Nichrome Wire Inoculating Loop

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Nichrome Wire Inoculating Loop
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  • Inoculating Needle with Looped Nichrome Wire

    GSC International, Inc.

    Glass 6" handle with a Nichrome wire with looped end

  • LeLoop nichrome wires

    Decon Labs

    …twisted nichrome wire, LeLoops are more economical than platinum or disposable plastic loops. Loops slide smoothly across the agar surface without tearing or gouging. The nichrome wire cools rapidly saving time. 10 microliters Loop is calibrated using Evan’s Blue Dye Test. The loop

  • Inoculating Loop/Needle

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Nichrome wire. An 8" aluminum handle with a 3" nichrome wire, 25 gauge. Loop outside diameter is 4mm. Loop inside diameter is 2.5mm. Available with a loop or a needle.

  • Reusable Inoculating Loops & Needles

    Argos Technologies

    …hand during use. Loop Holders are available in two sizes: 6" and 8". Inoculating Handles and Loops Reusable Inoculating Loops with handles are used to select, inoculate or transfer microbiological samples. Loops are made of high quality twisted nichrome wire and attached…

  • LeStreak® Inoculating Streakers

    Decon Labs

    LeStreak®, used to inoculate or transfer microbiological samples, come with lightweight, insulated aluminum holders perfectly balanced for easy manipulation. The nichrome wire cools rapidly saving time. LeStreak® is available calibrated and non-calibrated. All calibrated loops are subject to…

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