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Moisture Meter
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  • Moisture Meter


    Unique dual LCD displays wall moisture and air temperature simultaneously Moisture content displayed on a relative scale Multi-position pins with safety storage of replaceable pins Easy to operate with selectable side switch (OFF, Test, and Calibrate) Data hold to freeze reading on display …

  • Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter


    Quick Moisture Measurements on Wood and Building Materials Take quick Moisture measurements on wood and building materials with choice of pin or pinless (non-invasive) method. Easy-to-operate with display icons that indicate the levels of moisture content plus audible alert feature. Ideal for…

  • Thomas Traceable® Moisture Meter


    Displays moisture content of wood, wood products, paper or other substances Range: 9.0 to 30.0% Resolution: 0.1%, accuracy ±4% NIST Traceable® Automatic and manual temperature compensation Jumbo sized digits (1 3/8” high) The meter’s memory contains nine material groups such as…

  • Pocket Moisture Meter

    Sper Scientific

    Rugged, reliable and versatile Moisture content RH Dew Point Wet Bulb Ambient Temperature Accurately reads elevated moisture content in various materials for use in building inspection and other industries. Seven material group settings cover various woods, cement,…

  • Scanning Moisture Meter

    Sper Scientific

    …reads elevated moisture content using cutting-edge electromagnetic wave technology that penetrates 1/4" through most materials. Non-destructive leaving no marks and automatically calibrates to dry air. The probe can be held at any angle and reads 0 to 100% moisture in wood and drywall…

  • Moisture Tester

    Dawson Tools

    DSM170 is a material moisture, temperature, humidity all-in-one multi functions meter. The meter is ideal for measuring moisture of wood and concrete buildings. Measures: Relative Humidity Ambient Temperature Additional Features: LCD Display Max/Min Display …

  • Pinless Moisture Psychrometer + IR


    8-in-1 Meter with Patented Built-in IR Thermometer Measure Humidity, Air Temperature (with built-in probe) plus non-contact InfraRed Temperature Pinless moisture sensor allows to monitor moisture in wood and other building materials with no surface damage Remote pin-type probe…

  • Pinless Moisture Psychrometer + IR Thermometer


    Features: Quickly indicates the moisture content of materials with Pinless technology without damaging the surface; Remote Pin-type probe (MO290-P included) allows for contact moisture readings (3ft/0.9m cable length) Manually store/recall up to 20 labeled readings Works on multiple wood…

  • Temperature and Humidity Meter

    Dawson Tools

    The DTM130 is a portable Temperature and Humidity Meter with large backlight LCD screen. Basic temperature measurements include ambient, dew-point and wet bulb. Relative humidity is also measured by the Meter. This DSM130 is ideal for both professionals and hobbyists. Measures: …

  • EP Series Conductivity Meters

    Myron L

    Easy-to-use, durable meters Automatic temperature compensation Built-in electrodes never need replatinization Sealed against moisture Can be used in both field and laboratory applications Meters are simple to use. First, rinse and fill the sample cup. Next, select the range. Then press the…

  • Meters/Dataloggers


    …(600mm) Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Probe with Replaceable Probe Head with inner filter Measures Moisture Content, Air Temperature, Dew Point and Temperature Moisture content measurement from 10 to 95% Datalogger date/time stamps and stores readings on an SD card in Excel®…

  • HygroPal 23 AW Set


    Perfect for the low budget laboratory, this set consists of a HP23-AW portable indicator with 2 probe inputs, one HC2-AW probe for the measurement of product samples, accessories and a carrying case. Battery operated portable indicator with two probe inputs for two simultaneous measurements …

  • Compak Flow Transmitter, Model 8512


    …of ±0.03% of reading. External keys and display allow for setup in seconds. The 8512 Flow Transmitter is contained in a NEMA 4X/IP65 waterproof housing to protect it against temperature, moisture and humidity. Works with any Signet flow sensor. For line or DC power, order 5075C05 Power Pak.

  • 5565A Amplified pH/ORP Combo Sensor Kit


    …pH/ORP (redox) quickly and easily with the 5565A sensor kit which also includes an extension adapter for the bulkhead so the sensor fits into the probe guard Ideal for high static situations, very cold waters, long cable lengths or long field studies where the connector may be subject to moisture

  • Waterproof pH/mV/Temperature Kit


    …with series number, measured value and temperature. The meter has a large, blue, backlit LCD display screen with an auto power off function with disable that saves battery life. The IP57 waterproof housing protects it from moisture and the elements. Comes with a pH/mV/temp electrode, a protective…

  • Sensor Net Connect

    Plug & Track

    …and the Sensor Net Connect (The RJ12 connection should be preserved from extreme moisture and humidity) Two different length are available: - 10 meters (~33 feet) Thomas No. 1199Z05 - 25 meters (~82 feet) Thomas No. 1199Z06 Works with Sensor Net Connect - Thomas No. 1199Z00…

  • Rt-Alumina BOND/KCl Columns (fused silica PLOT)


    …resolution of trans-2-butene and 1-butene is also verified and, to measure efficiency, plates per meter are checked using 1,3-butadiene. Restek's lowest polarity alumina column. Low moisture sensitivity reduces the need for frequent regeneration. Acetylene elutes before n-butane. …

  • Traceable® Micro Anemometer / Thermometer


    …water-resistant design keeps out moisture, dust, and dirt, assuring a long life in severe lab or harsh plant environments. High contrast LCD digits are over 3/8-inch-high and easy to read. Electro luminescent backlight allows the display to be read in total darkness. Meter is traceable to NIST…

  • DC1500 Chlorine Colorimeters


    …or high range. The DC1500 covers the entire critical chlorine range of 0-4 ppm with an MDL of 0.03 ppm. IP67 Waterproof Design: Designed with excessive exposure to moisture in mind, the DC1500 colorimeter delivers trouble-free performance Bold, backlit display European CE Mark USB port

  • Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

    Terra Universal

    …degassing small parts and mixed liquids, vacuum encapsulation, and general purpose vacuum experiments Provide a safe, convenient way to transport moisture- and particle-sensitive materials Clear acrylic construction provides full visibility of parts Sturdy construction supports vacuum level…

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