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  • Sterile, Disposable, Luer-Lok™ Syringe Needles


    …Economically priced for one-time use, minimizing cross-infection Needles are sealed individually; protective plastic sheath is not removed until actual use. Color-coded hub identifies gauge, as follows: 30 gauge needle is beige; 27 gauge, grey; 26 gauge, tan; 25 gauge, blue; 23 gauge,…

  • Deflected Point Septum Penetration Needles

    Cadence Science

    The deflected needle style features point positioning on the axis of the needle lumen. This improved point geometry provides easier penetration and minimizes coring and tracking (particularly with finer gauge needles).

  • Hypodermic Needles

    Cadence Science

    …hypodermic needles are precision made and designed to ensure strict adherence with U.S. Government specification GG-N-196. Points are machine ground to achieve uniform sharpness. Precision grinding, micro-bead jet blasting, and ultrasonic cleaning assure freedom from burrs and debris. All needle

  • Air-Tite Vet Premium Hypodermic Needles


    For Veterinary & Laboratory use only. The Air-Tite Vet Premium Hypodermic Needles are manufactured for those who demand only the absolute finest quality product. Produced from the highest quality regular wall surgical stainless steel tubing available, they meet rigorous quality control…

  • SYNTHWARE Stainless Steel Syringe Needles

    Kemtech America

    Syringe Needle, Stainless Steel OD: 1.2 or 1.6mm available Length: 180, 200, and 300mm available Long needle used for solvent retrieval.

  • Laboratory Pipetting Needles with Blunt Ends

    Cadence Science

    …hubs. These needles are used in conjunction with both manual and automatic volumetric dispensers, dilutors, and pipettors. For those applications requiring the use of plastic syringes with pipetting needles, Cadence Science® has developed the Micro-Mate® pipetting needle. These 90°…

  • Needle RN (33 / 1.5"/3)


  • Thomas Disposable Inoculating Loops & Needles


    …and needles are smooth and flexible to facilitate uniform and smooth streaking without damaging the gel surface. Needles are straight and suitable for removal of specimens of single colonies. Packed sterile in safe, tamper-proof, zip-seal resealable bags. Disposable inoculating loops and needles do…

  • Flexible Plastic (PTFE) Animal Feeding Needles (Disposable)

    Cadence Science

    Cadence Science® Flexible Plastic (PTFE) Needles were developed to satisfy the demands of those researchers who require a single use needle for critical applications. Oral Gavage Needles - Animal Feeding Needles Plastic (PTFE) tube is softer than other tubing types, very flexible, and…

  • Kel-F Hub Needles


    Kel-F hub (KF) needles can be used with Luer Tip (LT) and PTFE Luer Lock (TLL) syringes and connectors. Standard needle length is 2" / 51 mm. Kel-F hub (KF) needles are available in convenient six packs. Custom lengths and point styles are available. These needles are available from 10 - 31…

  • Aluminum Hub Needles

    EXEL International

    Designed for veterinary use Sterile, Non-toxic, Pyrogen free and autoclavable Needles and boxes are color-coded for easy identification Each needle is individually packaged and sealed with a tamper evident heat stake

  • Hypodermic Needles

    EXEL International

    Latex Free Sterile, Non-toxic, Non pyrogenic SUS- 304 stainless steel Needles and boxes are color-coded for easy identification Each needle is individually packaged, sterilized and ready for use

  • Blunt End Syringe Needles

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Syringe needle used as an accessory for Microscale Threaded Standard Taper 14/10 kits. Non-sterile stainless steel needle with an inert plastic hub Blunt end for safety

  • Safety-Lok™ Syringes with Needles


    needle recapping after use which is when most accidental needle sticks occur. Syringe 8940Y01 is an insulin syringes with permanently attached Ultra Fine Needles (U100). Syringes 8940Y05 through Y09 are tuberculin syringes with a permanently attached needle. Capacity of syringe and needle

  • Syringe Needles With Hubs For Luer Tip And Luer Lock Connections


    …steel needle Standard 2” length Use with Luer Tip and Luer Lock syringes sold without needle or for Luer adapters. Nickel-plated brass or Kel-F (CTFE) hubs fit both male and female Luer connectors.They allow quick change of needle and use of different gauge and/or style needles with…

  • Perfektum Needles

    Cadence Science

    Stainless steel with chrome-plated hub With regular medical point; 12-14° bevel. Hub flange engages socket of luer tip. Box of 12. Gage x length given in listings. Interchangeable fit with Luer Lock or Luer Slip syringes.

  • Blunt End Luer Lock Needles


    Blunt end (90° cut) stainless steel needles with a luer lock fitting, used for nitrogen gas blowdown. Available with chrome plated or polypropylene hubs. Optional FEP coating protects against corrosive solvents. 4 inches long 16 or 19 gauge

  • Needle Holder

    Globe Scientific

    …when combined with appropriate needles and evacuated blood collection tubes. Use it once and discard it with the needle attached. This eliminates the hazards associated with reusable needle holders. The needle holder fits both 13mm and 16mm blood collection tubes and all common needle units.

  • Needle KF719 (19/2"/2)


  • Needle N710 (10/2"/5)


  • Needle KF712 (12/2"/2)


  • Needle 25X1 Regular Bevel Ns


  • Needle KF716 (16/2"/2)


  • Needle 20X1-1/2 Sb


  • Cannula

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Chrome plated brass Vent cannulas, introduced into stopper, allow air flow into vial When connected to syringe tubing, feed cannulas provides for liquid aspiration from a bottle

  • Non-Flexible Stainless Steel Animal Feeding Needles (Reusable)

    Cadence Science

    …be cleaned and re-used as needed Packaged and sold in dozen quantity non-sterile Straight animal feeding needles. The precision assembly of stainless steel balls and type 304 stainless steel tubing ensures a quality needle suited for feeding and dosing without injury to sensitive tissues.

  • Needle KF725 (25/2"/5)


  • Needle N726S (26S/2"/5)


    Metal hub (nickel plated brass) needles can be used with TLL syringes and LT or TLL connectors. The needles are 304 stainless steel (sst.). Standard needle length is 2" / 51 mm. Metal hub (N) needles are available in convenient six packs. Custom needle lengths and point styles are available.

  • Needle 18Ga 1/2In S / T LS Adap Catheter


    BD Intramedic™ 18-gauge fits into BD Intramedic™ PE190 and 160 tubing. Pack of 100

  • Wooden Handle Dissecting Needles with Needle Tip

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Straight needle, 5¾"(146mm) long Curved needle, 5½" (140mm) long

  • Luer Lock Syringe Needles

    Wilmad LabGlass

    Designed for easy sample loading with Luer Lock syringes, these needles are available in stainless steel or PTFE. Ideal for puncturing septum in air-sensitive samples PTFE needles offer a convenient way to wash your small volume tubes by minimizing the possibility of scratches

  • 1100/1200 Needles and Needle Seats

    Agilent Technologies

    The needle should be replaced when it becomes bent, burred or blunt. The needle seat should be replaced when it is leaking or plugged. You should suspect a leak if you notice a trail of buffer crystals on the needle seat. The needle seat can become blocked if the sample contains particulates, as…

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