Mortar And Pestle Liquid Nitrogen

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Mortar And Pestle Liquid Nitrogen
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  • Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mortar

    Bel-Art Products

    …steel bowl holds liquid nitrogen Spare mortars are useful for grinding different types of samples on the same day Insulated handle is removable for saving space; 10.2cm (4") long Three suction cup feet stabilize the unit on the workbench Recommended size pestle is any size…

  • Bessman Tissue Pulverizer

    Spectrum Med

    …Bessman Tissue Pulverizer consists of a 2 component mortar with handles and a pestle, specifically designed for pulverizing 10 - 1000 mg of tissue. After chilling the Pulverizer in liquid nitrogen, the included 28 cm lead hammer is used on the mortar to completely homogenize the inserted sample. The…

  • Cryo-Cup Grinder


    …to a powder. Two different sized pestles are provided for a variety of applications. Features Ideal for extraction of proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids IStainless steel mortar strictly regulates temperature. Once cooled, no further liquid nitrogen is need during grinding IDesigned…

  • Talboys Cryogenic Homogenizer


    Handheld homogenizer with mortars and pestles Increases sample throughput System helps preserve sample integrity Talboys Cryogenic Homogenizing System combines the ease and speed of a handheld homogenizer and a liquid nitrogen cooled sample to homogenize your sample faster and more…

  • Scienceware® Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini Mortar & Pestle Set

    Bel-Art Products

    …from tiny tissue samples within a microcentrifuge tube. Stainless steel mortar has a welded fixture to hold a 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube. The mortar is suspended above a stainless steel cavity which holds the liquid nitrogen and is nested in a heavily insulated blue polyethylene housing. …

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