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Media Storage Bottles
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  • Nu-Serum™ IV Growth Medium Supplements


    …estradiol-17ß, testosterone, hydrocortisone, selenous acid, o-phosphorylethanolamine, glucose, amino acids, vitamins, and other trace elements and nutrients contained in the Ham's F12 medium base. Storage Shelf life: >= 3 months from date of shipment at -20°C

  • Nu-Serum™ Growth Medium Supplements


    …diarrhea virus, bovine parvovirus, bovine adenovirus, reovirus, and rabies virus); also tested for the absence of cytopathic effects (CPE), inclusion bodies and hemadsorption Tested for endotoxin (LAL assay) Storage Shelf life: >= 3 months from date of shipment at -20°C

  • Wide Mouth HDPE Laboratory Bottles

    Globe Scientific

    …polyethylene (HDPE) with supplied polypropylene (PP) caps Screwcaps feature non-stick feature and open and close in less than 1-1/2 turns Heavy duty and extremely durable Ideal for a wide range of liquid storage, media preparation and sampling applications Good chemical resistance

  • PYREX® Media Storage Bottles


    Heavy-duty media bottle can be used for storage as well as mixing and sampling. Includes linerless, one-piece autoclavable polypropylene plug seal cap with drip free pouring rings. Optional red PBT caps and red ETFE pouring rings are available for dry heat sterilization (180°C).  New glass…

  • PYREX® Square Media Storage Bottles


    …resistance. Square bottles are easy to handle, take up less space (13-20%) on the shelf or autoclave and are ideal for mixing, sampling and storage. Features include white enamel graduations, large marking spot and a molded-in glass ring to indicate full capacity. Bottle includes one-piece…

  • GL 45 Storage/Media Bottles, Plastic Safety Coated with Blue Polypropylene Cap

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KimCote® plastic-coated bottle has enhanced graduations and marking spot is permanent white enamel. This general use bottle is provided with a wide opening (approx. 30 mm ID) GL 45 screw thread and is supplied with linerless autoclavable (121 ºC max) polypropylene blue cap. Bottle design includes a…

  • PYREX® Round Media Storage Bottles with GL45 PBT Plug Seal High Temperature Cap


    …round bottles can be used for storage as well as mixing and sampling. They include an autoclavable red polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) GL45 threaded cap with PTFE faced silicone liner and ETFE pouring ring for dry heat sterilization (180°C). New glass bead indicates full capacity line. Bottles

  • Graduated Media Lab Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Suitable for mixing and storage of culture media Borosilicate glass has a low-alkali content helping to prevent changes of pH and maintain purity of contents Easy-pour lip with graduation lines indicating approximate volumes Supplied with deep-form rubber-lined caps. 1742E62…

  • PYREX® Low Actinic Media Storage Bottle


    Heavy-duty bottle of low actinic glass is valuable for storing or transporting light sensitive materials. Bottle includes a linerless, one-piece autoclavable, orange polypropylene plug seal cap with drip-free pouring rings.  Glass beads indicate full capacity line. Permanent white enamel…

  • DURAN® PURE Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    …offers a complete, USP compliant range of bottles from 25mL to 20L. These validation ready sizes are scalable from pilot to production volumes, with the added durability to go from hot "sterile" fills to cold storage. The DURAN PURE bottle and closure provide moisture permeation rates…

  • Fltr Sys, 1000ml, .2um, CN, S, Ind, 1 / 12


    …for filtering buffers where protein binding is not a concern 1000mL receiver bottles feature easy grip sides for improved handling Additional storage bottles can be purchased to increase capacity Bottle caps are supplied sterile and individually packaged Angled hose connector simplifies…

  • Solution Bottles

    Celltreat Scientific

    CELLTREAT Solution Bottles are ideal for storage of media, buffers, and other aqueous solutions. The bottles are manufactured from polystyrene, available in 150, 250, and 500 ml volumes, and are packaged in individual easy to open plastic bags. The Solution Bottles feature heavy wall construction,…

  • Square Media Bottles

    United Scientific Supplies

    Space-saving, square shaped borosilicate glass, general purpose media bottles are autoclavable with permanent white imprinted graduations and marking spots. The screw thread opening has an I.D. of approximately 30mm. The supplied GL 45 cap is liner-less and both the cap and drip free ring are…

  • Sterile, PETG Square Media Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Sterile, polyethylene terephthalate copolyester (PETG) media bottles Nalgene 2019 series Bottles provide reduced permeability to CO2/O2 to minimize outgassing and pH shifts; especially suited for media storage Transparent, radiation-sterilized, non-cytotoxic and…

  • High-Density Polyethylene Square Media Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Narrow mouth, high-density polyethylene Nalge 2018 series Economical, most chemical and break resistant of all Nalge square bottles High-density polyethylene bottles have polypropylene screw cap and leakproof closure Usable from -100° to 120°C (-148° to 248°F); not autoclavable

  • Octagonal PET Bottles


    Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are ideal for storage and sampling of media, biologicals, and other aqueous solutions PET resin makes the bottle lightweight and as transparent as glass Break-resistant bottles are an ergonomic and easy-to-handle alternative to glass Leakproof,…

  • Graduated GL 45 Media Storage Bottles with Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …is autoclavable, universally interchangeable with all bottles in series. Bottles include clear pour ring for easy, drip-free dispensing and linerless, autoclavable blue polypropylene cap. An assortment of popularly sized media bottles from our 14395 series, which is ideal for general laboratory…

  • hybex™ Media Storage Bottles


    …area for bottle marking/identification Autoclavable, reusable and breakage resistant Five cap colors hybex™ reusable media bottles are manufactured from high quality, borosilicate 3.3 glass. With their superior chemical resistance, these bottles are ideal for storage of reagents,…

  • Sterile Storage Bottles


    bottles Economical Easy-to-read graduations Sterile Available with low profile, easy grip handle (pictured) and traditional smooth sides Disposable plastic storage bottles are made from optically clear polystyrene and are ideal storage containers for sterile media, buffers…

  • PYREXplus® Media Storage Bottles


    Patented heavy-duty bottle can be used for storage as well as mixing and sampling. A protective PVC coating helps prevent glass from shattering and reduces spills. Autoclavable (121°C) and resistant to thermal shock.  Bottle comes complete with autoclavable, one-piece, teal colored,…

  • RAY-SORB® GL 45 Storage / Media Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    bottles Wide opening for easy access Polypropylene pour rings included The RAY-SORB® process provides a shield to protect light sensitive products. Less than 1% transmission below 400 nm and reduced (5%) from 400-600 nm as compared to untreated, clear, borosilicate glass. Bottles

  • PYREX® Slim Line Storage Bottles


    PYREX Slim Line media storage bottles provide easier handling and more efficient storage of media, biologicals, and other aqueous solutions. Features Indented gripping zones along the sides of bottle allow easier and safer handling New cap design permits faster opening and closing.…

  • Media Storage Bottles Without Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Enhanced graduations Completely autoclavable Marking Spot Drip-free dispensing

  • Plastic Wide Mouth Storage Bottles


    Can be used with Corning bottle top filters These polystyrene bottles are ideal for storage of media, buffers and other aqueous solutions. Bottles are sterile and certified nonpyrogenic. Plug seal caps provide an airtight seal and help minimize the risk of contamination.

  • Corning Square Polycarbonate Storage Bottles


    …used with bottle top filler units, or in other applications involving vacuum pressure as breaking may occur. Do Not tighten caps immediately after autoclaving as the vacuum resulting from cooling can cause breakage. Note: Most GL45 threaded caps designed for glass storage bottles use a…

  • Corning Media Storage Caps


    Caps fit Corning media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and spinner flasks with standard GL threads. Standard Plug Seal Caps are autoclavable and use a linerless plug seal design for efficient sealing. Pouring Rings fit on the lips of bottles for drip-free pouring. Autoclavable Vented Caps…

  • Square PET Media Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Provide excellent gas barrier properties for storage and shipping of liquid media, buffers and sera with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Square PET Media Bottles with Closures. These light-weight bottles are shatter-resistant, sterile and come in a space-saving square design. Features:…

  • PUREGRIP™ Reusable Round Glass Media Storage Bottles

    Foxx Life Sciences

    In collaboration with Borosil® Glass Works, India, Foxx Life Sciences is proud to bring the outstanding quality of Borosil®’s USP Type 1 Borosilicate glassware to North America for the first time. Manufactured from the same low-expansion, chemically resistant Borosilicate glass North…

  • PYREX® Media Storage Bottle Replacement Parts


    Screw cap graduated bottles can be dry heat sterilized to 180°C when used with optional Melamine resin caps 1743E90 and ETFE pouring rings 1743E95.

  • GL 45 Media Storage Bottle Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Caps are designed to fit GL 45 threaded ware. Autoclavable Solid top polypropylene Cap colors available in blue, white, orange, gray, green, or pink High-temperature version with red cap available

  • PUREGRIP™ Reusable Amber Light-Blocking Round Glass Media Storage Bottles

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …And thanks to a unique annealing process, Borosil® glassware is incredibly resistant to thermal shock. The PUREGRIP™ family of GL45-Threaded Media Bottles and Erlenmeyer Flasks represents the first great step in Foxx’s collaboration with Borosil®. Combining the quality of Borosil® glassware with…

  • Media/Storage Bottle Closures & Accessories

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)


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