Microscope Slide Rack

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Microscope Slide Rack
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  • Create a file system for your slide boxes Storage racks make organization of your samples easy. The clear acrylic construction allows you to see the labels on the slide boxes. Place boxes in rows or columns by color to create an easy coding system. Each rack holds up to 15 slide boxes.

  • …This rugged tray used as a drain rack can hold up to 200 microscope slides in 100 individual numbered slots. All slides are stored upright for easier insertion and removal. Simply tilt them forward and backward with one finger to easily and rapidly pick up the slide you need. A unique feature with…

  • Made of acetal polymer The EasyDip™ Slide Staining Rack will hold up to 12 microscope slides with dimensions such as 75 x 25 mm, (3 x 1 in.) and even 76 x 26 mm and with a thickness of 1.0 and 1.2 mm. The slides fit into individual slots for free passage and rapid drainage of staining fluids.…

  • Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Stainless Steel slide tray racks that accept aluminum slide trays. The rack alows air to circulate over the slides and both sizes of racks hold up to 100 slides. The aluminum slide trays have elevated ridges to separate 76 x 26mm slides and finger holes for easy removal. Ideal for drying fresh…

  • With these handy files near your microscope, slides are always separated, visible and orderly. Vacuum-formed polystyrene 12-place slide holder Allows slides to project over the rack’s edge for easy handling

  • …your microscope slides, the EasyDip™ Slide Staining System has two components: a square staining jar and a 12-position vertical slide rack. As an extra benefit, they are available in 5 different colors to help better identifying contents or applications. Purchase the EasyDip™ Slide

  • Universal slide rack and staining dish for histology, microbiology and other slide staining needs. Made of black polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic which is easy-to-clean and resistant to chemicals used in staining procedures. Slide Rack Holds twenty-five, 25 x 75mm (1 x 3") slides

  • Celltreat Scientific

    Grow cells directly on the slide without any need for future transfer; ideal for growing and viewing cells under a microscope on standard 25mm x 75mm slide Integrated gasket prevents cross-contamination between chambers Inert hydrophobic green border printed on slide to define cell culture…

  • quick-ship

    NEST Scientific USA

    …Chamber Slides are designed for various cell-based experiments and are also useful for virus, toxicity tests and immunocytological experiments. Cell Culture Chamber Slides provide removable chambers that enable cell growth directly on the microscopic slide, convenient for staining and microscopic

  • …on the slide. Slide is 1.2 mm thick with frosted end for marking; single plastic lid covers all chambers and has no handles. Overall dimensions: 76 x 25 x 13 mm high; entire structure can be placed on microscope stage. Supplied in packages of two, 8-unit trays that can be used as racks during…

  • DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …16, 20 and 30 slide racks. It holds slides sizes 3 x 1 inch (75 mm x 25 mm), 3 x 1-1/2 inch (75 mm x 38 mm), and 3 x 2 inch (75 mm x 51 mm). Manufactured from soda-lime glass. Approximate inside dimensions: 118 mm L x 88 mm W x 70 mm D. This slotted rack holds 50 microscope slides, sizes 3 x 1…

  • …that can accommodate up to 5 or 10 slides for rapid heat-fixing in as little as 1 minute. After slides are heat-fixed then stained and rinsed with water, the slides need to dry before viewing under the microscope. The traditional methods of propping up slides for 15 minutes of air drying or using…

  • …temperature stability and has a temperature range of ambient +5°C to 75°C. Comes with a stainless steel slide rack for up to 20-1” x 3” slides and will also accommodate various other sizes. Accessories include a plastic slide holder for up to 18-1” x 3” slides only.

  • Biomed Diagnostics

    A clip that clamps onto the InPouch for easy microscopic viewing.

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