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  • Minotome Plus Cryostat Accessories

    General Data Healthcare

    …require Knife Holder R (6725C37). Disposable Microtome blades (6725D50 to D59) For use with disposable blade holders Consistently produces virtually compression-free ribbons Choose from four disposable microtome blades to meet all your sectioning needs. Standard blades…

  • SHUR/CutTM Semi-automatic retracting microtome. Instrument mounted membrane touch pad displays # of revolutions / thickness setting / total amount specimen advanced and whether in trimming or sectioning mode.  Repetitive motion hand functions housed in operator positionable handpad for…

  • Microtome Blades

    Azer Scientific

    microtome blades are designed for precise and exact sectioning of tissue specimens. Each blade is manufactured using a sophisticated heating process and excellent polishing and coating techniques, our blades provide smooth, clean cut sections every time. Both high and low profile microtome blades…

  • Embedding Rings


    Made of high impact polystyrene Embedding rings are suitable for holding and identifying tissue sample blocks and fit well in microtome chuck adapters. The etched writing surface on the ring is marked with an identification number and placed on top of the sample block. Additional paraffin is…

  • Cut Microtomes

    General Data Healthcare

    …and retracting microtomes Coarse advance handwheel in 3 different styles Section thickness indicator, 0.5 to 60 µm The CUT microtome series creates a user-friendly microtome that is built to last and ideal for use in high production lab settings. The microtome is mounted on a…

  • Cut Microtome Accessories

    General Data Healthcare

    …through C49 and requires 6725C34 Disposable Blade Clamping Plates (6725C43, C46, C49) Use with 6725C40 Thomas number 6725C43 is used for all common low profile blades, 6725C46 is for common high profile blades, and 6725C49 is for heavy duty disposable knives. Microtome Oil (6725C52)

  • …detachable handle with wing nut for fastening blade Parts separate easily for cleaning Tissue Slicer (part no. 6727C10) comes with a 25 pk of microtome blades (6727C18), blade handle (6727C25), and 3 trans. methacrylate parts (6727P02) Circular platform, 31 mm diameter x 12 mm high, on…

  • Cyto-Freeze


    …Cyto-Freeze flash freezes tissues instantly. It cools to -60°F (-50°C) in three seconds. To cut sections, simply mount tissue directly on a microtome holder, spray, and section. Saves time and eliminates water crystals caused by slower freezing methods. The supplied five-inch polyethylene…

  • TBS Mintome Plus Cryostat Knives

    General Data Healthcare

    Reusable knives for 6725A01 and A04 series For use with 6725A01 and A04 Include storage case

  • Minotome Plus Cryostat

    General Data Healthcare

    …Automatic or manual advance/retract feature Control panel is user and glove friendly 2-42 µm thick sections CFC-free The same proven Minot® microtome that has been the technician’s choice for nearly 70 years has been placed inside the new Minotome Plus Cryostat. The new, easy-to-use…

  • Shur/Freeze Cryogen Spray

    General Data Healthcare

    Shur/Freeze™ Cryogen Spray Shur/Freeze™ cryogen spray meets new federal environmental specifications. Tissue blocks can now be cooled to -60°C with this environmentally friendly refrigerant. The adjustable flow rate is controlled by a convenient trigger mechanism. Contains…

  • Shur/Lube Microtome Oil, 3/4oz

    General Data Healthcare

    For the cleaning, lubrication and protection of your microtomes and cryostats in high volume laboratories and extreme temperature environments.

  • …cassettes are suitable for holding and identifying tissue samples in processing, embedding, and sectioning procedures. The cassettes fit securely in microtome chuck adapters. They are molded from a high density polymer that is totally resistant to the chemical action of histological solvents. These…

  • Cover Slips; Thermanox®: TMX Coverslips

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …however, it is not resistant to concentrated acids or bases.Thermanox® plastic is a flexible, trans-parent polymer that can be sectioned using a microtome and is able to withstand high temp-eratures (temperature range –70ºC to +150ºC). Thermanox® coverslips are culture treated on one side for…

  • …histological stains. In addition, tissue treated with this solution can be easily cut as thick as 300 microns on either a cryostat or a sliding microtome without shattering. The solution may be used for treatment of tissues fixed with any fixative. *To protect the tissue completely from ice…

  • TFM Tissue Freezing Medium

    General Data Healthcare

    TFM™ Tissue Freezing Medium Embedding matrix for frozen sections. Unique formula reduces curling, allowing easier pickups of flat serial sections. Reduced water content minimizes freeze fractures. Color variety makes differentiating multiple specimens easy. Available in clear, transparent…

  • …tissues mean easier, smoother cutting and sectioning. (Because soft tissues cut thinner than formalin-hardened samples, we recommend increasing microtome settings by 1-3 microns.) It is important to remember that these tissues are not fixed by formalin, but rather preserved by Histochoice™ MB.

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