Mercury Spill

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Mercury Spill
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  • Mercsorb® Amalgamation Powder & Spill Kit


    …Kit uses amalgamation powder sponges to absorb the mercury. Store used sponges in the plastic containment jar until the mercury can be disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Spill kit contains 500 g of Amalgamation powder, 2 mercury sponges and a containment jar.

  • Mercury Spill Kit


    Mercury Spill Kit is designed to handle all stages of cleaning up mercury spills. Kit is designed for one time use only. Kit does not contain any chemicals designed to alter the mercury's toxicity or danger. Recommended for use only by trained personnel. Kit contains: amalgamation powder (270 g),…

  • Mercury Collector

    Bel-Art Products

    In case of a mercury spill, remove the lid and press the pad on the inside of the lid firmly into the spilled mercury. This pressure results in the pad taking up the mercury and becoming saturated with the metal. Replace the mercury-laden lid on the jar. A perforated plate in the jar is pressed up…

  • Mercsorb Mercury Indicator Powder


    Indicator powder identifies the presence of mercury in suspected contaminated areas. Powder is easy to use. Simply sprinkle the powder over the suspect are and leave for 24 hours. A pink to reddish brown or black area will appear if mercury is present. 250 g covers 1 to 1.5 square feet.

  • SpillSolv® Chemical Spill Kits


    …four disposable plastic scoops and scrapers; a large sponge for residue cleanups. Mercury Spill Kit (8237A25) Kit contains one small, see-through, portable poly container; one 750 g shaker bottle Mercury Immobilizer; one pair of clear protective glasses; two pairs of blue N-DEX Nitrile gloves;…

  • Decontamination Solutions


    …(Polychlorinated Biphenals) and Etiological materials. Decon 2 is used for unknown contaminants and Etiological materials such as heavy metals (Mercury, lead, Cadmium, etc.), pesticides, chlorinated phenols, dioxins and non-acid inorganic wastes. Decon 3 is used for unknown contaminants such as…

  • Baker Spill Kits

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    …to form amalgam with mercury droplets and RESISORB® powder for sprinkling into cracks and crevices, following CINNASORB® procedure, to counteract vapor from mercury not recovered. There is sufficient material to deal with spills of up to 25 mL (335 grams) of mercury. Kit also includes aspirator…

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