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Microplate Seal
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  • Microplate Sealing Systems


    Microplate Sealing System

  • EZ-Pierce™ Sealing Films

    Excel Scientific

    …tips or robotic probes Inert, chemical resistant Functional temperature range -40°C to +90°C *Completing application of sealing films by pressing with the accessory plate roller assures a secure uniform seal around all wells. Excel Scientific Sealing Film Selection Chart

  • MicroPlate Centrifuges

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …in.), the MicroPlate Centrifuge includes a uniquely designed, swing out rotor (patent pending) capable of securing 2 microplates. The easily accessible rotor chamber includes two plate carriers that rest at a 75° angle. This allows plates to be inserted confidently without sealing tapes or caps.…

  • PolarSeal™ Aluminum Microplate Seals


    Ideal for long term compound storage Effective temperature range from -80°C to +150°C DMSO resistant Pierceable with a pipet tip for easy sample retrieval Peels off easily to reduce backspray

  • OmniGenX Microplate Seal Pads


    …alternative to standard adhesive plate seals and lids. It's very easy to use. Simply remove a sheet from the pad and apply it to your plate or block. There is NO backing to remove!! These seals are a great low cost solution for sealing microplates, ELISA and filtration plates, and for…

  • Microplate Sealing Tape, Mats & Strips


    Sealing tapes and mats for 96 well plates prevent evaporation and enable oil-free operation when used with thermal cyclers with heated lids. Easy to apply and remove whether used for short or long-term storage. Sealing mats are non-sterile but are certified DNase- and RNase-free.

  • SealMate™ System for Adhesive Microplate-Sealing Films

    Excel Scientific

    sealing films to microplates. Excel Scientific's unique SealMate™ system provides a convenient new method for sealing standard-format microplates with adhesive films. The system includes a molded polypropylene dispenser with a hinged “clamshell” design and sealing films…

  • Uniseal Microplate Sealers

    GE Healthcare

    UNISEAL™ Microplate Sealers Controls humidity Eliminates evaporation of a sample Prevents spills and contamination Heat sealable inert film lids for sensitive samples An improved alternative to sealing microplates with 3-inch tape. This custom design of plate seals

  • Sealing Film


    BRAND offers a wide selection of accessories for multiwell plates including lids and sealing films. In cases where the multiwell plate needs not only to be covered, but also securely sealed, self-adhesive films are available. These film sheets can be applied on the plates and removed without the use…

  • Universal Optical Microplate Sealing Tape


    Corning Universal Optical Microplate Sealing Tape is compatible with commonly used aqueous solutions and organic solvents. Its high optical quality allows for detection coupled with PCR system such as real-time PCR. Pressure sensitive tape ensures tight seal that minimizes evaporation and enables…

  • 96 Well PCR Microplate for Roche 480 Light Cycler, White (No Sealing Film)


    96 Well PCR Microplate for Roche 480 Light Cycler, White (No Sealing Film)

  • ELISA/Incubation Polyester Microplate Sealing Tape


    … Minimize well to well cross contamination Applications For sealing assay plates used in ELISA protocols Allows effective well to well sealing across entire plate It is suitable for sealing tissue culture plates, for short term storage incubation, for transport and the…

  • EZ Seal™ Microplate Adhesive Film

    Evergreen Scientific

    These films are made of inert polyestr with an acrylic adhesive. They are compatible with almost all microplate procedures and are also inert to most chemical reagents.

  • MicroTS Microplate Heat Sealer

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    …compact, fixed temperature manual heat sealer for PCR plates and microplates. The MicroTS is Ideal for use in low to medium throughput laboratories where space is limited but speed and reliability is paramount. The MicroTS Microplate Sealer requires at least one adapter plate which is (sold…

  • Aluminum Microplate Sealing Tape


    …Corning microplate sealing tapes offer easy application and removal for all microplates for both short- and long-term storage. Tapes provide tight seal to minimize evaporation and condensation and enables oil-free operation when used with thermocyclers with heated lids. Aluminum sealing

  • Microplate Seal


    …as a low-cost sealing option, and useful for temporary storage and as a cover for applications such as centrifugation. End tabs allow for easy application and removal. This seal is removable without residue on the plate. For all adhesive seals, the best sealing results are achieved…

  • SealPlate® Films for ELISA, Incubation and Storage

    Excel Scientific

    …application of more than two strips. SealPlate RollMate SealPlate® RollMate™: An economical, efficient way to rapidly seal microplates; faster than applying single sheeted film. Application: Ideal for ELISA, incubation and storage Temperature Range: -40°C to…

  • Microplate Sealing Tape

    MP Biomedicals

    Microplate sealing tape is suitable for all microplates for both short- and long-term storage, providing a tight seal to minimize evaporation and condensation. This microplate sealing tape is easy to apply and remove from microplates. 60 m per roll. Acetate plate sealers are not gas permeable…

  • Microplate Sealing Tape


    The Microplate Sealing Tape is clear, self-sticking tape for standard microplates.  Suitable for both 96-well and 384-well plates. The precut, pressure-senstive tape seals and reseals the surface of the plates during incubations to prevent evaporationand allow more vigorous mixing.  The…

  • Microplates Accessories

    Agilent Technologies

    Custom cap mats are available for sealing 24-, 48- and 96- square well microplates. The mats are molded in Santoprene, a chemical resistant polymer similar to Neoprene. All Agilent microplates may be covered with universal polystyrene lids available in clear or black resin.

  • Sealing Tape White Rayon Breathable Ns

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Effectively seal all microplate formats For storage, PCR, microscopy, culture & protection Protective backing Pre-cut, plate-sized sheets

  • Microplate Storage Mats


    Certified DNase- and RNase-free Manufactured from EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and polymer is compatible with DMSO, it fits Corning 96 round well plates and blocks. Mat is non-sterile but is certified DNase- and RNase-free. Mats can be applied manually or with the Storage Mat Applicator. Storage…

  • Microplate Brayer

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Uniformly seal your films to microplates with Brayer. It’s perfect for all your sealing films.

  • Gas Exchange Sealing Tape


    Breathable Sealing Tape provides for adequate gas exchange while maintaining a sterile barrier. Breathable sealing tape fits all 96- and 384-well microplates and polypropylene blocks.

  • Titer-Tops™

    Diversified Biotech

    …tip Prevents well-to-well contamination, sample spillage and evaporation Polyethylene film that provides excellent adhesion to plastic microplates Non-cytotoxic, sterile, solvent resistant and waterproof Stays solidly in place even when exposed to 100% humidity and extreme temperatures…

  • Microplates Polypropylene


    …for time saving centrifugation up to 6000 × g RecoverMax® well design for maximum sample recovery Raised rims for effective sealing Black and white microplates for improved sensitivity in fluorescence and luminescence assays High chemical resistance Batch certified in PCR clean and Sterile…

  • Microplate Heat Seals

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    microplate heat seals, ideal for use with the Vitl VTS and Vitl MicroTS. Vitl stock a comprehensive range of film and foil microplate heat seals, ideal for (but not limited to) use with the Vitl VTS Microplate Heat Sealer and Vitl MicroTS Microplate Heat Sealer. All Vitl microplate seals

  • Sealing Mats for 384-Well PCR Microplates


    Reusable and versatile, Axygen AxyMats minimize evaporation in a wide range of temperatures in PCR and storage applications. These sealing mats are designed specifically for 384-Well PCR Microplates.

  • Sealing Mats for 96-well Deep Well Microplates with Round Wells


    …evaporation in a wide range of temperatures in PCR and storage applications. These sealing mats are designed specifically for 96 round well microplates. ImpermaMats are chemically resistant reusable sealing mats that provide a high degree of confidence. For storage applications involving more…

  • Microplate Brayers

    Diversified Biotech

    1177Z78 Standard soft rubber brayer Creates uniform seal 1177Z79 Deluxe firm rubber brayer Even distribution of force Thumb pockets for better control Ergonomic handle

  • DMSO-Resistant Cyclic-Olefin Microplate


    Tinted amber for light-sensitive assays These standard height lids are made of cyclic-olefin which is 100% DMSO-resistant. Lids are nonsterile and do not fit Corning 2 µL 1536 well microplates.

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