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Moisture Oven
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  • Moisture Content Flask, Antibiotic

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Capacity: 2.2 mL Standard Taper joint: 10/10 Sample is weighed, transferred to the flask and placed in a vacuum oven where the sample is dried at 60°C with a pressure of 5 mm or less of mercury for three hours. The percent loss is then calculated. Method is defined in Code of…

  • Stromboli Karl Fischer Oven Sample Changer

    Mettler Toledo

    …The oven temperature is documented on the printout. Clear display Stromboli displays the actual and the preset oven temperature in large blue illuminated numerals on the upper side of the instrument. Blank and drift determinations: Drift determination to compensate moisture

  • Lindberg/Blue M Digital Vacuum Ovens

    Thermo Scientific

    …to 260°C; 1°C Uniformity: 3.5% of setpoint Suitable for applications involving baking, drying, curing, aging, vacuum embedding, plating and moisture determinations utilizing a nitrogen atmosphere. Other applications include those which require elevated temperatures in reduced atmospheres or…

  • HF Series Large Capacity High Performance Horizontal Airflow Ovens

    Shel Lab

    SHEL LAB High Performance Ovens are engineered to meet the most critical temperature requirements. They are designed for continuous drying operations at temperatures up to 260°C. Factory-set overtemperature protection prevents control failure from damaging contents and guards against burnout. The…

  • Desiccant Cartridge

    …gel removes moisture from the air Odorless, fumeless, non-corrosive and non-deliquescent Can be regenerated by heating in an oven at 150°C Useful to prevent excessive moisture in analytical balance cases and to protect precision laboratory instruments Will absorb moisture

  • RapidFISH Slide Hybridizer


    …that maintains the required humidity. Microscope slides in the RapidFISH do not require coverslips to be glued because the removable tray traps moisture in the system. Elimination of this step decreases processing time and ensures that the specimens stay hydrated during processing. The system has…

  • Classic.Line Series FED Drying and Heating Chambers with Forced Convection &…


    …drying/heating ovens with multi-functional LED controller 5°C above ambient to 300°C Integrated time (0 to 99.59 hours or continuous) with one ramp function Powerful, digitally adjustable air turbine (0 to 100%) Adjustable heat load (0 to 100%) FED series ovens are…

  • Aquatest VA-2010 Vaporizer


    Complete with Aquatest VA-2010 main unit, oven unit, I/F board, I/F cable, desiccant cartridge, platinum RTD, heated transfer line, gas dispersion tube, 3-way vent tube, magnet pushrod assembly, fittings kit, two sample boats, boat extraction tool, power input cord, polyurethane gas tubing, Teflon™…

  • Scienceware® Desi-Can Reusable Desiccant Canister

    Bel-Art Products

    …Maintains low humidity level in 3 ft 3 of space Desi-Can effectively absorbs moisture through perforations in the aluminum case. Can be repeatedly regenerated by heating in a 150°C (300°F) oven for approximately 3 hours. A monitor window shows blue when recharged and pink when…

  • Thomas Humidity Sponge Regenerable/Indicator


    Non-toxic and ideal for clean rooms Retains 16% moisture guaranteed Indicator gel shows when moisture capacity has been reached Regenerable bags can be regenerated and reused Meet the requirements of the FDA for use in direct contact with food and drugs. Sponges are ideal for…

  • Desiccant in a Cartridge

    Bel-Art Products

    …bag with a perforated Mylar® cover sealed in place Saturated gel can be regenerated in a 150°C (300°F) vented oven for 3 hours or more (depending on size) until blue color returns May be regenerated repeatedly without degradation Individually sealed in moisture proof pouches

  • DRIERITE Mini-Dehumidifier

    W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.

    The DRIERITE Mini-Dehumidifier is designed for the static absorption of moisture in closed containers of up to 6 cubic feet in volume. It meets the demand for a convenient, safe and efficient drying unit for the analytical balance or other small closed compartments, such as reagent storage cabinets,…

  • Scienceware® Disposable Desiccant Cartridges

    Bel-Art Products

    …gel which changes in color from blue to pale pink as it absorbs water. A highly porous membrane covers the dish of desiccant, providing excellent moisture absorbtion. Cartridges may be regenerated by heating overnight in a 50°C (122°F) oven. Silica gel is non-toxic, inert and non-corrosive.

  • Rocker Vacuum Pumps


    …overheats and then restarts it once the unit is cool Inlet filter traps particles and removes moisture, prolonging pump life International CE and CSA certification Applications include filtration for air sampling, microbiology, suspended solid test, and vacuum oven Two-year pump warranty

  • Secador® 4.0 Horizontal Profile Desiccator Cabinets

    Bel-Art Products

    This sturdy Secador® desiccator cabinet has a large, wide storage space and provides easy, reliable dry storage of moisture and UV sensitive products. Durastar® co-polyester construction blocks 99% of UV light and is resistant to staining, crazing and chemical attack Large door…

  • KIMAX Borosilicate Desiccators with Stopcocks

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KIMAX® desiccators are designed and made for durability and efficiency in daily laboratory use. Ideal for removing moisture from solids, storing hygroscopic materials, and applications requiring vacuum desiccation. Can also be used for cooling oven-dried samples while maintaining sample dryness.…

  • Laboratory High Vacuum Pump

    Fischer Technical

    … Provides 85 liter per minute (3cfm) capacity and operates quietly Direct Drive: Reduces space needed Gas Ballast: Helps purge moisture from vacuum system          Trap:     Reduces risk of oil sucked back into the system…

  • Sensor Net Connect

    Plug & Track

    …the RTD Interface. It can measure Temperature from -200 to 250°C (-328 to 482°F) and is ideal for monitoring of ultra freezer or ovens. It has a 6 feet teflon cable that can endure the whole range of temperature The 4 wires Class B construction makes the sensor very accurate…

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