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Orbital Rotator
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  • Orbitron V 3D Orbital Shakers

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Variable speed, 3D motion provides gentle or vigorous mixing. This isn’t your "run of the mill" rotator, the Orbitron V has a unique 3 Dimensional Wave Motion. Adjust your tray angle for a gentle, vigorous or “somewhere in between” agitation Supplied with…

  • Orbitron V - 3 Dimensional Orbital Wave Rotator


    This isn’t your “run of the mill” rotator, the Orbitron V has a unique 3 Dimensional Wave Motion Easy to adjust angle 0° to 12° Adjust your tray angle for a gentle, vigorous or “somewhere in between”  agitation Supplied with a non-skid rubber mat…

  • Compact Digital Waving Rotator

    Thermo Scientific

    Compact Digital Waving Rotator Achieve maximum sample mixing efficiency with the adjustable wave orbit digital display rotator. FEATURES PID control ensures consistent and smooth waving motion Digital Speed Control: 8 to100rpm Easy to adjust tilt angle: 0° to 13° …

  • PSU-20i Orbital Multi-Platform Shaker

    Grant Instruments

    …controlled multi-functional orbital shaker providing all that is required – rotation, reciprocation and vibration – for thorough mixing in flasks, beakers, Petri dishes and other laboratory vessels. Features: All mixing functions – orbital motion, reciprocation and…

  • Model 6130 Benchtop Orbital Shaker


    30-350 rotations per minute Variable speed with digital tachometer and countdown timer Handle loads between 0 to 25 lbs Eberbach’s bench top variable speed orbital shaker is designed to occupy a minimum table top space yet allow for the versatility offered by larger units with…

  • Sky Line Analog Orbital Shakers


    …specific lab needs. With an excellent record of reliability and long life, the Sky Line series will be a superior partner in your laboratory. Features: Optimal amplitude of platform rotation for intensive mixing User-friendly controls High-precision, rotational speed controls

  • Sky Line Digital Orbital Shakers


    …superior partner in your laboratory. Features: Optimal amplitude of platform rotation for intensive mixing Advanced stepper motor control system Digital timer High-precision, rotational speed controls Sound notification when mixing complete Onboard memory for storing…

  • Thermo Scientific Compact Digital Mini Rotator

    Thermo Scientific

    Realize maximum flexibility with the easy-to-use, Thermo Scientific™ Compact Mini Rotator.  This compact mini shaker has digital speed and timer control while providing a smooth quiet orbital shaking motion and can accommodate a variety of, plates, tubes, plates, beakers and flask sizes…

  • Model 6145 Mid-Range amd 6155 Large Orbital Shaker


    …6155 has a 150 lb load capacity Variable speed 32 to 320 rpms Digital tachometer Digital timer 1" dia. orbit Eberbach's Medium Variable-Speed Orbital Shaker 6145 is designed for rotary swirling action used extensively in tissue culture work, aeration of fermentations and…

  • Orbitron Rotators


    …20 orbits per minute Orbitron Rotator Model II Used in labs that require gentle, low foaming agitation and uniform mixing of lab samples Also supplied with non-skid mat for flasks and plates 0-23° adjustable tilt angle Speed range is 6 to 23 orbits per minute Orbitron Rotator Model…

  • RotoBot™ Programmable Rotating Mixers


    …the "PP" mode to turn the rotator into a platform rocker. Features Advanced programming with a wide variety of rotational modes Set for full 360° rotation, or interrupt rotations with pausing & mixing intervals Slow rotating to vigorous mixing Cold room and…

  • PS-3D fixed tilt and PS-M3D multi-function 3D Rotators

    Grant Instruments

    PS-3D fixed tilt 3D platform rotator Variable speed, fixed-angle 3D rocker-rotator in the Grant bio range providing smooth orbital motion for mixing in commonly used vessels – culture flasks, dishes, boxes and tubes. Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators. Variable speed:…

  • UVP Multidizer™ Hybridization Ovens

    Analytik Jena

    Multidizer is designed with a variety of motion options - roller, shaker, orbital, rotating - all in one unit. Shake, rock, roll and rotate motions! Features Two independently operating compartments allow for hybridization and blotting procedures requiring different settings,…

  • Platform Shakers


    Rotamax 120 (8293X15) Orbital, rotating motion Speed: 20 to 250 rpm Total orbit: 20 mm For shaking flasks, media bottles and other vessels (accessories not included, see chart). Dials control shaking frequency and time (0-120 minutes). RPM display is linear scale. Platform dimensions: 9"…

  • DTS Series Digital Thermo Microplate Shakers


    …space – savers free up valuable lab space while still ensuring a superior level of performance. 1.5 mm Rotational Orbit The DTS series features an ideal rotational orbit of 1.5mm for maximum performance, and works conveniently with any standard microplate. Bi – Directional…

  • Roto-Shake Genie Rotator/Rocker

    Scientific Industries

    Combination rotator and rocker Change function from rotating to rocking and back with simple mechanical adjustment Easy-to-use magnetic platform may be removed for attachment of optional 3-D orbital platform Maintains set speed between 0°C and 38°C Speed range for…

  • Multi-Tube Vortex Mixers


    …to 29 mm in diameter available. Vortexing action is created by securing the top of the sample in place while allowing the bottom to rotate freely in a 3.6mm orbit. Suction cup feet reduce motion and prevent sliding on work surface. Analog & digital models, both microprocessor-controlled and run…

  • SI6/SI6R Floor Model Shaking Incubators

    Shel Lab

    …accommodate off-center loads, varying capacities and stroke lengths, which in turn allows for smoother operation. An adjustable orbit allows the user to change the rotational stroke from 0.5î (vigorous shaking) to 1î (gentle shaking) to accommodate different types of cells and to provide maximum…

  • Digital Pulse Mixer


    Selectable settings Orbital offset is 0.070” Maximum capacity is 10 lbs Digital pulse mixer can perform high or low speed vortexing/mixing for a variety of applications. Unit can accommodate a wide range of glassware, racks, well plates or reactor blocks to produce accurate, repeatable…

  • Rotary Shakers

    IKA Works

    …range. Units feature a new design and improved drive system. Attachments are interchangeable. Maximum weight load is 2 kg. Speed range is 0-2200 rpm. Orbital diameter is 4 mm. Ambient temperature range is 5°C to 40°C. IP 21 protection class. Dimensions are 157 mm W x 130 mm H x 247 mm D.

  • BenchMixer XLQ QuEChERS Shaker/Vortexer


    …batches. The BenchMixer XLQ creates a true vortex in vertical sample racks by holding the top of the tube stationary while the bottom rotates in a 3.6mm orbit. Time and speed are precisley controlled by the digital microprocessor. A pulse mode allows for more vigorous mixing. Quiet operation,…

  • WS180 Shaker


    …It is also useful for shaking culture flasks and for agitating hard-to-dissolve solids such as polymers. The shaker simulates manual shaking by rotating through 180° of arc. It can shake two flasks simultaneously, either screw-cap top or side arm flasks. Its two large finger clamps securely hold…

  • 211DS Stackable Laboratory Shaking Incubator


    …compact, stackable design and expanded temperature range make the 211DS incubators ideal for molecular biology and general use. Its integral orbital shaker makes it highly versatile. Internal electrical outlet (120V model only) Exclusive SmartChek™ temperature control system…

  • MaxQ™ 5000 Environmental Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …shaker stops automatically. Unit has a 1” orbit. It will accept an18 x 30” platform and accommodate an Erlenmeyer flask up to 6 L. The triple eccentric drive ensures the unit operates smoothly and quietly even at high speed. The platform rotates on nine permanently lubricated sealed ball…

  • Sky Line Digital Rocking Shakers


    …amplitude of platform rotation for intensive mixing Advanced stepper motor control system Digital timer High-precision, rotational speed controls Sound notification when mixing completes Onboard memory for storing settings Optimal amplitude of platform rotation for intensive mixing…

  • Shaker Attachments & Stirrers

    IKA Works

    IKA Works offers a variety of accessories for its line of rotary, orbital and reciprocating shakers. The RH 5 strap clamp secures vessels against walls or can be used for synchronized rotation during stirring or dispersing. The AS 130.2 fixing clip attachment is for processing round flasks,…

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