Microtome Blades

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Microtome Blades
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  • Azer Scientific

    microtome blades are designed for precise and exact sectioning of tissue specimens. Each blade is manufactured using a sophisticated heating process and excellent polishing and coating techniques, our blades provide smooth, clean cut sections every time. Both high and low profile microtome blades

  • …type of tissue, Trajan blades are suitable for all microtomy and cryotomy applications, making them the ideal blade for routine histology work. From skin biopsies to more fibrous uterine tissue, Trajan blades will reproduce thin sections with ease. Made to last, Trajan blades are also the perfect…

  • tsdeals

    labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    …vitro Other Applications: these blades are also used in the polymer clay industry for thin slicing of clay materials, with no pulling or tearing of material. It also produces very thin sections when needed.  NOTE: these microtome blades are extremely sharp and should be handled…

  • …and High profile microtome blade, 50/pack. Suitable for both soft and hard tissue, StatCut™ Blades are well balanced in durability and sharpness. They are coated for non-stick sections and effortless ribboning. Customers love these blades, and report longer use for each blade than the competition.…

  • Low profile microtome blades, 50 /pack. TruCut™ Disposable microtome blades demonstrate increased sharpness, and greater durability compared to many conventional microtome blades. Made in Japan with a proprietary surface ionization process, the blade edge is slowly refined, sharpened and optimized…

  • General Data Healthcare

    Microtome blades (6725D50 to D59) For use with disposable blade holders Consistently produces virtually compression-free ribbons Choose from four disposable microtome blades to meet all your sectioning needs. Standard blades for routine tissue samples and heavy duty blades, both…

  • For the safe containment and disposal of used microtome blades, scalpel blades, slides, coverglass, or other medical waste. Made of high density polyethylene plastic. Attached lid prevents loss and forms a leak-proof seal when securely attached. OSHA Compliant. Available in 1, 1.5, and 2 quart…

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