formula: C19H19N3O2 Linear Formula: C19H19N3O2 Formula Weight: 321.37 Purity: ≥98% (HPLC) Storage: room…

  • 2KHSO5•KHSO4•K2SO4 CAS#: 70693-62-8 F.W.: 614.77

  • Synonym(s): 3-Oxo-dodecan-(2-amino-cyclohexanone) Empirical Formula: C18H31NO3 Linear Formula: C18H31NO3 Formula Weight: 309.44 MDL Number: MFCD16875411 Purity: ≥95.0% (HPLC); ≥95.0% Storage: …

  • Synonym(s): 4,6-Dihydroxy-1,3,5-triazine-2-carboxylic acid potassium salt; Allantoxanic acid Formula: C4H2KN3O4 Formula Weight: 195.17 CAS No.: 2207-75-2 Purity: 97% Application: Inhibitor of uricase. Packaging: 25, 100 g in poly bottle

  • Fenthion oxon sulfone


    PESTANAL ® , analytical standard Synonym(s): Dimethyl 3-methyl-4-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl phosphate; Fenoxon sulfone Empirical Formula: C10H15O6PS Formula Weight: 294.26 Linear Formula: C10H15O6PS MDL Number: …


    Agilent Technologies

    Analyte: Fenthion oxon, CAS Number: 6552-12-1.


    Agilent Technologies

    Analyte: Phorate oxon, CAS Number: 2600-69-3.

  • Fenthion oxon sulfoxide


    PESTANAL ® , analytical standard Synonym(s): Dimethyl 3-methyl-4-(methylsulfinyl)phenyl phosphate; Fenoxon sulfoxide Empirical Formula: C10H15O5PS Formula Weight: 278.26 Linear Formula: C10H15O5PS MDL Number: …

  • Synonym(s): Allantoxanic acid potassium salt, Otercil potassium Formula: C4H2KN3O4 Formula weight: 195.18 CAS Number: 2207-75-2 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2933.69


    Agilent Technologies

    Analyte: Fenchlorphos-oxon, CAS Number: 3983-45-7.

  • Analyte: Fensulfothion-oxon-sulfone, CAS Number: 6132-17-8.

  • Synonym(s): 3-Oxo-N-(tetrahydro-2-oxo-3-furanyl)-octanamide; N-(β-Ketooctanoyl)-DL-homoserine lactone Empirical Formula: C12H19NO4 Linear Formula: C12H19NO4 Formula Weight: 241.28 MDL Number: MFCD12912431 Purity: …

  • Synonyms: 3-Aminoacetylpropionic acid methyl ester hydrochloride 5-Amino-4-oxo-N-valeric acid methyl ester hydrochloride 5-Amino-4-oxo-pentanoic acid methyl ester hydrochloride CAS No.: 79416-27-6 Molecular Formula: C6H11NO3·HCl Molecular Weight: 181.62 MDL No.: MFCD00012868 Storage…

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