Mesh Polypropylene

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Mesh Polypropylene
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  • Mesh Screens for Macrofiltration Separations Spectrum provides a broad range of Spectra/Mesh Woven Filters that consist of individual strands woven into a mesh screen, characterized by precise mesh openings, percent open area and mesh thickness. There are 5 material types with different physical,…

  • Mini dipping baskets. Autoclavable polypropylene basket is perfect for dipping very small parts. Excellent chemical resistance allows for use with acids. Continuous use temperature up to 180°C. Openings in mesh are .090" x .040" with 24% open area. Ring around top acts as a handle and…

  • Autoclavable Non-scratching Tapered sides permit nesting Baskets are ideal for applications such as sterilization, incubation and storage. Molded, one-piece design has a mesh opening of 9.5 mm.

  • …autoclavable polypropylene sieve, or our patent-pending polyester mesh Slinger with stainless steel frame. * Wringer options are ordered separately and include a heavy-duty stainless steel downpress wringer, stainless steel flat mop wringer, a durable autoclavable polypropylene bucket wringer,…

  • Flow-Mesh

    Diversified Biotech

    … Can be cut to size with scissors Can be used as a permeable stacking spacer and support for gels during stain and destain procedures Polypropylene mesh is approximately 1/3 mm thick with 1 mm strand spacings and approximately 70% void volume. This large percentage of void volume provides a…

  • Hybridization Tubes

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …O-rings Tubes provide a cleaner and safer alternative to hybridizing in bags. Use only approximately 5 mL of probe per blot. Multiple Northern, Southern or Western blots (up to five per tube) can be hybridized in a single tube by using nylon mesh sheets. Polypropylene caps measure 45 mm.

  • Cell Strainers


    Made of sturdy polypropylene and strong nylon mesh Three different pore sizes available: 40μm, 70μm, or 100μm, strainers are color-coded according to pore size for convenience Fits perfectly into Biologix 50mL Centrifuge Tubes Gamma radiation sterilized, non-pyrogenic

  • Cell Strainers

    Celltreat Scientific

    …Pestle design improves manipulation of material in the strainer during operation. Polypropylene housing with nylon mesh filter eliminates the need to fabricate filters from gauze, paper, nylon mesh, or other materials Elongated lip on housing extends beyond edge of centrifuge tube…

  • …Cell Strainer system is a fast and easy-to-use solution for detaching, isolating and straining cells from clusters and tissues. A polypropylene frame supports a nylon mesh that is available in three color-coded porosities: 40μm (blue), 70μm (white), and 100μm (yellow). A tiered filtration…

  • …handling with forceps      Strainers are made of a strong nylon mesh with 40, 70, or 100 µm pores that are evenly spaced for consistent results      Molded color-coded polypropylene frame with tab enables easy handling           …

  • Cell Strainers

    Argos Technologies

    …ready to use method for securing single-cell suspensions.  Available in filter mesh diameters of 40, 70 and 100µm. They are compatible with 50mL centrifuge tubes and feature color-coded polypropylene frames. Individually packaged and gamma sterilized. * Micron dimensions refer…

  • …interchangeable, polypropylene screen holding sections, a catch pan, a cover and four screen retaining rings. Sections are friction-fit; easy to assemble and take apart for sample retrieval Sorting parameters can be changed by exchanging the removable phosphor-bronze mesh inserts; eight…

  • …variety of applications Evenly spaced mesh pores providing consistent and reliable results Conveniently accessible in individual packaging Extended lip on strainer enables aseptic handling with forceps Molded color-coded polypropylene frame with tab enables easy handling and…

  • …diameter Whatman GD/X disposable syringe filters are for the preparation of hard-to-filter samples. The syringe filters have a pigment-free polypropylene housing to eliminate sample contamination and contain a pre-filtration stack of Whatman GMF 150 (graded density) and GF/F glass microfiber…

  • HandHeld Tool

    Micronova Manufacturing

    …in Polypropylene, recyclable plastic or autoclavable Polyketone Slip-on covers for specialized cleaning NovaPoly™ Cover - 100% smooth knit polyester, matches traditional cleanroom wipe fabrics and provides excellent disinfectant dispersal PolyMesh™ Cover - 100% polyester mesh,

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