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Membrane Caps
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  • Mini Dialysis Kit

    GE Healthcare

    …dialysis. The dialysis tubes in the kit each have a cap that incorporates a small disk of dialysis membrane Designed for efficient dialysis of small sample volumes. Uses disposable dialysis tubes with dialysis membrane incorporated into caps. Conical tube bottom maximizes sample recovery …

  • Whatman GV 050 Series Glass Vacuum Filtration Device

    GE Healthcare

    …in dry heat to 180°C.Can be used up to 200°C.GV 050 Series GV 050/0 Glass Vacuum Filtration Device, glass frit filter, rubber stopper connection, silicone cap and supplied with air inlet, membrane filter accessories GE Healthcare offers a choice of Whatman holders for use with membrane filters.

  • Whatman Mini UniPrep G2 Multicompressor ? HPLC/UHPLC

    GE Healthcare

    …vials simultaneously Designed for GE’s Mini-UniPrep G2 ? with integral borosilicate glass autosampler vial, plunger and attached filter membrane, and septum with cap Glass construction prevents interference of leachables from plastic housing with HPLC/UHPLC pharmaceutical analysis Mini-UniPrep G2…

  • Whatman Mini-UniPrep G2 Multi-Compressor Tray

    GE Healthcare

    …plunger and attached filter membrane, and septum with cap A multicompressor streamlines syringeless filtration – preload in advance with an extra trayDesigned for GE’s Mini-UniPrep G2, which combines a borosilicate glass vial, plunger and attached filter membrane, and septum with capA Mini UniPrep…

  • Whatman™ Mini-Uniprep™ Syringeless Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …autosampler vials with a single, disposable unit Available in seven different membrane materials Each Mini-UniPrep consists of two parts: a chamber and a plunger. The design incorporates a filtration membrane on one end of the plunger and a pre-attached cap/septum on the other. By…

  • Whatman Solvent IFD In-Line Filter/Degasser (IFD)

    GE Healthcare

    …resistant polypropylene membrane and housing, built to filter solvent mobile phases without expensive stand-alone degassing equipment Air vent on inlet with luer lock cap Integrity-testable with the bubble point method End fittings included – for replacement rings and caps, see our IFD end…

  • Aqueous IFD And Solvent IFD In-Line Filters/Degassers

    GE Healthcare

    …inlet with luer lock cap to enable priming. The in-line filters work on the principle of “bubble point” - the point of pressure at which gases will pass through a wet membrane. If pressure is maintained below the bubble point, the gas will not pass through the membrane and is trapped by…

  • Whatman Aqueous In-Line Filter/Degasser (IFD)

    GE Healthcare

    …the inlet with luer lock cap to enable priming. An in-line filter works on the principle of "bubble point" – the point of pressure at which gases will pass through a wet membrane. If pressure is maintained below the bubble point, the gas will not pass through the membrane and is trapped by the…

  • Whatman Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …vial, filtration membrane, plunger, and cap/septa into one consumable product. They are built for fast and easy HPLC/UHPLC sample preparation. All-in-one filtration device for quick and cost-effective sample processing Eliminates the need for separate syringes, syringe membrane filters, vials,…

  • UniPrep Syringeless Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …single, disposable units. UniPrep devices consist of two parts: a test tube and a filter-plunger. The design incorporates a prefilter and a membrane into the tip of the plunger. When the filter plunger is pressed through the liquid placed in the test tube, positive pressure forces the filtrate…

  • Whatman Mini-UniPrep G2 Syringeless Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …sample has been filtered Wide range of membranes with 0.2 and 0.45 µm pore sizes to meet specific requirements Also available in amber glass for light-sensitive samples Features an integrated autosampler vial, plunger with attached filter membrane, and septum/capBorosilicate glass vials eliminate…

  • Whatman Mini UniPrep G2 Hand Compressor

    GE Healthcare

    …filters are available with a variety of membrane types, pore sizes, and vial characteristics. Streamline filtration with a hand or multi compressor Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters can be filtered by applying thumb pressure to the cap and forcing the plunger into the vial. Alternatively,…

  • Whatman UniPrep Syringeless Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …quick and easy to prepare. Choice of membranes for wide sample compatibility. Integral storage vial saves time and minimizes laboratory waste.Built-in glass fiber prefilter means even difficult samples are quick and easy to prepare.Choice of membranes for wide sample compatibility.UniPrep…

  • illustra bacteria genomicPrep Mini Spin Kit

    GE Healthcare

    …bacteria cells. Spin columns, prepacked with a silica membrane, provide excellent reproducibility and consistency. Verified in several downstream applications including RT PCR, long PCR, and restriction enzyme digests. Color-coded caps for ease of use. For the rapid extraction and purification…

  • GL45 6 Baffle Shake Flasks

    Bellco Glass 

    Class A Borosilicate Glass, 3 side baffles positioned at 120 degree and 3 bottom baffles offset from side baffles, GL45 PP Membrane Cap has a sealed in 0.2µ PTFE membrane, cap can be tightened during autoclaving.

  • Disposable Polyethylene Vent Cap for GL45 Plastic Spinner Flasks, Sterile


    These disposable high density polyethylene sterile vent caps contain a 0.2µm pore hydrophobic PTFE membrane. They are designed to fit the Corning® 500mL, 1L and 3L Disposable Spinner Flasks (Cat. Nos. 3153, 3561and 3563) for culture applications requiring increased gas exchange. They also fit…

  • Membrane Cap, Blue Polypropylene

    Bellco Glass

    PTFE sealed-in gas permeable membrane. Reduces risk of excess internal pressure. Can be tightened during autoclaving.

  • Flask Caps

    Celltreat Scientific

    Solid or vent replacement caps for tissue culture and suspension culture flasks, packaged sterile (gamma irradiated) Vent caps feature 0.22um hydrophobic membrane for gas exchange Manufactured from medical grade virgin polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Corning Media Storage Caps


    membrane. The polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) High Temperature Caps can be sterilized at up to 180°C and have a Teflon® liner for sealing. The Open Top Caps are polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and require piercible silicone septa (sold separately) for sealing. The Three Hole Delivery Cap has…

  • Disposable Aseptic Transfer Caps for Plastic Erlenmeyer Flasks


    …Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer flasks. These aseptic transfer caps can also be used on Corning 850 and 1700cm 2 plastic disposable roller bottles. Venting port ends in a 50mm diameter vent filter with a 0.2µm pore PVDF membrane and a barbed fitting Liquid transfer port has an internal…

  • VersaCap®, 50mm, Cap, Vented top with 0.2 µm Hydrophobic Membrane


    …50mm, Cap, Vented top with 0.2 μm Hydrophobic Membrane 1/pk Hose Barb Size: N/A No. Quick Connects: N/A VersaCap® technology provides the flexibility of interchangeable top-connectors Quick-connect adapters available for easy port changes Leak-proof cap with replaceable…

  • Cap Membrane Kit 1.25 Mil PE (6 each), includes electrolyte (yellow cap)


    Includes bottle of electrolyte, 1 sanding disc, and 6 screw-on cap membranes. 1.25 mL PE membranes.  Yellow cap. Response Time (T95 - from 0 to 100%) = 8 seconds Flow Dependence After 4 Minutes = 25% Required Flow Rate = 6 inches/second

  • 33mm Polyethylene Universal Cap with Vented Overcap


    Designed to fit pre-existing filling systems for other product brands 33mm polyethylene threaded cap Vented overcap has 0.2µm PTFE membrane sealed into the peelable foil cover Sterilized by gamma irradiation Double bagged

  • Caps


    caps though custom colors are available upon request. Duo Cap Accompanies both flat and baffled flasks of all sizes. Also available for media bottles. Constructed in standard blue polypropelene with a PTFE 0.22 µm membrane. Ideal for aerobic/anaerobic cell culture. Septum Cap

  • Cap, Cellstack, 33mm Vent, 0.2Micron, Orange, S, Ind


    33mm threaded cap Vented cap has 0.2um pore nonwettable (hydrophobic) membrane sealed directly to the cap Allows gas exchange while minimizing the risk of contamination Sterilized by gamma irradiation

  • Vented Easy Grip Polyethylene Roller Bottle Cap


    Features large knurls for ergonomic handling Contains hydrophobic membrane for applications requiring gas exchange Sterilized by gamma radiationDoes not fit 490cm² roller bottles .

  • Molded Closures for 10-425 Screw Thread Vials

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Natural molded polypropylene closures are a convenient alternative when a resealable closure is not required. The thin membrane allows for easy needle penetration and the purchase and assembly of septa are not required with this easy-to-use one-piece closure.

  • PYREX® Round Media Storage Bottles with GL45 PBT Plug Seal High Temperature Cap


    …A wide range of optional caps are available for these bottles: Polypropylene colored caps in a choice of orange, green, purple, red, and light gray for ease of sorting and identification Vented membrane cap with 0.22µm PTFE hydrophobic membrane PBT caps with silicone septa for…

  • Breathe-Easy & Breathe-Easier Membranes

    Diversified Biotech

    …and Breathe-Easier membranes allow microtube cap closure and wont bind in centrifuge rotors. Sized to fit 0.5 and 2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes, membranes are formatted with an easy use finger tab and a convenient scoring liner to make removal quick and easy. Both membranes are FDA-approved for…

  • Nunclon Treated Tissue Culture Flasks, Filter Cap

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    … Sterile Cap contains 0.22 mm hydrophobic filter, which prevents wetting and bacteria from growing through membrane while allowing quick, stable buffering in aCO2 incubator. Filter membrane has a three-dimensional matrix of polyethylene fibers. Plug-seal cap guarantees maximum…

  • 33 mm Polyethylene Filling Caps


    …threaded cap Thomas No. 1234H49 is a universal cap with a vented overcap designed to fit pre-existing filling systems for other product brands. Vented overcap has 1.0 µm PTFE membrane sealed into the peelable foil cover. 1234H51 is a 33 mm filling cap featuring a Male MPC End Cap with a…

  • Probe Caps And Maintenance Kits

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …oz.), two membrane caps and a polishing disk. 7238F20 Maintenance Kit includes electrolyte solution (2 oz.), cleaning solution (2 oz.), cleaning paper, three membrane caps and a filling pipet. 7238F56 Maintenance Kit includes electrolyte solution (2 oz.), two membrane caps and a polishing…

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