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Microscope Illuminator
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  • Thomas Illuminated Microscope


    Battery supplied Pocket size Illuminated microscope features a large viewing area that is easy on the eyes. Unit comes complete with a snap-on microscope slide holder for easy use in the field. Microscope measures 5 1/2” x 1 1/2” x 7/8” and weighs only 3 ounces.

  • Binocular Biological Microscope with LED Illumination


    LB-220 Biological Binocular Microscope with LED Illumination is an economic, practical and easy to operate binocular microscope. This microscope  is ideally suited for the school biological education and medical analyses areas. We can use it to observe all kinds of slides. It can be widely…

  • Zoom Stereo Microscope with LED Illumination


    Stereo microscopes are also known as low magnification and dissecting microscopes. LB-340 Zoom Stereo Microscope on a post stand offers upright, un-reversed 3D images that remain in focus throughout the zoom range. Optional eyepieces and auxiliary objectives expand magnification range and working…

  • Academic Zoom Stereo Microscope with LED Illumination


    microscopes. LB-320 Academic Zoom Stereo Microscopes on a post stand offer upright, un-reversed 3D images that are very clear throughout the zoom range. Optional eyepieces and auxiliary objectives expand magnification range and working distances. LB-320 is a very popular zoom stereo microscope.

  • Portable Measuring Microscope (100x, with Illumination)


    …reticles for eyepiece to meet different requirements Applications LB-134 Portable Measuring Microscopes (100×, with Illumination) portable measuring microscopes are mainly used for measuring or viewing purposes in production and laboratory area. They are particularly suitable…

  • Binocular Transmitted Polarizing Microscope with Halogen Illumination and…


    LB-540 Binocular Transmitted Polarizing Microscope with Halogen Illumination and Infinity Color Corrected Optical System is equipped with a smooth, rotating, graduated stage and a set of polarizers that allow observation of all types of transmitted light polarized specimens such as thin sections of…

  • Biological Binocular Educational Microscope with LED Illumination and Finite…


    LB-210 Biological Binocular Educational Microscopes with LED Illumination, Wide Field and Finite Optical l System (Anti-Fungus) offer ease of use, reliability and a modern design. These microscopes are economically priced, with all basic features for educational use in high schools and colleges. …

  • Trinocular Biological Microscope (Anti-Fungus) with Wide Field and LED…


    …Interpupillary distance can be adjusted to fit for observation Applications LB-231 Trinocular Biological Microscope (Anti-Fungus) with Wide Field and LED Illumination is an ideal instrument in the biological, histological, and pathological fields and can be widely used in medical and…

  • Fiber Optic Illuminators

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    150 Watt Variable intensity Halogen Light Source with Dual Gooseneck, bifurcated or two each 18" flexible and self supporting fiber optic light guides with chrome sheathing.

  • Biological Microscope with Advanced Alignment, LED Illumination and Four…


    …equipment and advanced alignment technology, LB-234 Binocular Biological Microscope with Advanced Alignment, LED Illumination and Four Achromatic Objectives (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x) is an advanced biological microscope. An ideal instrument in the biological, histological, and pathological fields…

  • Zoom Stereo Binocular Microscope with Greenough Optical System, LED Transmitting…


    …magnification range and working distance. Stereo microscopes are also known as low magnification and dissecting microscopes. LB-350 is a very popular zoom stereo microscope. Optional cold light and ring light can be chosen for this microscope. Great value in a variety of applications such…

  • Binocular Biological Microscope with Finite Optical System, Achromatic…


    Features Affordable price Built-in LED illumination Light weight New shape design Applications It can be used in medical and sanitary establishments, laboratories, institutes, academic laboratories, colleges and universities.

  • Fiber-Lite® MI-150 Illuminator

    Dolan Jenner

    150 Watt Illuminator Lightweight, compact unit UL, CE and C-UL approved Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty Requires no adapters This 150 Watt illuminator delivers 350,000 foot candles of high intensity cold light illumination with a lamp life of over 1000 hours. Audible noise and vibration is…

  • Fiber-lite® 3100 Illuminator

    Dolan Jenner

    30-Watt Illuminator Lightweight 10, 000 foot candle intensity Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty The 30 watt quartz-halogen lamp produces intense, cold illumination. A solid state intensity control has 4 intensity settings for precise light level. Lamp life is 200 hours at full intensity. Color…

  • Inverted Compound Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …for Fast Scanning; excellent clarity, flatness Koehler Halogen illumination, optimal color reproduction & contrast Phase Contrast and Brightfield (6 objectives) Mechanical stage TS-366 Fluorescent Microscope – unique fluorescent filters to match excitation/emission…

  • LED140 Ring Illuminator


    LED140 Ring Illuminator Silent, vibration-free operation 66mm I.D. 40 powerful LEDs provide consistent even illumination Color temperature of 6000K 50,000 hour rated bulb life Produces 4030

  • Stereo, Fixed Magnification Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The Stereo microscope provides a large stage for sample manipulation while fitting in a storage cabinet. The illuminated stands permit light from three directions (above, below or both) to help observe opaque or transparent samples. Solid, all-metal focus mechanisms endure extensive student use. …

  • Fiber-Lite® Mi-LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

    Dolan Jenner

    …Optic Illuminator for microscopy and general illumination. The latest technology and energy efficient, the Mi-LED features cool white LED lighting with a “customer requested” color temp of 5000K and even higher output than the Fiber-Lite Mi-150, 150 watt halogen fiber optic illuminator.

  • Stereo Zoom Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …views are clear Large working distance and large flat work surface Easy to choose – Two magnification ranges with multiple illumination options TS7 Series @ 6.5-45X ratio 7:1, infinite zoom TS65 Series @ 10-65X ratio 6.5:1, infinite zoom TS6 Series @ 7-45X ratio…

  • Upright Light Compound Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …All models use microscope slides. Upright Light Compound Microscopes with Infinity Planachromatic Objectives (Models 1191D81 and 1191D82) Infinity planachromatic objectives deliver excellent clarity, flatness, true color reproduction, optimal contrast with Koehler illumination. Application…

  • i4 Microscope

    LW Scientific

    …use with LWS Microscopes 1204F36 and 1204F37. i4 Infinity UL-Listed The i4 Infinity UL-Listed binocular and trinocular microscopes have been safety tested and is compliant to IEC 61010-1 safety and electrical requirements.  The UL mark on the rear of the microscope instills confidence…

  • Accessories for Stereo Zoom Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …image resolution with best in class zoom range Incorporating advanced technology of Greenough optical design into a durable, cost effective microscope to provide crisp, clear images at all levels of it's 7:1 zoom ratio, 6.5X-45X on GL7 or 6:1 ratio, 10X-65X on GL6. Both series from Jenco…

  • Prism Microscope

    United Scientific Supplies

    Durable introductory microscope is ideal for classroom or field use.  The microscope body, viewing tube, and stage are constructed of cast metal.  Light-gathering lucite prism provides sub-stage illumination without the need for electricity by using ambient or room light.  40x…

  • Microscope Immersion Oils


    …recommended for routine applications. Extra High Viscosity oils such as Cargille Type NVH and Type OVH are used with inverted or inclined microscopes when lower viscosity oils may run out of place or on to surfaces where they are not wanted. These oils are capapble of bridging a wide condenser…

  • EXS-210 Stereo Microscope Series


    …student microscopes provide outstanding images at reasonable prices. The EXS-210 Series is available in 1x/2x, 1x/3x, 2x/4x, 1x/2x/3x and 1x/2x/4x configurations. Illumination Each microscope is equipped with LED illuminators for transmitted and incident illumination. The illuminators are…

  • EXC-120 Compound Microscope Series


    …the counter while focusing the microscope, allowing for maximum comfort. Illumination Available with a LED illuminator allowing for tremendous energy savings, the EXC-120 Series provides superb brightness. 0.50x Camera Adapter for EXC-120 Series Microscope (Mfr. No. 2005-5M) …

  • Nicholas Microscope Lamp Bulb


    Replacement bulb for Nicholas Microscope Lamps

  • EXI-310 Inverted Microscope Series


    Compact, Inverted Microscope for Routine & Research Applications Utilizing ACCU-SCOPE's AIS optical system and LED illumination for both diascopic and epi-fluorescence imaging, the EXI-310 microscope offers brilliantly clear images, enabling more efficient cell culture observation and…

  • 3072 Stereo Microscope Series


    …incorporating many professional features the 3072 Stereo Microscope Series is ideal for classrooms, light industrial applications and hobbyists. A long working distance, available enhanced illumination and a large field of view make these microscopes a great choice for classroom dissections and…

  • EXM-150 Monocular Microscope Series


    …newly designed LED illumination system provides bright, even illumination in both corded or cordless operation. LED Illumination – Take It Where You Want To Go EXM-150 models feature a variable, rechargeable LED illumination system allowing for you to use the microscope where ever you…

  • EXC-350 Compound Microscope Series


    microscope (Mfr. No. EXC-350-APO) Infinity Plan Semi-Apochromatic Optics, Enhanced LED Illumination Trinocular head 5-position nosepiece Upgraded Infinity Plan Semi-Apochromatic 4x, 10x, 40xR* and 100xR oil* objectives (*spring-loaded) Abbe condenser LED illumination with…

  • DMB3 Digital Compound Microscope


    …Digital Compound Microscope has a 30° inclined Siedentopf head and a built-in field of view diaphragm ensuring correct positioning of the condenser, according to Koehler, for perfect illumination, 10X Wide Field (20 mm) eyepieces, efficient 12 V/20 W halogen illuminator with intensity control…

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