Membrane Filter Funnel

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Membrane Filter Funnel
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  • Solvent Filtration Disposable Vacuum Bottle Top Filters

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …cold filtration, filtration of media and buffers, and any sterilization or particle removal of mixtures incompatible with standard polystyrene filters. Our wide variety of membrane materials, pore sizes, and funnel volumes allows you to easily find a filter that’s best for your application.

  • Magnetic Filter Funnel, 300 mL


    Clear polysulfone funnel with imprinted graduations. Magnetic coupling of funnel to stem for fast filter changes. Used with 47 mm membrane filters for coliform testing and prefiltration of many fluids. Fits standard manifold systems with #8 rubber stopper connections. Capacity 300 mL (10 oz).…

  • 47mm Magnetic Filter Funnels

    Pall Life Sciences

    …particulate contamination using the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique. The Magnetic Filter Funnel is ideal for use with a filter funnel manifold or side-arm vacuum flask using a rubber stopper connection. Dual magnets ensure a tight, no-leak seal between the funnel cylinder and base, eliminating…

  • 47mm Stainless Steel Vacuum Holder

    Advantec MFS

    funnel connects to the base guided by set pins. The locking nut on the funnel secures the assembly together without twisting or tearing the membrane. The 304ss screen(w/ PTFE gasket) ensures particles will not be shed into the filtrate. The No.8 silicone stopper mounts in a standard 1L vacuum filter

  • 47mm Glass Vacuum Holder Assemblies

    Advantec MFS

    …Borosilicate glass filter holder assemblies for the microanalysis of liquids for biological or particulate contamination under vacuum. The 47mm holder is the standard size for microbiology and uses a 47mm filter membrane. The anodized aluminum clamp secures the membrane between the funnel and glass…

  • Whatman Vacuum Type Glass Holders

    GE Healthcare

    …choice of support screen. Suitable for aqueous and organic solvent filtration. The funnel seal ensures that the sample does not bypass the membrane and that particulates are retained on the surface of the membrane. The sintered glass support is recommended for filtration and biological analysis.…

  • Vacuum-Type Glass Membrane Holders

    GE Healthcare

    For general purpose vacuum filtration Borosilicate glass funnel body and stem are attached securely by quick-action spring clamp of anodized aluminum Easily disassembled for loading, cleaning and autoclaving Include single-hole silicone rubber stopper

  • Clamp Style Polysulfone Filter Funnels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …clamp holds funnel and stem together, yet allows easy access for retrieval and replacement of membrane. Clamp allows one-handed operation. Funnel may be used with any filtering flask or filter manifold which has a No. 8 rubber stopper with a 9/16” (15 mm) hole. Funnel and clamp, Thomas…

  • Reusable Filter Holders with Receiver

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Polysulfone filter funnels For 47 mm diameter membrane filters Eliminates the need for a manifold and/or breakable glass vacuum flask Particularly useful for field work Receiver is graduated Non-sterile Autoclavable Two side-arms allow connection to vacuum line; also…

  • Whatman MBS I Plastic Funnel

    GE Healthcare

    funnel seals tightly with the membrane. MicroPlus membrane filter – the plus for stability Whatman MicroPlus membrane filters from GE Healthcare are an excellent addition to the MBS I for the beverage industry. Wherever viscous or particle loaded solutions are being filtered, MicroPlus filters

  • Analytical Test Filter Funnels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …has official certification for water quality work The 0.2 µm membrane is excellent for sterility testing Graduated upper chamber provides accurate and convenient sample measurements Includes six funnel adapters designed to fit a #8 rubber stopper with a 1/2-inch hole. Case contains 50 filters.

  • Filter Funnel, Threaded

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Polysulfone Durable and non-toxic Screw-type closure holds membrane in place Autoclavable Can be used with any filtering flask or manifold that accepts a suitable rubber stopper with hole. Includes one easy-to-use, no-twist Nalgene® vacuum gasket, which can replace a No. 7 or 8 rubber stopper…

  • Microsart @filter


    …sterile system combining gridded membrane filter and funnel with a click-fit closure all in one unit. Specifically developed for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, beverages, water and other liquids. Microsart @filter units are available packaged on…

  • 13mm Glass Vacuum Holder Assemblies

    Advantec MFS

    Filter small volumes  3 funnel sizes  Concentrate samples in small area Borosilicate glass filter holder assembly for microanalysis of small volumes of liquids under vacuum. Filter biological samples or organic solvents. The holder utilizes a 25mm filter membrane yet…

  • Analytical Filter Units

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Peel-away funnels with reservoirs and CN membranes Nalgene 130 47mm CN membrane Complete pre-packaged sterile assemblies Stable wide-base design and 150 mL volume size for larger sample and rinse procedure volumes “Squeeze and twist” polypropylene design…

  • Polysulfone Vacuum Filter Holders

    Advantec MFS

    …can withstand mishandling. The recessed polypropylene filter support provides sufficient clearance so the membrane will not tear when the funnel is secured to the base. Funnel and base connect with a simple twist of a hand. Graduated funnels available in 300 mL, 500 mL wide mouth, and 800 mL…

  • Gravi-Seal 47 mm Analytical Funnel

    GVS Filter Technology

    … Large membrane access points for forceps Available in polysulfone or polypropylene No clamps or locking devices to manipulate. Less expensive than stainless steel, glass or magnetic funnels, yet compare favorably with their performance. A unique, gravity-sealing design prevents filter bypass or…

  • Vacuum Manifolds


    …of the funnel. Stainless Steel Manifolds Traditional multi-branch manifolds and individual filter holders for microbial enumeration. The filter holders and manifolds have been designed specifically for applications in which the particles or microorganisms retained on the membrane filter

  • Vacuum Filter System


    Filter units contain either a 47, 60 or 90 mm diameter filter membrane integrally sealed to a support grid designed to maximize flow and reduce foaming and protein denaturation. The filter funnels, dust covers and receiver/storage bottles are manufactured from polystyrene. Tubing adapter, filter

  • Biosart 100 Monitors


    …ready to use disposable funnels designed to be placed directly onto a vacuum manifold, eliminating the cleaning and sterilization required of reusable funnels. Each monitor includes a membrane filter and cellulose pad into the funnel unit. After filtration, the 100 ml funnel is removed to convert…

  • Funnel Filter Buchner Fritted Medium 2000ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    This Buchner KIMAX® funnel is used wherever filter paper and membranes cannot withstand the chemical attack of the filtrate. Funnels are constructed with heavy-walled stems, and top rims are beaded for extra strength With a marking spot With KIMFLOW® fritted disc …

  • Microanalysis Vacuum Filter Holder Set, Fritted Glass

    United Scientific Supplies

    Membrane filters are not included. Thick prefilters or laminated filters will not seal in this holder and it is not autoclavable with membrane filters installed. Unlaminated PTFE or PVDF membranes are recommended for solvent applications. Complete set includes a borosilicate glass funnel and…

  • MicroFunnel™ Plus Filter Funnels

    Pall Life Sciences

    …and filter funnel all in one. No need to transfer sample from cup to disposable funnel and risk introducing contamination MicroFunnel Plus AP unit allows aseptic collection of the sample through the lid sample port. No need to remove lid MicroFunnel Plus products with Supor® membrane are…

  • SYNTHWARE Filtration Apparatus

    Kemtech America

    Using 47mm membranes for filtering corrosive solutions, particulate removal from HPLC solvents, and filtration analysis with solid phase extraction disks. Support base has a sealed-in coarse porosity fritted disc. Complete assembly includes a 300mL graduated funnel, aluminum clamp, support base and…

  • Filter Funnel With Dark Membrane

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalgene 147 Membrane meets EPA requirements for water quality work Cellulose nitrate black membrane filter is perfect for detecting micro-organisms difficult to see on white membranes. Graduated, 100 mL upper chamber provides sample accuracy and convenience. “Peel away” upper…

  • Sterile Disposable Filter Funnel Unit

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Analytical Filter Funnel, Polystyrene; Cellulose Nitrate (C.N.) Membrane Nalge 140 47 mm diameter filter with green grid Ideal for use with filtering flasks or manifolds Convenient snap-away design with removable membrane; funnel marked at 100 mL Safer and easier to use…

  • Funnel / PTFE Supp Assy 47mm

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …mL PTFE-faced graduated funnel, an anodized aluminum clamp and a #8 silicone stopper PTFE coating prevents membrane from adhering to ground glass surface Funnels are graduated from 100 to 250 mL in 25 mL increments Prefilter size is 35 mm Approximate filter area is 9.6 cm² …

  • 47mm Membrane Filtration Apparatus

    Ace Glass

    Borosilicate glass filtration apparatus accomodates 47mm diameter membrane filters. The new design utilizes a nylon Ace-Thred adapter to join the glass funnel, filter flask and fritted disc together. This design eliminates the need for the clamping device, stopper and base piece. The unit is easy to…

  • Sigma-Aldrich® vacuum filtration assembly


    …radiochemical determinations, quantitative gravimetric analysis, and similar applications. Clamp seals filter membrane between flanges on funnel top and funnel stem. Includes: Funnel top, funnel stem/membrane support, aluminum clamp, stopper (except standard taper units) and filtration flask…

  • Analytical Funnels

    GVS Filter Technology

    Ready-to-use 100 mL filtration units with removable cellulose nitrate membrane and culturing devices. Saves up to 50% in time with no flaming and sterilization required Minimizes the risk of cross contamination Easy release of membrane

  • Filter Holders


    Accessories for Combisart and Microsart Combi.jet Vacuum Manifolds

  • Quantitative Filter Papers, Ahlstrom 94 (Ashless)


    … During sample preparation a glass fiber filter may be used as a pre-filter before the membrane filter. Grade 161 is suitable. Activated carbon is mixed into the test solution to remove interfering elements. The carbon is then filtered out using Grade 94, which will not impart any contaminates…

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