Nmr Tube Washer

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Nmr Tube Washer
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  • tube is inserted into the cleaner with a white, sleeve-type septum stopper (CG-3022-22) placed on the closed end to provide support and a vacuum seal. Lower joint is a 24/40 inner, and the hose connection has an O.D. of 8.5mm at the middle serration. Complete unit comes with an NMR tube washer

  • Kemtech America

    …inner joint and 10mm hose connection. For 5mm NMR tube only. The NMR tube is inserted into the tube cleaner with its plastic cap placed on the closed end to provide support and a vacuum seal. The washing solvent is sequentially added through the side tube while a vacuum is applied through the hose…

  • …inverted sample tube is inserted into the washer and solvent is introduced into the reservoir using a series of wash bottles. You can perform numerous wash steps and finish by pulling air through the tube to complete the procedure. Filter flasks are ordered separately. The single tube washers

  • The Morris NMR tube cleaner is an inexpensive, durable apparatus which will clean 5 or 10mm NMR tubes with as little as 10mL of solvent in one easy operation. Cleaner does not require a stopper on the NMR tube and does not have a fragile side arm. Complete item is supplied with a NMR tube washer,

  • …Solvent Jet NMR Tube Washer can be used for any length NMR sample tube by a simple adjustment of the flexible PTFE tubing. By loosening and retightening the fitting on the assembled washer head, the PTFE tubing that extends into the sample tube is adjusted to the proper length. The washer head…

  • …Solvent Washer/Dryer is recommended for research labs that routinely clean NMR and EPR tubes; a single unit can accommodate up to 5 tubes (3, 4 and 5 mm OD) at once. When an inverted tube is inserted onto the solvent transfer tubing and the open end is immersed under wash solvent in the solvent cup,…

  • DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …gasket, a tube washer, an Erlenmeyer flask and a 3/8” hose connection ·         Operates efficiently with a conventional sink aspirator ·         Recommended for 10 mm NMR tubes

  • …port with a removable Ace-Safe hose connection. Threaded-jointed version has a filter flask with a 24/40 joint at top and a serrated hose connection on side. Complete item consists of: Tube Washer Body, Solvent Reservoir, PTFE Coupling, 5mm and 10mm Tube Bushing, Filter Flask, and 1/8" PTFE Tubing.

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