Nylon Mesh Filter

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Nylon Mesh Filter
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GE Pink

  • 13 mm GD/X Syringe Filters

    GE Healthcare

    filters can process three to seven times more sample volume. GMF 150 (graded density) and GF/F are produced from 100% borosilicate glass microfiber. The unique, graded density GMF 150 medium has a coarse top layer meshed with a fine layer beneath that retains particles to 1.0 µm. A GF/F filter then…

  • Spectra Mesh® Woven Filters, Nylon

    Spectrum Med

    Mesh Screens for Macrofiltration Separations Spectrum provides a broad range of Spectra/Mesh Woven Filters that consist of individual strands woven into a mesh screen, characterized by precise mesh openings, percent open area and mesh thickness. There are 5 material types with different physical,…

  • Sterile Cell Strainers


    …stem cells and primary cells. Individually packaged, 50/case. Features Strong nylon mesh with 40, 70, or 100 micron pores for optimal performance in a variety of applications Evenly spaced mesh pores providing consistent and reliable results Conveniently accessible in individual…

  • Cell Strainers

    Celltreat Scientific

    …improves manipulation of material in the strainer during operation. Polypropylene housing with nylon mesh filter eliminates the need to fabricate filters from gauze, paper, nylon mesh, or other materials Elongated lip on housing extends beyond edge of centrifuge tube enabling aseptic…

  • Cell Strainers


    Corning Cell Strainers are an easy and ready-to-use solution for obtaining a more uniform single cell suspension Nylon mesh provides a strong, uniform filtration device Strainers reduce chance of contamination Cell strainers fit inside a Falcon®™ 50 mL centrifuge tube.…

  • SureStrain™ Premium Cell Strainers

    MTC Bio

    …contamination risks associated with fingers contacting the filtered suspension, mesh and/or interior surfaces. The sterile strainer can even be removed from the special blister packaging without touching its interior surface or mesh. The advanced frame/housing design also contributes to…

  • Cell Strainers


    Made of sturdy polypropylene and strong nylon mesh Three different pore sizes available: 40μm, 70μm, or 100μm, strainers are color-coded according to pore size for convenience Fits perfectly into Biologix 50mL Centrifuge Tubes Gamma radiation sterilized, non-pyrogenic

  • EZFlow® Cell Strainers

    Foxx Life Sciences

    EZFlow® cell strainers are manufactured from a strong nylon mesh with evenly spaced mesh pores. They are available in three mesh sizes (40 µm, 70 µm, and 100 µm) and three colors (bule,white, and yellow respectively) for easy identification. These cell strainers are sterile,…

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