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Optical Bench
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  • Accessories for Stereo Zoom Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Delivers high quality image resolution with best in class zoom range Incorporating advanced technology of Greenough optical design into a durable, cost effective microscope to provide crisp, clear images at all levels of it's 7:1 zoom ratio, 6.5X-45X on GL7 or 6:1 ratio, 10X-65X on GL6.…

  • Optical Bench Set

    United Scientific Supplies

    optical bench set is designed for basic geometric optics experiments, including imaging by lenses and mirrors. The optical elements are mounted in protective frames with mounting rods for easy alignment, and the four captive riders have an index mark and set screws to secure the rider and optical

  • Optical Bench

    GSC International, Inc.

    Optical Bench Student Demo A simple form Optical Bench that provides an accurate demonstrations of basic optics principles. It uses a metric meter stick as the support bench. The complete system includes: meter stick 100cm length, 1 object market, 1 object screen, 1 screen support, 1 pair of…

  • Basic Optical Bench


    This optical bench one meter long is an ideal bench for introductory optics investigations and a good upgrade from a basic optics meter rule bench. It comprises of a square section aluminium tube which is graduated on one side allowing easy reading when the riders move on the bench. Includes: …

  • Precision Fresnel Biprism Interference Apparatus

    Ultra Scientific

    Perform Fresnel's Biprism Experiment on a 1m optical bench. Precision optics allow fringe position measurements to 1/100mm. Easy alignment and adjustment of the two virtual light sources. Fresnel's Biprism Experiment is the fundamental example of common path interference by division of…

  • Enhanced Optical Bench Set


    optical bench that offers more enhanced set of accessories allowing the user to perform more experiments in optics. The bench is 1m long and is graduated on one side. - This kit an optical bench that offers more enhanced set of accessories allowing the user to perform more experiments in optics

  • Introductory Optical Bench Set

    United Scientific Supplies

    bench set allows the basic properties of lenses to be explored.  The optical elements are mounted in robust molded holders that are simply pushed into sockets in the riders.  Each ridder can accept up to three elements.  The riders slide freely on the aluminum bench until an optical

  • Optical Bench Set

    United Scientific Supplies

    Student optical bench contains sufficient equipment for high school physics applications. Set includes the following: 1 Meter Stick, 1 Screen support, 2 Lens Supports for 38mm and 75mm lenses/mirrors, 5 Board screens measuring 10 x 12.5cm with a millimeter scale on both sides, 1 Marker and object, 2…

  • Optical Bench Kit for PerkinElmer Lambda 800/900 Spectrometer


    Two magnetized mounted iris diaphragms on two optical rails with mounts.

  • Optical Bench Set Accessories

    United Scientific Supplies

  • Erlab Laminar Flow Hoods


    … Ideal for applications such as non-pathogenic cell cultures,iIn-vitro cultures, microbiology, homeopathic preparations, electronics, and optics. These workstations feature HEPA H14 filters to provide an ISO Class 5 work environment. The HEPA H14 filters guarantee 99.995% filtration efficiency…

  • AE30/31 Series Inverted Microscopes


    …Infinity optical system Long working distance (LWD) objectives with high N.A. Binocular or Trinocular models Wide base provides strength and rigidity, while the inverted “Y” support at the back of the stand gives extra lateral strength. Compact size conserves limited bench space.…

  • FluidX™ Impression™ Rapid Whole Rack 2D & 1D Barcode Scanner

    Brooks Life Sciences

    …of SBS-format racked, 2D-barcoded sample storage tubes, without the need to remove tubes from racks. Impression Rapid offer the very best optical quality barcode scanning for 2D and 1D barcoded tubes within a whole-rack scanner format with a small footprint. Impression Rapid is based…

  • UVP ChemStudio™ Series Imagers

    Analytik Jena

    …cooling, and efficient photon-tosignal conversion Wide aperture lens optics capture more light in low-light applications. Signals come faster and are stronger Small footprint to maximize the use of laboratory bench space Available as either a PC-operated unit or as a stand-alone instrument…

  • Staticmaster Static Eliminator


    Static Eliminator Duostat For neutralization of static charge on balances, optics, films, etc. Strength 500 µCi; effective range approximately 40 mm No state or USNRC-specific license is required to purchase or possess this unit. Effective life span is one year. Spent unit…

  • UVP GelStudio™ Series Imagers

    Analytik Jena

    …multiple gels of various sizes (up to 25 x 26 cm). Compact footprint which maximizes laboratory bench space. Unique "Slide2Hide" door, features smooth operation and limits bench top interferences, when tucked beneath the darkroom door. Integrated UV Protection Shield, maximizes…

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